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In 1934, the "Tiny Buck of the Month Club" was formed to raise funds from Stanford alumni and friends to pay the tuition costs for “capable, worthy, and needy student-athletes.” As the Club's name implied, membership dues were one dollar per month. The word "tiny" was added to emphasize the modest amount and to honor head football coach, Claude "Tiny" Thornhill. The Club later shortened its name to the "Stanford Buck Club" and revised its initial membership dues requirement to gifts of any size.

With the advent of Title IX, the Cardinal Club was formed in 1977-78 to raise scholarship funds for women.  Under the guidance of  the Stanford Buck and Cardinal Clubs’ leadership, a merged Buck/Cardinal Club was formed in 1987 to raise funds for both men's and women's athletic scholarships.

The Buck/Cardinal Club continues its great scholarship tradition today. The Stanford Athletic Department provides full operating budgets for 36 varsity sports. These budgets include all of the components necessary for our programs to compete at the Division I level and are funded in large part by gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club.

By giving a gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club, donors will give their favorite sport(s), and all of Stanford's varsity sports, the budget resources they need. Donors to the Buck/Cardinal Club will also have the opportunity to let us know which sports are their favorites at the time of the donation.  Donors will receive benefits commensurate with their generosity.

If you have questions about the Buck/Cardinal Club program, please call (650) 723-1008. To view a record of your Stanford giving online, please visit