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All-Time Assistant Coaches
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 01/02/2016


Name Season Position
Alamar, Pete 2011-present Special Teams Coordinator
Anderson, Jim  1981-83 Running Backs
Anderson, Lance 2007-09 Defensive Tackles
Recruiting Coordinator
2010-11 Outside Linebackers
Recruiting Coordinator
2012-13 Outside Linebackers
2014-present Willie Shaw Director of Defense
Akina, Duane 2014-present Defensive Backs
Axman, Steve  1986 Offensive Line
Baer, Kent 1995-01 Inside  Linebackers
1995-01 Outside Linebackers
1999-01 Defensive Coordinator
Baldwin, Dave  1984 Tight Ends
1985-88 Wide Receivers
Banker, Mark  2002 Co-Defensive Coordinator
Bengtson, Phil  1940-41, 46-50 Line
Bible, Dana 1995-97 Offensive Coordinator
Billick, Brian  1989-91 Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Bloomgren, Mike 2011 Offensive Line
2012 Offensive Line
2013 Andrew Luck Director of Offense
2014-present Andrew Luck Director of Offense
Associate Head Coach
Borbely, Dave 1995-97 Offensive Line (Centers and Guards)
Boulware, Jay 2004 Running Backs
Brattan, Tom 1999-2000 Offensive Line (Centers and Guards)
Buh, Andy 2007-09 Linebackers
2008-09 Co-Defensive Coordinator
Charles, Russell  1977 Junior Varsity Coach • Linebackers
1978 Tight Ends
1979 Offensive Line
Christoff, A.J. “Andy”  1983, 2004, 2006 Defensive Coordinator
2003 Co-Defensive Coordinator
Christiansen, Jack  1968 Linebackers
1969-70 Offensive Backfield
1971 Defensive Backs
Clark, Monte  1993-94 Offensive Line
Cosbie, Doug  1993-94 Offensive Line
Cox, James E.  1950 Assistant
Crook, Ron  2011-12 Tight Ends
Cross, Jack  1961-62 Assistant
Cubit, Bill 2003-04 Quarterbacks
2004 Offensive Coordinator
Cunningham, Gunther  1973 Freshman Head Coach
Defensive Line
1974-76 Defensive Line
Currey, David W.  1971-76 Offensive Backs 
Dalman, Chris 2007-08 Offensive Line
Denbrock, Mike  2001 Offensive Line (Tackles and Tight Ends)
DeSylvia, Terry G.  1967 Freshman Head Coach
1968 Defense
1969 Assistant
Detwiler, Chuck  1980-82 Defensive Backs
Dickey, William J.  1971 Offensive Line
Diedrick, Bill 1998-2001 Offensive Coordinator
Dowhower, Rod  1977-78 Receivers
Drevno, Tim 2007-10 Tight Ends
Offensive Line
Durkin, D.J. 2007-09 Defensive Ends
Special Teams
Dutton, Bill  1979 Defensive Line
Elward, A. H. (Mal)  1946-56 Assistant
Everest, Andy  1958-62 Assistant
Fangio, Vic 2010 Defensive Coordinator
Fassel, Jim  1979 Running Backs
1980 Quarterbacks
1981-83 Offensive Coordinator
Fehring, Dutch  1949-66 Assistant
Foerster, Chris  1988-90 Assistant
Offensive Line
1991 Special Teams
Frease, Don  1976 Assistant
Freeman, Tom 2005-06 Offensive Line
Run Game Coordinator
Gagnon, Gary  1987 Tight Ends
Offensive Line
1988 Running Backs
Gambold, Bob  1963-67 Assistant
1968-69 Defense
1970 Defensive Backs
1971 Defensive Coordinator
Ghilotti, Robert V.  1950-58 Assistant
Gilmete, Jack  1986 Linebackers
1987-89 Outside Linebackers
Godden, John  1979 Inside Linebackers
Green, Denny  1977-78 Running Backs
1980 Offensive Coordinator
Hackett, Nathaniel 2005 Specialists
Recruiting Coordinator
Hamilton, Bones  1940-41 Backfield
Hamilton, Pep 2010-11 Wide Receivers
2012 Andrew Luck Director of Offense
Hammerschmidt, Jeff 2006 Outside Linebackers
Special Teams
Hammett, Ray  1946-49 Assistant
Hampton, Russell E.  1966-67 Assistant
Handley, Ray  1972-73, 79-80 Linebackers
1981 Outside Linebackers
1982-83 Associate Head Coach
Hansen, Peter 2014-present Inside Linebackers
Harbaugh, Jack  1980-81 Defensive Coordinator
Hart, Randy 2010-15 Defensive Line
Harris, Bill 1995-98 Defensive Coordinator
Hayes, Tom 2005 Defensive Coordinator
Hecker, Norbert E.  1972-73 Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Line
1974-76 Defensive Coordinator
1977-78 Linebackers
Holmoe, Tom  1992-93 Secondary
Houck, Hudson  1972 Freshman Head Coach
1973-75 Offensive Line 
Hunt, E. P. (Husky)  1940 Assistant
James, Dick  1980-82 Offensive Line 
Jones, Robert A.  1963 Freshman Head Coach
1972 Offensive Coordinator
Offensive Line
Kelly, David 2002 Associate Head Coach
Wide Receivers
2003 Associate Head Coach
Offensive Coordinator
Wide Receivers
Kerr, Larry  1984-85 Inside Linebackers
1986 Linebackers
1987-88 Inside Linebackers
Kettela, Peter P.  1972-76 Receivers
Kmetovic, Peter G.  1950-62 Assistant
Kofler, Otto  1985 Tight Ends
1986-87 Offensive Line
Tight Ends
1988 Outside Linebackers
Kotulski, David 2012-13 Inside Linebackers
Krause, Harry G. (Moose) 1948 Assistant
Lavan, Al  1979 Running Backs
Lawson, Jim  1940-41 Ends
Lindskog, Vic  1942 Assistant
Lovat, Tom  1977-79 Offensive Line
Lubick, Sonny  1985 Outside Linebackers
1986-88 Secondary
Lynn, George M.  1951-57 Assistant
Lynn, Ron 2008-09 Co-Defensive Coordinator
Assistant Head Coach
MacDuff, Larry  1980-81 Defensive Line
1982 Defensive Coordinator
1983 Defensive Line
Mannini, Dick  1984-85 Defensive Coordinator
1986-88 Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Line
1989 Inside Linebackers
Margerum, Ken 2004 Wide Receivers
Mason, Derek 2010 Defensive Backs
2011-12 Associate Head Coach
Defensive Coordinator
2013 Willie Shaw Director of Defense
McCartney, Max  1969-71 Defensive Line
McCarty, Peter 2002-03 Defensive Ends
McDonald, George 2004 Tight Ends
McDonell, John 2001 Offensive Line (Centers and Guards)
2005 Offensive Line (Tackles and Tight Ends)
McKenna, Jack  1958 Assistant
McLaughlin, Leon  1959-65 Assistant
McMackin, Greg  1984 Outside Linebackers
Meister, Herman A.  1957-58 Assistant
Miles, Trent 2001 Wide Receivers
Moller, Chuck 1997-2000 Offensive Line 
Mora, James E.  1967 Assistant
Morton, Steve 2002-04 Offensive Line
Moses, Wayne 2002-03, 2005 Running Backs
Mosley, Earle 1997-98 Running Backs
Moultrie, Bill  1968 Defensive Backs
1969-71 Freshman Head Coach
1972-73 Special Teams
Morris, Patrick 1995-96 Offensive Line (Tackles and Tight Ends)
Nelson, Mike  1990-91 Defensive Line
Nelson, Nate 2006 Recruiting Coordinator
Nolan, Mike  1983 Inside Linebackers
Ottmar, Dave  1980-81 Tight Ends
1982 Running Backs
Tight Ends
1983 Wide Receivers
Patterson, Darrell 2005-06 Inside Linebackers
Peasley, Edward  1966-67 Assistant
1968-69 Defensive Line
1970 Linebackers
Polian, Brian  2010-11 Special Teams Coordinator
Preston, Buzz 1999-2001, 2006 Running Backs
Pritchard, Tavita 2013 Running Backs
2014-present Quarterbacks
Wide Receivers
Quinn, Tom  2002 Tight Ends
Special Teams Coordinator
2003 Tight Ends
Special Teams Coordinator
Recruiting Coordinator
2004-05 Outside Linebackers
Special Teams
Reynolds, Diron 2016-current Defensive Line
Ring, Bill  1992 Running Backs
Rison, Mose 1995-2000 Wide Receivers
Roman, Greg 2009-10 Running Game Coordinator
Tight Ends
Offensive Tackles
Ruetz, Joseph H.  1951-56 Assistant
Rust, Rod  1963-66 Assistant
Samuel, Tony  1984-85 Defensive Line
Sams, Doug 2006 Offensive Line
Sanford, Mike 2011-12 Running Backs
2013 Quarterback
Wide Receivers
Recruiting Coordinator
Schuhmann, Scott  1989-92 Offensive Line
Schuler, Denny 1999-2001 Defensive Backs
Schwartz, Marchmont  1940-41 Backfield
Seifert, George E.  1972-74, 77-79 Defensive Backs
Shafer, Scott 2007 Defensive Coordinator
Assistant Head Coach
Shaw, Bryan  1983 Tight Ends
Shaw, David 2007-09 Offensive Coordinator
Wide Receivers
2010 Offensive Coordinator
Running Backs
Shaw, Willie  1974 Special Teams
1975-76 Defensive Backs
1989 Secondary 
1990-91 Defensive Coordinator
Shea, Terry  1992-94 Assistant Head Coach
Offensive Coordinator
Shipkey, Harry  1940-41 Freshman Head Coach
1942 Line
Shurmur, Patrick 1998 Offensive Line
Single, Doug  1976-78 Offensive Line
Singler, Bill  1992 Special Teams
1993-94 Running Backs
Smith, Homer  1958-60 Freshman Head Coach
1960 Assistant
Stamm, Ed  1946 Assistant
Stavely, Dan  1959-62 Assistant 
1960-62 Freshman Head Coach
Taggart, Willie 2007-09  Running Backs
Tarver, Jason 2011 Co-Defensive Coordinator
Inside Linebackers
Taylor, Chuck 1948-49 Freshman Head Coach
Taylor, Lance 2014-present Running Backs
Theder, Roger  1968-69 Backs
1970 Receivers
1971 Quarterbacks
Running Backs
Thornhill, C.E. 1922-32 Line
Tipton, Dave  1989-91 Outside Linebackers
1992-94, 05-06 Defensive Line
1995-01 Recruiting Coordinator
2002 Assistant Head Coach
Recruiting Coordinator
2003-04 Defensive Tackles
Tolleson, Mike  1989-91 Inside Linebackers
Treadwell, Don 1995-96 Running Backs
Troppman, Jim  1968 Freshman Head Coach
Turner, Keena  1992-94 Outside Linebackers
Turner, Morgan 2013-present Tight Ends
Turner, Ron  1989-91 Offensive Coordinator
Vermeil, Richard A.  1965 Freshman Head Coach 
1966-67 Assistant 
1968 Backfield
vonAppen, Fred  1977-78, 82 Defensive Line
1989 Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Line
1992-94 Defensive Coordinator
Inside Linebackers
Walsh, Bill  1963-65 Assistant
Walsh, Jimmy  1984-87 Running Backs
Waters, Bob  1968 Receivers
Waugh, Tucker 2005-06 Wide Receivers
White, Clayton 2007-09 Defensive Backs
White, Mike  1964-67 Assistant
1968-70 Offensive Line
1971 Offensive Coordinator
Offensive Line
Wilcox, Francis  1942 Freshman Head Coach
Williams, Frank  1963 Assistant
Williams, Tom 2002-03 Co-Defensive Coordinator
2004 Inside Linebackers
Williams, Vaughn 1994 Defensive Backs
Willingham, Tyrone  1989-91 Running Backs
Wilson, Mike  1992-94 Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Yelovich, Tony  1984-85 Offensive Line
Zacharias, Phil 1995-01 Defensive Ends
Special Teams
Complete information prior to 1940 unavailable



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Cardinal AXEcess
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