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Meet the Team
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 04/28/2014

Each week will feature a Q-and-A with members of the softball team. This week, get to know sophomore Kaitlin Schaberg and junior Cassandra Roulund.

Why did you decide to come to Stanford?
Kaitlin: I was impressed by the excellence in both academics and athletics along with the opportunity to make relationships with some amazing people in the Stanford community.
Cassandra: It was the first college that I really wanted to go to because my best friend, Megan, gave me a Stanford bookmark when we were younger. As I grew up, my mom constantly reminded me of how amazing Stanford is and after a few visits I grew to love the campus, the coaches and the atmosphere.

After spending two and a half years here, I am so VERY thankful for my mom being (borderline annoying … I mean) persistent in telling me that Stanford is the best. Because it ABSOLUTELY is. (You were right mom. I said it, are you happy?).

When you were a kid and even now, who would be your role models in the sport?
Kaitlin: Jessica Mendoza.
Cassandra: As a kid I didn’t really pay attention to older softball players. I was more focused on having fun and just playing, but now I am a HUGE fan of Jessica Mendoza. She has been kind enough to impart a few words of wisdom on us every now and again and every time that she speaks to us I feel incredibly moved and motivated. Our entire team hangs onto every word she says.

What is one tip you would give to a student-athlete to be successful in school and their sport?
Kaitlin: I would tell them to not be afraid to ask for help. Especially at Stanford, as student-athletes we are used to being successful in both athletics and academics. The transition freshman year into college could have been much easier on me if I would’ve learned to ask for help sooner from my teammates, professors and resources provided specifically to help us with anything we need.
Cassandra: Time management. Whatever that means to you. I don’t necessarily manage my time the same way as others but I would say that you have to find your own thing that works for you. Mine includes getting enough sleep … or else I am a grouch. Also, do what you love. It doesn’t feel like work if you love it. Unless it’s finals week, in which case, it definitely feels like work.

What is your favorite memory of your softball career thus far?
Kaitlin: One of my favorite memories was during a bus ride last year after one of our games. We started singing and having a good time. Then, in the middle we busted out a riff-off, like the one in the movie Pitch Perfect! Surprisingly, we were pretty clever with our song choices and kept the riff off going for quite a while!
Cassandra: Meeting the seven other members of my junior class. Also, hitting a grand slam against Louisiana during my freshman year. The best part was that Coach Rittman called a timeout to talk to me and I was so anxious that I accidently stepped on his foot as I was trying to explain how calm and ready I was to hit.

What are your favorite and least favorite training drills?
Kaitlin: My favorite drills are hitting drills; my least favorite are probably rollies, which is a drill we do everyday that forces you to stay low and feel the burn in your legs.
Cassandra: Least favorite: Shuttle test. Favorite: Whenever we compete against Coach and he tries to hit the ball over our heads or get the ball to drop.

What is your major at Stanford, and what are your career aspirations?
Kaitlin: I’m undeclared, but I plan to major in management science and engineering. However, I have no idea what career path I want to take with this major.
Cassandra: I am a communication major with a potential psychology minor (and maybe theatre). I aspire to work in the entertainment field. Recently, I have become interested and mindful of the absence of women in the entertainment field and how this absence affects what type of media is being produced and consumed by our culture. Media has great power (and as the famous Voltaire quote goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”) that can be extremely moving and progressive or detrimental to society’s growth and evolution as a people.

What is one personal goal for the 2014 season?
Kaitlin: I would like to become more of a leader on the team in some way whether a leader by example, a vocal leader, or someone who is there to pick everyone up and keep them motivated.
Cassandra: I’m planning on following the sage advice of one of the most renowned poets of our time, “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. One Moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo”. Well, I’m going to try and capture it, Eminem. That is my goal.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten, and from whom?
Kaitlin: My dad always told me, “You can do anything if you set your mind to it.”
Cassandra: “I before E except after C” – all of my elementary school teachers. It’s weird how insufficient their rule is. I am foreseeing many inaccuracies with this heinous advice.

In all seriousness, I am probably most thankful for those who remind me to “do what makes me happy” on a daily basis (Brandon). Who cares if others don’t approve. Be kind, be grateful, and be happy.

What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Travel all over the world
2. See the aurora borealis
3. Find my soul mate

1. Donate two HUGE buildings with a connecting bridge between them to Stanford. Name them Lu and Roulund (after me and my roommate) because it is one of our priorities in life to beat Hewlett and Packard as the best roommates ever. These buildings would be used for a multitude of things, the most important being the site for an award show in which our favorite actors and actresses will attend.
2. Number 1 just about sums it up.
3. Travel Europe. Work on my favorite show, Castle and/or on Broadway.

Rapid Fire Section

One word to describe yourself?
Kaitlin: Suave.

Go to warm-up song?
Kaitlin: “Let’s Go” by Lil Jon, Trick Daddy, & Twista
Cassandra: Anything from the musical Wicked. Scratch that… anything sung by Idina Menzel.

Favorite thing to do for fun?
Kaitlin: Movies.
Cassandra: Take spontaneous day trips. Start and finish new shows on Netflix.

Contrive outrageous plans on how to successfully work my way into working
for ABC. Nap.

Guiltiest indulgence?
Kaitlin: Oreos.
Cassandra: Castle. In-n-out.

Go-to pre-game meal?
Kaitlin: Breakfast.

Most quotable movie?
Kaitlin: She’s the Man.
Cassandra: Christmas Vacation. Mean Girls. Pitch Perfect. Bridesmaids.

What is your spirit animal?
Kaitlin: Koala.

Who would play you in a movie?
Kaitlin: Jessica Biel.
Cassandra: Stana Katic if I am being unrealistic. Meryl Streep if I want someone to really “get’ me as a character. Emma Thompson if it is a comedy. Felicia Day if it is a sci-fi movie. Idina Menzel if any of these movies make it to Broadway. Jennifer Lawrence just so I could take my friend Caroline on set to meet her.

People might be surprised to know that…
Cassandra: I know nothing about sports. Seriously. I’m more of a geek-nerd/drama-nerd/school-nerd.



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