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Questions Answered
Courtesy: @treeSIDjorge  
Release: 07/24/2014

LOS ANGELES – This season’s edition of Pac-12 Conference Media Days at the studios of Paramount Pictures spanned nearly 36 hours for rising senior Kevin Hogan. In that time, the cool and calm quarterback fielded exactly 326 questions across 40 interviews.

We followed Hogan every step of the way to find out what the local, regional and national media wanted to know from the two-time defending league champions’ signal caller.

The preseason media summit included questions spanning from season expectations to Tyler Gaffney to Thanksgiving to Hulk Hogan. In fact, four specific questions about season expectations, five directly related to Gaffney, three to Thanksgiving and four to the Hulkster.

Even more, there were two questions regarding Halloween costumes, seven inquiring into the characteristics of David Shaw, six to clarify the four-team college playoff and five requests to speak about Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Hogan was twice asked -- and obliged on both occasions -- to take a selfie with media members.

Put yourself in Hogan's cleats and experience his media daze with every question from every interview.

Can you tell us three things about yourself?
Can you tell us three things about your team?
Can you tell us three things about your school?
What is it like playing in front of you home fans at Stanford Stadium?
What do you think about the new playoff system?
Can you tell us what you think about some of the Pac-12 quarterbacks?
Can you tell us what you think about Marcus Mariota?
Can you tell us what you think about Brett Hundley?
Can you tell us what you think about Sean Mannion?
What is it like playing in rivalry games?
What is it like playing against Oregon?
How would you describe the atmosphere at Autzen Stadium?
What is it like playing at the Rose Bowl?
What is it like playing at the Coliseum?
Who is the best quarterback (other than you) in the Pac-12 to watch?
What is the toughest defense to face each year?
What makes Stanford’s defense so tough?
What are some of your emotions heading into the opening week of the season?
What do you think about the tradition of Ralphie running onto the field at Colorado?
Who would you want to apologize to for how much time you commit to playing football?
Who is the one person on your team to eats, sleeps and breathes football?

What do you remember about the 2013 loss at Utah?
Were you surprised by how Utah played?
How was the atmosphere at Utah’s stadium?
What did you learn from the Utah loss?
Is 2014 the year of the Pac-12 quarterback?
Is the Pac-12’s national reputation improving?
What is your comfort level as a quarterback right now compared to last season?
What kind of offseason preparations have you made for the upcoming season?
How did you overcome last year’s Rose Bowl loss?
What is training camp like for your team?
Who is the best athlete on your team?
Who is the biggest trash talker on your team?
What is the best defense you’ve faced?
Which Pac-12 team has the most passionate fans?
How do you get focused for a game?
How do you get focused for the Cal game?
What is the Cal rivalry like?
Do you circle Cal on your schedule?
What has been your favorite moment at Stanford?
What was your ‘welcome to college football’ moment?
What is it like playing at Stanford Stadium?
What is Nerd Nation like on a home game day?
Are your fans buying into the team’s success?
Describe Pac-12 football.
In one word, describe Pac-12 football.
Other than you, who is the best quarterback in the Pac-12?
How important is community service to you?
Have you grown as a person because of your community service?
Who on your team has the best tattoos?
Which Pac-12 team has the deepest talent level?
Which opposing secondary are you most looking forward to facing?
What are your thoughts on Thanksgiving?
What is a traditional dish you eat on Thanksgiving?
Can you finish these thoughts?
When you step onto the field?
My pregame rituals are?
My first football memory?

How do you feel when you first step into a cold tub?
How to you prepare to get into a cold tub?
Can you make a case that the Pac-12 is the best conference in college football?
What will be the impact of the new playoff system?
What is your biggest fear?
Why are you afraid of spiders?
What goes on at the bottom of a pile?

"It usually smells horrible."

Can you recite a complicated play call?
Is it hard to learn the terminology for your playbook?
What is your favorite trick play?
What have been some memorable post-game celebrations?
What are your thoughts going into the opening week of the season?
What is your favorite memory from a season-opening game?
What has been your favorite Halloween costume?
Do you have any pregame superstitions?
Can you sing your fight song?
How many of your teammates know your fight song?
How does it feel to be on the receiving end of a perfect hit?
What is like to play at Autzen Stadium?
Why is playing in Autzen Stadium so difficult for opponents?
What makes Marcus Mariota a clutch quarterback?
What was it like to put on your jersey as a senior in high school?
What advice would you give to this year’s high school seniors?

Where are you from?
Do you go back home much?
Is it becoming a popular thing for a Stanford quarterback to return to school instead of going to the NFL?

"You don't just come back to be a quarterback. You come back to earn a degree from Stanford."

How would you describe your relationship with David Shaw?
What did it mean to you to play in the Pac-12 title game?
What specifically have you been working on this summer?

Can you reflect on your last trip to Salt Lake City?
How powerful are teams in the Pac-12?
What has media day been like for you?
Do you feel like a movie star?

What are the advantages of playing the Pac-12 title game at a neutral site?
What would it be like to play the Pac-12 title game in an NFL stadium?
What importance does the Pac-12 put on academics?
How much pride do you have being at Stanford?
How would you describe the strength and depth of the Pac-12?

Can you dance to this music?
What did you do during the offseason?
Did you do anything fun during the summer?
Did you go back home during vacation?
Can we take a selfie?

What are you studying?
What did last year’s Oregon game do for your confidence?
How much attention do you pay to other Pac-12 quarterbacks?
How slighted do you feel when you’re not mentioned alongside other Pac-12 quarterbacks?
How have you developed as a passer?
What have you been working on this offseason?
How are your throwing mechanics?
How has it been working with David Shaw and the other quarterbacks?
How has it been working with Tavita Pritchard and the other quarterbacks?
What makes David Shaw a great coach?
What would other people be surprised to know about David Shaw?
What is your favorite part about attending Stanford?
What has been your toughest class at Stanford?
What do you think about the Ed O’Bannon case?

What are your expectations for this season?
How do you like Stanford’s offensive style?
Who are some of Stanford’s playmakers to watch?
How do you feel to be playing in the first season with a college playoff?
What is your major?
Were you a Hulk Hogan fan growing up?
What is your best Hulk Hogan impersonation?

"Ooohh yeah, brother."

How do you grip a football to throw a bomb?
Can you throw a ball to my assistant?

What are your thoughts on the other Pac-12 quarterbacks?
Describe your role for your team.
What are some of the best defenses in the Pac-12?
Is this season going to be a good one for Pac-12 offenses?
Who are some of your favorite Pac-12 players to watch?

How has media day been for you?
How was the Jimmy Kimmel concert?
What do you think about the depth among quarterbacks in the Pac-12?
Why haven’t you gotten as much recognition as the other quarterbacks in the league?

Are you sick of this yet?
Where are you from?
Inside or outside of D.C.?
Did you get to go to the Jimmy Kimmel concert?
Did you get to take a selfie with Jimmy Kimmel?
What’s it like to be a student-athlete at Stanford?
Has your time at Stanford gone by quickly?
What is your major?
How have the classes been for your major?
How did you end up in Palo Alto?
What is Stanford’s program so special?
How excited are you for this upcoming season?
What will this year’s USC game be like?
How weird is it to hear about a college football playoff?
Is there a chip on your shoulder for not being picked as the favorite to win the Pac-12 title?
Who are the best returning quarterbacks in the league?

How are things going for you?
What are your expectations going into the season?
Do you think Stanford has a chance to win the Pac-12 title?
What has the offseason been like for you and the team?
What are you most looking forward to this season?

Are you tired of this yet?
Has this been a long day for you?
Are you having fun here?
Is this the year for the Stanford offense to go to the air?
Is Stanford becoming an offensive line factory?
What have you been focusing on to develop as a quarterback?
Do you recognize the old Kevin Hogan?
Will you have more freedom in the offense this season?
Do you feel good about the other offensive players around you at Stanford?
What is Stanford’s locker room like?
Who is the smartest guy on the team?
Can we take a selfie?

How are you doing?
Is the heat and humidity affecting your hair?
What have you done to be able to beat so many top-25 teams?
Is Stanford going to open up its offense this season?
Is this year’s contest against Utah going to be a revenge game?
How was the week after last year’s loss to Utah?
Is Stanford’s offense as simple as it looks?
Which running back is next in line to be the starter?
Did Barry Sanders play in the slot last season?
Will Barry Sanders play in the backfield this year?
Can you characterize what it’s like in Stanford’s locker room?
What is a typical geek like at Stanford?
Do you sense that Stanford isn’t well respected by others?

How is everything in Palo Alto?
What is like being a football player that goes to school?
What is it like being a football player on Stanford’s campus?
What sticks out to you from the last two games against Oregon?
Do you feel slighted that Stanford was not picked to win the Pac-12 title?
Do you feel like Stanford shouldn’t be an underdog?
What do you want fans in Oregon to know about you?
Where are you from?

What has been your biggest point of emphasis during the offseason?
Are you taking a bigger leadership role within the team?
What have you identified as some of your strengths and weaknesses?
Will you be called upon to pass more this season?
How has the offensive line progressed since last season?
How do you replace Tyler Gaffney?
Are there flashes of the older Barry Sanders in the younger Barry Sanders?
How impressed have you been by Ty Montgomery?
What type of a player is Jordan Richards?
What is it like being a quarterback in the Pac-12?

How is school going for you?
How will you all keep Stanford’s success going?

"You have to be willing to pay the price. And the price always increases."

Is there anything you or the team wants to work on going into the season?
Are there going to be any new playmakers on the team this season?
Do you have concerns for your young offensive line?
How tough is your road schedule?
What do you think about next year’s Heisman race?
Can you tell us about the Tree?

"I'd like for someone to tell me about the Tree, too."

What is Stanford’s secret to consistency?

"To be the best, you've got to beat the best."

Despite recent success, why is there a lack of respect towards Stanford?
How difficult is it playing in the Pac-12?
What comes to mind when you hear ‘Utah Utes’?
Did Utah earn your respect last season?
What was your lasting memory from the loss at Utah?
How did you deal with the loss at Utah?

Can we call you ‘Hoag’?
Are you kin to Hulk Hogan?
Are you having fun?
Is this what you expected?
What events around Los Angeles have you been to?
Have you gotten to hang out with the other players?
Has there been any smack talk between players on different teams?
Does Stanford get respect around the league?
What are your expectations for the season?
Do you want to be the best quarterback in the conference?
Have you been in touch with Andrew Luck?
Do you call Andrew Luck?
Does Andrew Luck call you?
What can you learn from Andrew Luck?
What is it like playing for David Shaw?
What has it been like at Stanford since Jim Harbaugh left?
What is it like being in the Bay Area market?
What does the rematch against Utah mean to you?
Fourth quarter. Third down. You need seven yards. Who do you throw to?

"Whoever is open."

Is only returning 11 starters a concern for you?
Will you have a go-to running back or will it be a committee of running backs?
How have the coaching changes impacted the team?
How does it feel to be one of the caretakers of the program?
How much confidence do you have in your offensive line?
What is it like to see Stanford’s professional players come back to campus?
What does the future outside of football hold for you?
Do you know who will create the next Google?

Are you happy this is almost over and you can focus on football?
What are things you’ve worked on to make your game better?
When did you start playing football?
Was football your first love?

"Growing up, every sport is your first love. Of the sports I played, football is my last love."

What is it like playing for David Shaw?
What is the running back position looking this season?
What is your favorite spot to eat in Palo Alto?
Do you look forward to the four-team playoff or take the season game by game?
Is there a chip on your shoulder that you weren’t picked to win the Pac-12 North?
What keeps the drive inside of you going?
Where do you rank yourself among other quarterbacks in the Pac-12?

How well do you think Stanford will compete this season in the Pac-12 North?
Do you like being overlooked among the quarterbacks in the Pac-12?
Does being picked behind Oregon in the Pac-12 North give you extra motivation?
What do you remember about last year’s loss at Utah?
Why didn’t you all run the ball on third and fourth down at the end of the Utah game?
Are there a lot of smart players at Stanford?
Are you the smartest guy on your team?

Compared to last year, how have you become a better quarterback?
Do you feel more comfortable running or throwing?
Would you rather run or throw for a touchdown?
Would you like to hit a few guys on the way if you were running for a touchdown?
What does Ty Montgomery bring to your offense?
How do you replace Tyler Gaffney?
What will your junior class bring to the table this season?
Does Stanford take pride in playing power football?
If you weren’t a quarterback, which position would you play?
Do you have any designed plays in which the quarterback blocks for another player?

What is your outlook for the upcoming season?
What is the next step you want to take as a player?
What is David Shaw’s mantra for this season’s team?

"Physical. We want to be the most physical team in college football."

What are your thoughts on the four-team playoff?
What are your thoughts on the unionization at Northwestern?
Do college athletes have the right to ask for more than they already have?
What are your thoughts on the other Pac-12 quarterbacks?
What do you think about Marcus Mariota?
What do you think about Brett Hundley?
What is the one food you must have on Thanksgiving?
How many plates of mashed potatoes and dressing have you had in one sitting?
What has been your most memorable Halloween costume?
Which Ninja Turtle is your favorite?
Can you give us 20 seconds worth of facts about yourself?

How are you?
Do you pay any attention to the Pac-12 poll?
Why are you flying under the quarterback radar?
What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Are you going to throw the ball more this season?
What changes have you made during the offseason?
How well have your tight ends been developing?
How much did your tight end play impact the offense last year?

Were you at the Manning’s passing camp?
How was the Manning camp?
What does it say about the Pac-12 that is has 10 starting quarterbacks returning this season?

How does your film study impact your perceptions of Pac-12 defenses?
How has Ty Montgomery been during the offseason?

Could you look forward to the second week of the season and playing USC?

Are you concerned about having a rotating running back corps?
Does anything jump out about Barry Sanders and his bloodline?
Does Barry Sanders remind you of his father?

Which running backs have stood out since Tyler Gaffney’s departure?
What does the internal promotion of your coaching coordinators say about your program?
Do you feel more pressure on your shoulders without Tyler Gaffney in the backfield?

Have you had any repetitive questions today?
What were the keys to your success in beating Oregon last season?
What do you have to say about the Pac-12’s depth?
Why is no one talking about Stanford this season?
Do you feel like Stanford get slighted and overshadowed by Oregon?
What do you think about things that were tweeted after last season’s win over Oregon?
Other than Kevin Hogan, who is your favorite Pac-12 quarterback to watch?
What stands out about Marcus Mariota?

Who is the next great linebacker at Stanford?

"If people don't know who A.J. Tarpley, James Vaughters and Kevin Anderson are, they better start learning."

Who are some of the leaders on your team?

What did you take away from the Rose Bowl loss last season?
What are you most looking forward to this season?
What is your mindset in leading an elite national team?
Where do you stand in your development as a quarterback now in comparison to this time last year?
How will the passing game be with a healthy Devon Cajuste and Ty Montgomery?

How is the tight end competition coming along?
Is there any tight end gaining ground on the others?
How important is the role of the tight end in your offense?
How much will teams be focusing on Ty Montgomery?

What was last season’s camp like without a definite starter at running back?
Will it be awkward knowing that Tyler Gaffney will not be in the backfield?
Are you curious to see how Barry Sanders will do this season?
How has Barry Sanders changed since he arrived at Stanford?

What are your impressions on Marcus Mariota as a person and a player?

Who in your life helps keep you grounded?
How do you help develop the younger quarterbacks on your roster?

Do you anticipate tight ends playing a larger role in the offense this season?
Is it good for a quarterback when he has productive tight ends around him?



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