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Meet the Team
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 02/25/2014

STANFORD, Calif. - Each week will feature a Q-and-A with a member of the 2014 Stanford softball team. This week, get to know junior infielder, Lauren Donovan.

Why did you decide to come to Stanford? 

It was a no-brainer! I said “YES” immediately when I was admitted. I think if you get the opportunity to attend Stanford you should grab it and make the most of it. The four years fly by.

When you were a kid and even now, who would be your role models in the sport?
Growing up my family and I mostly watched basketball, so my role models were mostly NBA players like Scottie Pippen and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. When I really got into softball my role models became players on the Olympic team including our fellow Stanford softball alum, Jessica Mendoza.

What is one tip you would give to a student-athlete to be successful in school and their sport?
My advice is to be a perpetual student. Be eager to learn and gather information on what interests you and don’t be hesitant to ask for help. We all didn’t get here on our own - we had great parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors that taught us how to be better softball players and better students.

What is your favorite memory of your softball career thus far?
In high school playoffs during my senior year we played a 14 inning game that lasted two days! That’s right - we started one day and had to stop since our field didn’t have lights and resume the next day. By far it was the most bizarre feeling all day long waiting to finish the game, but we won in the end! 

What are your favorite and least favorite training drills?
This year the infield started doing a new drill where we compete against the coaches. We score when we field the ball, and they score when they get the ball past us. It’s really fun to get competitive and challenge ourselves! My least favorite drill is practicing fielding ground balls and short hops with a tennis ball and bare-hands, but it has helped my glove work.

What is your major at Stanford, and what are your career aspirations?
I am a biology major. Life is a journey so I don’t have a specific career plan, but I think it would be amazing to be a professor at a research university.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten, and from whom?
“You’re never fully dressed without a smile!” - From “Annie” the musical.

What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Live in Italy for a short period.
2. Have a St. Bernese Mountain dog.
3. Meet Taylor Swift.

Rapid Fire Section

One word to describe yourself?

Go to warm-up song?
“‘Till I Collapse” - Eminem

Favorite thing to do for fun?
Travel the world.

Guiltiest indulgence?
The television show “Scandal.”

Go-to pre-game meal?
Stacks’ egg scramble.

Most quotable movie?
Ocean’s 11.

What is your spirit animal?

Who would play you in a movie?
Sandra Bullock.

People might be surprised to know that…
I have the same birthday as Taylor Swift!



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