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Record Book Now Online
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 01/21/2014

The 2014 Stanford track and field Record Book is now online and available for viewing on

The expanded book, which can be downloaded as a PDF, contains historical data on the program, including NCAA and conference history, top 10 lists, and 2013 results.

Test your knowledge of Stanford track and field. The answers to all questions, besides being listed below, can be found in the Record Book.

1. Which athlete owns the most NCAA titles in Stanford track and field history?

a. Brad Hauser

b. Erica McLain

c. Lauren Fleshman

d. Bud Held

2. Name the NFL Hall of Famer who won an NCAA track title for Stanford?

a. Ernie Nevers

b. James Lofton

c. John Elway

d. Jim Plunkett

3. Stanford athletes have won more NCAA titles in this event than any other:

a. Discus

b. 5,000

c. Mile/1,500

d. Shot put

4. Name the current NFL star who remains in Stanford's all-time top 10 list in his event?

a. Andrew Luck

b. Zach Ertz

c. Richard Sherman

d. Coby Fleener

5. Which Olympic gold medalist still holds a Stanford record?

a. Bob King

b. PattiSue Plumer

c. Bill Miller

d. Bob Mathias

6. Name the track and field athlete who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in a Stanford uniform?

a. Bob Mathias

b. Gabe Jennings

c. Otis Chandler

d. Ben Eastman

7. Who became the first American to break 27 minutes in the 10,000 meters, at Stanford's Payton Jordan Invitational?

a.  Chris Solinsky

b. Galen Rupp

c. Steve Prefontaine

d. Ryan Hall 

8. How many NCAA team track and field championships have the Stanford men or women won?

a. 8

b. 0

c. 3

d. 4

9. Kori Carter set a women's collegiate record in which event in 2013?

a. 100 meters

b. 400-meter hurdles

c. Discus throw

d. Triple jump

10. Who has more All-America honors than any male in Stanford track and field history?

a. Chris Derrick

b. Brad Hauser

c. Louis Luchini

d. Jonathon Riley

Bonus: Track and field is the longest running varsity sport at Stanford. This year marks which season?

a. 50th

b. 96th

c. 100th

d. 120th

The correct answers are below.

1, c (5 titles); 2, b (long jump); 3, a (12); 4, c (triple jump); 5, d (decathlon); 6, d (1932); 7, a; 8, d; 9, b' 10, d (15); Bonus, d.

Tally your own scores.

8-11 correct: Chris Miltenberg welcomes you to the coaching staff!

6-7: You win a Gabe Jennings-autographed didgeridoo.

4-5: Your assignment: Brianna Bain's javelin catcher.

0-3: Transfer to Cal!



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