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An individual’s level of engagement with Stanford Athletics and Stanford University is considered when regular season relocation requests are processed. For more information about increasing your engagement with Stanford Athletics, please contact the Buck/Cardinal Club at (650) 723-1008.

In order to be considered for a relocation of your seats, season ticket accounts must be paid in full by the renewal deadline.

Only the amount due on the renewal form for your existing seats should be paid initially. Any additional payments resulting from a change in seat location or quantity of seats will be due at the time that the change is completed.

Each relocation request is reviewed, but due to the volume of requests received, personal consultation is not feasible for every person. Season ticket holders will be contacted for approval if their request can be filled.

Seats available for relocation are solely dependent on which seats are not renewed from the previous year. Since few seats are generally cancelled from year-to-year, it is important that season ticket holders take a realistic approach to relocation expectations.

Stanford Football traditionally experiences extremely high renewal rates in these areas:

·   West/Shady Sidelines (sections 112-115 and 211-215)

·   All lower level sections

·   Lower half of most upper level sections

·   Family Plan sections

If you are requesting to be moved to these areas, the likelihood of fulfilling such requests decreases greatly.

If you are part of a group, state whether you are willing to split from the group in order to relocate your seats. The more seats involved, the harder it becomes to relocate seats.

Adding Seats

If you are requesting additional seats, it is unlikely that they will be adjacent to your current seats. If additional seats are available, please let us know if you wish to keep all of your seats together by relocating, or will accept additional seats as close as possible to your current seats.


The Stanford Athletics Ticket Office reserves the right to move your seats one to the left or right to avoid stranding single seats or odd numbers of seats in a row. This policy will not be used to move seats off of an aisle, or if it disturbs “stacked” seats (a block of seats back-to-back in two rows).

If you requests seat relocation or change the number of season tickets purchased, and as a result strand a single seat, the Stanford Athletics Ticket Office reserves the right to move your seat location to a comparable location that does not strand a single seat.