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Student-Athlete Medical Eligibility Center: Step 2 - Returning Student-Athletes FAQ


What do I do if I misplaced or forgot All of my login information (username / password) from the last time I logged in to the ePPE website?

Contact your athletic trainer if you have forgot your username (email address) that was used during the previous year. If you know that your username (email address) is no longer active, you will need to register as a new user using an active email account and start the process from the beginning.

What do I do if I remember my email address / username but have forgot my password that I used to access the ePPE website last year?

If you remember your email address/username but have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on the website that indicates "Forgot my Password" located on the Home Login Screen . After entering your email address that is tied to the account, you will be sent an complimentary email that will include a temporary password. Use this complimentary password to complete your initial log in  process. You will have to change this password once you have successfully logged on to the website by clicking on the "Home" screen link at the top left of any page. Please make every effort to remember your log on information.

What do I do if I no longer use the email address attached to my profile and historical data?

It is necessary to have an ACTIVE email address linked to your profile in order to have historical data pre-populate your profile. If you do not utilize your email address supplied as log on information during previous visits to the ePPE website, contact your team Athletic Trainer.  If you do not have an active email address on file you will have to register as a "New User" and complete the ePPE process from the beginning. You will be able to accomplish this by following the directions on the home page of the ePPE website. After completing the online process, it is very important to store login information in a secure, convenient location in order to be retrieved for subsequent visits to the ePPE website.

Do I have to start over and enter all of my medical history information as I did in prior years?

No. Enhancements to the ePPE website allow you to log on and simply update your profile each year with new information SINCE YOUR LAST medical evaluation/ePPE process. These relevant modifications to your profile include any specific changes to your personal, insurance, medical, or injury history that have occurred since completing your last physical examination. These changes must be completed and submitted by August 1, 2012. Fall sports that undergoe preparticipation physicals in Agust will need to refer to Step 3 for date and time of their individual team physical examination. 

What if I have selected Cardinal Care as my insurance carrier?

If you have chosen Cardinal Care as your insurance carrier you will have to select "Personal Primary Insurance Provided Through Stanford University "  from the choices illustrated in the screen above under "Primary Insurance". Once you receive your Cardinal Care Insurance card, you will nee to revisit your ePPE profile and update your primary insurance information according to the information your card. Please re-visit Step 1of the PPE (Medical and Insurance Information) for further information regarding Cardinal Care.

IMPORTANT!! ONLY to check this box if you are enrolled in Cardinal Care, as this option does not pertain to secondary insurance provided by the Athletic Department, nor does it apply to a personal primary insurance policy. If you carry a personal primary insurance policy through either parent (i.e. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, etc) you must complete the insurance form with the corresponding information provided on your insurance card.

What do I do If I do not have dental Insurance or if my dental coverage is included in my primary insurance policy? 

If you do not hold a dental insurance policy or if your dental policy is included in your primary insurance coverage, simply click on the check box that states "INCLUDED IN PRIMARY MEDICAL INSURANCE". After you have completed the forms, please inform your team athletic trainer if you in fact do not carry a dental policy so that this information can be noted in your medical chart.

Do I have to print out the ePPE forms once I complete the online process?

No. Student athletes that complete and submit the online process by the August 1 deadline will not be required to print their ePPE forms. It is very important that you assign yourself to your respective team once you have logged into the ePPE Website. We will not be able to review or print your forms unless you are assigned to your team. This can be done by selecting "Manage Team Memberships" located on your profile Home Screen.

If I forget to complete the online ePPE process by the August 1st deadline, will I be able to complete the process in the AARC during my physical?

No. The AARC will no longer be accessible on physical dates to complete the online ePPE process. To avoid medical ineligibility, student-athletes are encouraged to complete the online ePPE process prior to the deadline.

It is your responsibility to ensure completion of this portion of the evaluation. You will not be able to submit your medical history or your insurance form until all domains are 100% complete.