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First day of practice
Lights Meet New Jersey
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/26/2014

STANFORD, Calif. - Junior Alicia Kapjian-Pitt recapped the first day of training at Princeton as the Stanford lightweight rowing team begins preparation for the IRA National Championships this weekend. Here is her second blog entry of the week that talks about adjusting to life in New Jersey compared to the Bay Area.

Lights Meet New Jersey
by Alicia Kapjian-Pitt

If you spend time with any team in any sport, you will find that each one has specific quirks and tendencies. On our team we often turn to music in most situations. After we got the boats off the trailer in Princeton’s parking lot, junior Baily Yuro grabbed her backpack speakers and what would have been a mundane task became lighthearted and festive. Sophomore Brittany Presten busted out some of her top-notch moves, after she had finished her rigger, of course. After the rigging was complete, it was time to get down to the real business, rowing.

As this is my first time rowing at Princeton, I was in awe of their boathouse and the water we will end up spending the next several days training on. For our morning row, we took several trips up and down the river. During one of our short water breaks, five and six seat, Mackenzie Crist and Christine Cavallo, shared the news that their spandex tans were coming along quiet nicely. This inspired a tan-check all throughout the boat with each girl confirming that her spandex tan also seemed to be proliferating at an alarming rate.

I was also shocked by the humidity. We had been warned about it but I wasn’t prepared to begin dripping sweat while stretching at 9:30 in the morning.  As a San Franciscan, born and raised, my idea of summer is fog, fog and more fog so this will definitely be something I acclimate myself to over the next several days. For rowers, humidity also takes a toll on our hands. While horrifying to non-rowers, I take odd pride in the sand-papery calluses I am able to build up on my hands. Last week I went to wipe something off my face and winced because I had accidentally scratched myself- with my own hands. We got off the water after our second row and everyone was agonizing over our aching hands, but no one could understand the reason for this newfound pain. It wasn’t until our team chat when Al (Acosta) told us it was a result of the humidity in the air, that it all made sense.

We put the boats away and headed to the nearest Whole Foods for dinner. Whole Foods is another quirk amongst our team. If we are ever staying at a hotel, no matter what side of the country we are in, we can always count on the fact that there will be a Whole Foods within a nearby radius. At this New Jersey Whole Foods I made friends, or rather enemies, with Jared, the cashier, who told me California was weird for charging 10 cents for bagging groceries. When I was audibly offended by his comment he experienced a bit of foot-in-mouth syndrome and began backpedaling. After this little incident the team reconvened on the hotel patio. Everyone marveled at junior Erin Antono’s food choices yet again as she always seems to be the thriftiest and most creative with her purchases. After the meal everyone drifted off to their room, sticky, exhausted and ready for bed.



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