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Meet the Team
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/07/2014
Each week will feature a Q-and-A with members of the softball team. This week, get to know freshmen Madi Schreyer and Kylie Sorenson

Why did you decide to come to Stanford?
Madi: Stanford seemed like the perfect fit for me when I came on my first visit here. It was comfortable, unique, and beautiful, providing an amazing balance of education and athletics. The opportunities and experiences I have and will continue to have here (and after graduation) are amazing and I wouldn’t be able to achieve them anywhere else.
Kylie: It was the only school that offered everything I wanted as a student-athlete - education, softball, people, weather, location, campus. There’s no place more perfect than Stanford.

When you were a kid and even now, who would be your role models in the sport?
Madi: When I was a kid, my role model was always Jennie Finch. However, ever since I started working with her as my coach and my mentor, Eve Gaw Buck has been and always will be the greatest role model in the sport.
Kylie: Eric Gagne, Rafael Furcal and Yadier Molina.

What is one tip you would give to a student-athlete to be successful in school and their sport?
Madi: Student-athletes get the best of both worlds: we get the opportunity to play the sport we love and experience college as a regular student. One tip I would give student-athletes is to balance those two worlds. Try your best to be able to separate your sport life from the rest of your college experience so you are open to more than just the time surrounding your athletics.
Kylie: I know it sucks and is tough to have to put in all the hard work, but I PROMISE that every extra swing you take or hour you spend studying is so worth it.

What is your favorite memory of your softball career thus far?
Madi: My favorite memory of my softball career thus far is my junior year season of high school ball, especially since my Woodinville High School Falcons and I won the 4A State Championship.
Kylie: I’d have to say when I was in 10U and we won the national championship. We were just kids and in the “softball world” it wasn’t huge, but sharing a moment like that where you feel on top of the world with your thirteen closest friends is something you never forget.

What are your favorite and least favorite training drills?
Madi: My favorite part of training would definitely be bullpen time. Pitching is one of my favorite parts of the game so being able to work one-on-one with Coach Olivarez and my catcher to improve that part of my game is the thing I enjoy most. My least favorite drill is base running.
Kylie: Least: crossfire; most: batting practice.

What is your major at Stanford, and what are your career aspirations?
Madi: As of right now, I am undeclared. However, I am looking to be an English major with an emphasis in creative writing. My dream career would be an author, writer or photojournalist.
Kylie: I am undeclared but leaning toward a major in communication and a minor in psych. I would love to continue to work in sports through public relations or any other way possible.

What is one personal goal for the 2014 season?
Madi: One personal goal for the 2014 season is to improve my rise-ball so it becomes one of my best pitches.
Kylie: Help my team win a national championship.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten, and from whom?
Madi: The best advice I have ever received was from my dad, Darrell: “Prove to yourself how incredibly phenomenal you are. Do it for yourself. Nothing else matters but letting go and living in the moment. Be your very best, for yourself.”
Kylie: People want to see how you handle things when you fail, not when you succeed. That’s how they determine the type of player you are.

What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Backpack across Europe (especially traveling to Greece).
2. Own a surfboard.
3. Write a book (or four!).

1. Fly an airplane.
2. Meet Jax Teller.
3. Create a bucket list.

Rapid Fire Section

One word to describe yourself?
Madi: Passionate.
Kylie: Authentic.

Go to warm-up song?
Madi: “Latch” by Disclosure.
Kylie: “Till I Collapse” by Eminem.

Favorite thing to do for fun?
Madi: Travel.
Kylie: Frolf (Frisbee golf).

Guiltiest indulgence?
Madi: Starbucks … all the time.
Kylie: Reading ALL THE TIME.

Go-to pregame meal?
Madi: Oatmeal and a smoothie.
Kylie: Pulled pork sandwich.

Most quotable movie?
Madi: “Mean Girls.”
Kylie: Easy. “The Other Guys.”

What is your spirit animal?
Madi: Blue Heron.
Kylie: Wolf.

Who would play you in a movie?
Madi: Jennifer Lawrence.
Kylie: Katniss Everdeen.

People might be surprised to know that …
Madi: I’ve only surfed once but I’m in love with it.
Kylie: I was supposed to be a twin.



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