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  Departments Phone Email
  Administration Phone (650) Email Address
Bernard Muir Bernard Muir, The Jaquish & Kenninger Director of Athletics 723-4596
Patrick Dunkley Patrick Dunkley, Deputy Director of Athletics 725-7655
Ray M. Purpur Ray M. Purpur, Deputy Director of Athletics 723-1820
Blue Kevin Blue,  Senior Associate Athletics Director, External Relations

Beth Goode Beth Goode, Senior Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator 725-2571
Earl Koberlein Earl Koberlein, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Intercollegiate Sports 279-6700
Eric Stein Eric Stein, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Physical Education, Recreation, & Wellness 736-8494
Brian Talbott Brian Talbott, Senior Associate Athletics Director, CFO 723-8113
Jamie Breslin

Jamie Breslin,  Associate Athletics Director, Facilities, Operations & Events

Heather Owen Heather Owen, Associate Athletic Director for Development 723-3075
  Cindy Bow, Administrative Associate for the Director & Deputy Director of Athletics 723-4596
Gayle Mulvey Gayle Mulvey, Receptionist 723-4591

Accounting and Finance
Brian Talbott Brian Talbott, Senior Associate Athletics Director, CFO 723-8113 btalbott@stanford.edux
Rochelle Ballecer Rochelle Ballecer, Accounting Associate 723-1980
Loida Beetlestone Loida Beetlestone, Accounting Associate 725-7308
  Kristen Domingo, Revenue Accountant 723-0858
  Tony LaTorra, Financial Analyst 723-0936
Barbara Lovelace Barbara Lovelace, Accounting Associate 725-8476
  Jase Miller, Manager of Facilities, Operations & Events / Contracts Administrator 736-1062
Frances Sorenson Frances Sorenson, Camp Coordinator 725-1322
  Todd Suyeishi, Financial Analyst 723-8691
 Angela Woerz

Angela Woerz, Accounting Associate


Heather Owen Heather Owen, Associate Athletic Director for Development 723-3075
  Lindsay Barr, Development Analyst 725-7357
Danielle Carattini Danielle Carattini, Development Coordinator 736-6907
  Kimberly Eber, Associate Director of Major Gifts 736-8389
 Melinda Lehman Melinda Smith Lehman, Assistant Athletic Director for Major Gifts 723-5545
Christa McLoy Christa McLoy, Assistant Director of Stewardship & Events 723-0885
  Britt Merchant, Development Project Manager 497-9584
Jack Rosenhan Jack Rosenhan, Administrative Associate 724-9642
  Veronica Schindler, Director of Development Communications 736-2140
Adam Schneberger Adam Schneberger, Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Giving 723-1008
Mark Soltau Mark Soltau, Feature Columnist 721-1989
  TBD, Associate Director of Major Gifts 723-1042  

Athletic Equipment
Gary Hazelitt Gary Hazelitt, Athletic Equipment Manager 723-1158
Michael Lane Michael Lane, Assistant Athletic Equipment Manager 723-1158
Perry Archibald Perry Archibald, Equipment Room Supply Coordinator 723-1158
  Ted Hanson, Assistant Equipment Keeper 723-1158  
  Matty Ritson, Assistant Equipment Keeper

External Relations
Blue Kevin Blue,  Senior Associate Athletics Director, External Relations

Bud Anderson Bud Anderson, Director of Creative Video 724-3910
 Hunter Armor Hunter Armor, Associate Video Producer
Spencer Christiansen Spencer Christiansen, General Manager of Cardinal Sports LLC 725-6015
Adam Requarth Adam Requarth, Account Executive of Cardinal Sports LLC 725-2123
Matt Woodward Matt Woodward, Sponsorship Coordinator/Account Executive of Cardinal Sports LLC 725-0787
David Sertich

David Sertich, Director, Business Strategy and Ticket Operations (interim)



Tommy Gray, Business Strategy Manager
 Mark Soltau Mark Soltau, Content Editor/Producer of Buck/Cardinal Clubhouse 310-993-8159

Capital Planning, Facilities
Ray M. Purpur Ray M. Purpur, Deputy Director of Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation 723-1820
  Joel Ahern, Sports Turf Manager 207-3226
TBD, Facilities, Operations and Events Manager, SLAC  
 Andrea Barnes Andrea Barnes, SCRA Tennis Director 725-7453
  Vanessa Bartsch, Executive Director, Stanford Red Barn Equestrian Center 327-2990

Avery Brown, Assistant Red Barn Manager 327-2990
  Shannon Donlon, General Manager & Head Golf Professional, Stanford Golf Course 721-9288
Tim Edmonds Tim Edmonds, Masters Swim Coach 218-8915
Tim Ghormley Tim Ghormley, Director of Recreational Facilities 725-0729
Jennifer Landers Jennifer Landers, Manager, Facilities & Operations Administration 723-1949
  Laura Mitchell, Aquatics Pre-Competitive Coordinator & Year Round Coach
  Jase Miller, Manager of Facilities, Operations & Events / Contracts Administrator 736-1062
Steve Robe Steve Robe, General Manager, Stanford Campus Recreation Association 736-7272
  David Schinski, Assistant Athletic Director, Capital Planning 725-7947
  Joseph Sementelli, Aquatics Head Age Group Year Round & Summer Team Coach
  Scott Shea, SCRA/PASA Head Coach 736-7272
Chris Spells Chris Spells, General Manager of Recreational Facilities 926-3313
  Watchman's Beeper 714-2654  

Facilities, Operations, & Events
Breslin  Jamie Breslin, Associate Athletic Director, Facilities, Operations & Events 725-4997
Rusty Brummer Rusty Brummer, Director of Facility Services 725-2972
Rebecca Carpenter Rebecca Carpenter, Associate Director, Facilities Operations and Events for Avery Aquatics 725-0786
Jenny Claypool Jenny Claypool, Director of Championships 725-7244
  TBD, Aquatic Operations & Safety Coordinator


Chris Dorst Chris Dorst, Director, Guest Services
  Jon Erickson, Associate Director, Facilities Operations and Events 726-4079
Maggie Fenton Maggie Fenton, Associate Director, Facilities Operations and Events 724-9425
Dana Forbes Dana Forbes, Boathouse Manager 513-404-7711
James Gable James Gable, Aquatic Operations and Events Coordinator
Michelle Erdrich Gable Michelle Erdrich Gable, Aquatic Programming Coordinator
  Keith Juricich, Manager, Facilities, Operations and Events 723-6771
  Olivia Palmer, Aquatic Specialist

Athletic Facilities
  Arrillaga Center for Sports & Recreation 724-9872  
  Avery Aquatic Center 725-0725  
  Cobb Track/Angell Field 725-0760  
  Doyle Family Rugby Clubhouse 725-6825  
  Ford/Burnham Manager 723-1949  
  Hall of Fame Room 723-2731  
  Maples Pavilion 736-4079  
  Morrison Boathouse Mgr 513-404-7711  
  Red Barn 327-2990  
  Roble Gym Pool 723-8136  
  Sailing Center 364-1292  
  Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA) 857-9521  
  Sunken Diamond 723-4629  
  Taube Family Tennis Center (Manager) 723-1160  
  Weight Room /AFSC 723-1499  
  Weight Room/Tresidder 723-1204  
  Weight Room/Varsity 723-9101  
  West Campus Tennis Courts 723-7686  

Fan Experience & Community Relations
Erin Blecha Erin Blecha, Director, Fan Experience & Community Relations 725-2876

Golf Course
  Shannon Donlon, PGA Class A General Manager & Head Golf Professional 721-9288
  Terry Gingell, PGA Class A Assistant Golf Professional, Assistant Manager 724-0944
  Casey Hall, Assistant Golf Professional, Assistant Manager 724-0944
  Herman McKee, Assistant General Manager 725-2049
  Jim Miller, PGA Class A Assistant Golf Professional 724-0944
  Ruben Silveira, Assistant Superintendent 327-7787
  Russ Vandersluis, Assistant Golf Professional
Ken Williams Ken Williams, Superintendent 323-0937
  Driving Range 498-4461  

Caroline Song Caroline Song, Human Resources Manager 725-5144
  Sandy Lim, Human Resources Associate 725-0798
Molly Magnuson Molly Magnuson, Human Resources Associate 723-4650

Intercollegiate Services
Megan Boone Megan Boone, Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance Services 723-6150
Jessica Everhart Jessica Everhart, Assistant Director for Compliance Services (Recruiting) 725-1524
  TBA, Assistant Director of Compliance Services 725-9986 TBA
  Solomon Hughes, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes 723-9650
Austin Lee Austin Lee, Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes 723-3164
Hillary McKinney Hillary McKinney, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes 725-0790
 Hillary McKinney Melissa Schellberg, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes 723-5806
 Allison Vendt Allison Vendt, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes 723-1176
Shannon Wilson Shannon Wilson, Assistant Director for Compliance Services (Eligibility and Amateurism) 723-5090

ITS Services
  Maria Maravilla, Computer Resources Manager 725-HELP
  John Nelson, Computer Resources Associate

Araceli Ortiz Araceli Ortiz, Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing 731-2354
Kevin Aha Kevin Aha, Digital Marketing Director 725-0779
Connie Ko Connie Ko, Graphic Designer
Emily McLaughlin Emily McLaughlin, Marketing Outreach Manager 735-1946


Athletics Communications and Media Relations
Kurt Svoboda

Kurt Svoboda, Senior Assistant Athletic Director of Communications

Sport: Football (Primary), Administrative Interviews, Community Relations

(650) 223-5809
Brian Risso

Brian Risso, Director of Athletic Communications

Sports: Men's Basketball, Men's and Women's Tennis

(650) 200-9513
Ben Blevins

Ben Blevins, Assistant Director

Sports: Fencing, Rowing (Men's, Women's, Lightweight), Squash

(303) 681-4538
Phil Cheung Phil Cheung, Webmaster (408) 482-5369
Alan George

Alan George, Assistant Director

Sports: Football (Secondary), Men's and Women's Golf, Men's Swimming & Diving

(574) 340-3977
Khari Jones

Khari Jones, Digital Media


Aaron Juarez

Aaron Juarez, Assistant Director

Sports: Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer, Men's and Women's Water Polo

(408) 250-1598
David Kiefer

David Kiefer, Assistant Director

Sports: Cross Country, Lacrosse, Women's Soccer, Track & Field

(650) 759-0258
Greg Marsh

Greg Marsh, Assistant Director

Sports: Field Hockey, Men's & Women's Gymnastics, Sailing, Softball

(510) 449-1485
Brett Moore

Brett Moore, Assistant Director

Sports: Baseball, Football #3, Women's Swimming & Diving

Regina Verlengiere

Regina Verlengiere, Assistant Director

Sports: Men's Basketball #2, Wrestling, Men's, Women's & Sand Volleyball, Synchronized Swimming


Physical Education, Recreation, and Wellness
Eric Stein Eric Stein, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Physical Education, Recreation, & Wellness 736-8494
Ariana Borgaily Ariana Borgaily, Lead Front Desk Supervisor
  Stephanie Cornell, Fitness Facilities Assistant Coordinator
Claire Davis Claire Davis, Coordinator of Club Sports and Intramurals 725-0745
Steve DiPaolo Steven DiPaolo, Director of Marketing and Special Projects 353-3472
  Samantha Edelman, Assistant Director of Fitness Facilities
Tim Ghormley Tim Ghormley, Director of Recreational Facilities 725-0729
  Karin Hughes, Administrative Associate for Be Well TBD
  Kevin Hopper, Coordinator of Indoor Climbing Events & Facilities TBD
Travis Jew Travis Jew, Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Camps 723-1081
Tia Lillie, Assistant Director for Physical Education & Special Events 723-7686
Pam Mahlow Pam Mahlow, Associate Director-Sports & Physical Education

  Kelsey McCabe, Administrative Associate for Outdoor Education
Theo Mitchell  Theo Mitchell, Coordinator of Marketing for Physical Education & Recreation
  Nina Nguyen, Assistant Fitness Manager LKSC 724-1469
  Syrous Parsay, Assistant Director - BeWell Engagement and Programming 721-2984
Chris Pelchat Chris Pelchat, Associate Director-Outdoor Education & Business Operations 736-2261
  Joe Pellow, Front Desk Specialist ACSR TBD
 Dennis Phan Dennis Phan, Coordinator of Business Operations 723-0383
 Frank Quintanilla Frank Quintanilla, Fitness Equipment Technician 498-0764
  Phil Sandlin, Outdoor Education Specialist
Jennifer Sexton Jennifer Sexton, Associate Director-Fitness & Wellness 724-2919
 Sherman Matthew Sherman, Director of Rugby/Head Coach 723-0339
Bernardo Tapia Bernardo Tapia, Assistant Fitness Manager 724-0449
Antja Thompson Antja Thompson, Coordinator of Outdoor Education & First-Year Experiences 736-7768
 Peter Wright Peter Wright, Coordinator of Outdoor Programs & Outfitting 736-7768

Positive Coaching Alliance
  Jim Thompson, PCA Executive Director

Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Room
Gordon Matheson Gordon Matheson, MD, PhD, Director of Sports Medicine 723-2258
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson, MA, ATC, Director of Athletic Training
Stephen Bartlinski Stephen Bartlinski, PTA, ATC, Head Football Athletic Trainer 498-6446
Andy Choi  Andy Choi, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Phyical Therapist 725-3046
  Charlene Dow, Insurance Specialist 725-8202
  Lindsey Dame, MS, ATC, NREMT, Associate Director of Athletic Training
Eitan Gelber Eitan Gelber, MA, ATC, CSCS, CMT, Senior Associate Director of Athletic Training
  Juanita Holley, MEd, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer 725-3793
  Debbie Iwasaki, Physical Therapist
  Katelin Knox, MS, ATC, Athletic Training Fellow


Sarah Lyons  Sarah Lyons, MS, ATC, PES, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Lee Martin  Lee Martin, MA, ATC, Athletic Training Fellow

  Charles W. Miller, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer 724-2132
Matthew Mills  Matthew Mills, MA, ATC, PES, Athletic Training Fellow 497-3953
Tamara Johann Moreno Tamara Johann Moreno, MSPT, ATC, Director of Physical Therapy
Kevin Robell Kevin Robell, MA, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer 498-6449
Erin Seeley  Erin Seeley, MEd, ATC, Athletic Training Fellow 497-3938
Marcella Shorty Marcella Shorty, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer 724-3304
Katherine Susskind Katherine Susskind, MA, ATC, Athletic Training Fellow 497-3945
  Floyd Vito Cruz, PT, CSCS, Physical Therapist 736-4042
 Brian White Brian White, MA, ATC,CSCS, Assistant Athletic Trainer 489-6447
Tomoo Yamada Tomoo Yamada, MA, ATC, Associate Director of Athletic Training
  Athletic Training Center 723-1214  
  Human Performance Lab


  Sports Medicine Clinic 725-8202  

Sports Performance
Brandon Marcello Brandon Marcello, Director of Sports Performance 721-1187
  Ryan Cidzik, Sports Performance Coach
Stephen DiLustro Stephen DiLustro, Sports Performance Coach
Brittany Keil  Brittany Keil , Sports Performance Coach
 Allison Bradshaw Allison Bradshaw Ledesma, Sports Performance Coach
Taylor Lynn Taylor Lynn, Sports Performance Coach
Lesley Chandler Moser Lesley Chandler Moser, Sports Performance Coach 725-1048
Jason Quan Jason Quan, Sports Performance Coach 724-3786
Juan Pablo Reggiardo Juan Pablo Reggiardo, Sports Performance Coach 724-3778
Shannon Turley Shannon Turley, Kissick Family DIrector of Football Sports Performance 724-3785
Andy Ward Andy Ward, Sports Performance Coach
Vavae Tata Matt Zubak, Sports Performance Intern

Ticket Office/Operations: 1-800-STANFORD
Rich Muschell Rich Muschell, Football Ticket Operations Specialist 725-2364
Kurt Svoboda Cheryl Hammitt, Director of Ticket Operations 723-1021
Gary Ekman Gary Ekman, Customer Service & Event Operations Supervisor 723-1021
  Henry Franco, Systems Manager 723-1021
  Caroline Spangler, Ticket Office Assistant 724-6202
  Bob Wilmot, Ticket Sales Associate 736-8191

Ticket Sales and Services
Kevin Holman Kevin Holman, Director of Sales and Service 724-9293
Spenser Ayres Spenser Ayres, Sales Consultant 724-3914
Andrew Benson Andrew Benson, Sales Consultant 724-3981
Alex Burt Alex Burt, Sales Consultant 724-3789
  Marlaina Donophin, Service Consultant
Mike Ford Mike Ford, Sales Consultant 724-5527
Chrislyn Gabrito Chrislyn Gabrito, Customer Service Consultant 724-4578
Steven Garfunkel Steven Garfunkel, Customer Service Consultant 723-9871
Tanja Hoefler Tanja Hoefler, Box Office Associate 725-5656
  TBD, Box Office Associate    
Andrew Schmidt Andrew Schmidt, Customer Service Consultant 723-9847
  TBD, Lead Customer Service Consultant 724-2872  
Mike Stryker Mike Stryker, Sales Consultant 724-7314

Sport Programs
Mark Marquess Mark Marquess, The Clarke and Elizabeth Nelson Director of Baseball
Rusty Filter Rusty Filter, Assistant Coach 725-2373
Ryan Garko  Ryan Garko, Assistant Coach 723-9528
Kevin Bills Kevin Bills, Director of Operations 723-4528
  Sunken Diamond Press Box 723-4629  

Men's Basketball
Johnny Dawkins Johnny Dawkins, The Anne and Tony Joseph Director of Men's Basketball
Mike Schrage Mike Schrage, The James C. Gaither Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball 725-0770
Tim O'Toole  Tim O'Toole, Assistant Coach 725-0769
Charles Payne Charles Payne, Assistant Coach 724-5552
Jeff La Mere Jeff La Mere, Assistant AD/Director of Basketball Operations 725-7715
Frederick Alexander Frederick Alexander, Director of External Relations/Student Services 725-0772
Natalie Chladek Natalie Chladek , Assistant Director of Operations 723-0562

Women's Basketball
Tara VanDerveer Tara VanDerveer, The Setsuko Ishiyama Director of Women's Basketball
Amy Tucker Amy Tucker, Associate Head Coach 725-0775
Tempie Brown  Tempie Brown, Assistant Coach 725-2357
Kate Paye Kate Paye, Assistant Coach 725-0777
Eileen Roche Eileen Roche, Director of Operations 725-8104
Dee Dee Zawaydeh  Dee Dee Zawaydeh, Administrative Associate 723-0284
Lauren Greif Lauren Greif, Special Assistant/Video Coordinator 725-7524

Lisa Milgram Lisa Milgram, Head Coach 725-3587
George Pogosov George Pogosov, Co-Head Coach 725-0733
  Alexander Lepeshinski, Assistant Coach 725-0733
  Valeriy Naulo, Assistant Coach 725-0733

Field Hockey
Tara Danielson Tara Danielson, Head Coach 725-2578
Patrick Cota Patrick Cota, Assistant Coach 725-0751
Steve Danielson Steve Danielson, Assistant Coach 725-1690

  Main Line 723-5665  
David Shaw David Shaw, The Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football/Head Coach 725-0783
Lance Anderson Lance Anderson, The Willie Shaw Director of Defense 723-0896
Mike Bloomgren Mike Bloomgren, The Andrew Luck Director of Offense / Offensive Coordinator 725-8974
Steve Danielson Peter Alamar , Assistant Coach - Special Teams 725-7905
Duane Akina Duane Akina , Assistant Coach - Defensive Backs
Peter Hansen Peter Hansen, Assistant Coach - Inside Linebackers
Randy Hart Randy Hart , Assistant Coach - Defensive Line 725-0784
Tavita Pritchard Tavita Pritchard, Assistant Coach - Quarterbacks/Wide Receivers 723-5373
  Diron Reynolds, Defensive Assistant
Lance Taylor Lance Taylor, Assistant Coach - Running Backs
Morgan Turner Morgan Turner, Assistant Coach - Tight Ends/Offensive Tackles 725-8975
Shannon Turley Shannon Turley, Sports Performance Coordinator for Football 724-3785
Joe Ashfield Joe Ashfield, Offensive Assistant 723-0280
Belch Derek Belch, Graduate Assistant 723-0280
Ryan Devlin Ryan Devlin, Assistant Director of Football Operations and Recruiting 723-9991
Matt Doyle Matt Doyle, Associate AD/Director of Football Operations 725-0778
Mike Eubanks Mike Eubanks, Assistant AD/Director of Football Administration 723-0868
Mike Gleeson Mike Gleeson, Video Director 725-0789
Jarrett Huk Jarrett Huk, Defensive Assistant 723-0280
Tsuyoshi Kawata Tsuyoshi Kawata, Offensive Assistant 725-0794
 Lamarre Timot Lamarre, Offensive Assistant 725-0794
Ron Lynn Ron Lynn, Director of Player Development 725-0788
Mangan Greg Mangan, Graduate Assistant 725-0794
Mattioli Marc Mattioli, Graduate Assistant 725-0794
Theresa Miraglia Theresa Miraglia, Administrative Associate, Coaching Staff and Accounting 725-5276
Jonathan Oswald Jonathan Oswald, Video Coordinator Assistant 725-0789
 Seidman Callie Seidman, Administrative Associate 723-4279


Conrad Ray Conrad Ray, The Knowles Family Director of Men's Golf
Philip Rowe Philip Rowe, The Enlight Foundation Assistant Coach for Men's Golf
Anne Walker Anne Walker, The Margot and Mitch Milias Director of Women's Golf 725-2050
Lauren Dobashi Lauren Dobashi, Assistant Women's Golf Coach 725-2051

Thom Glielmi Thom Glielmi, Men's Head Coach 723-9591
  Scott Green, Men's Assistant Coach 721-9290
Karl Ziehn Karl Ziehn, Men's Assistant Coach 721-9290
Kristen Smyth Kristen Smyth, Women's Head Coach 725-6143
Chris Swircek Chris Swircek, Women's Assistant Coach 724-0457
Tabitha Yim Tabitha Yim, Women's Assistant Coach 724-0457

Amy Bokker Amy Bokker, Head Coach 725-1994
Brooke McKenzie Brooke Eubanks, Assistant Coach 723-9903
Lauren Schwarzmann Lauren Schwarzmann, Assistant Coach 725-0018

Men's Rowing
Craig Amerkhanian Craig Amerkhanian, Head Coach 269-5396
Jake Cornelius Jake Cornelius, Assistant Coach TBD

Women's Rowing
Yasmin Farooq Yasmin Farooq, Head Coach 387-8969
  Rebecca Carlton, Assistant Coach 503-703-6891
Nathan Rooks Nathan Rooks, Assistant Coach 206-948-1405
Al Acosta Al Acosta, Head Coach - Women's Lightweight 269-0600
 Maggie Cheek Maggie Cheek, Assistant Coach - Women's Lightweight 269-0600

John Vandemoer John Vandemoer, Head Coach 723-2811
Clinton Hayes Clinton Hayes, Assistant Coach TBD

Jeremy Gunn Jeremy Gunn, Men's Head Coach 723-9375
  Nick Kirchhof, Men's Assistant Coach
John Smith John Smith, Men's Assistant Coach 723-9375
Paul Ratcliffe Paul Ratcliffe, Women's Head Coach 725-9884
Nicole Van Dyke Nicole Van Dyke, Women's Associate Head Coach 725-2425
  Hideki Nakada, Women's Assistant Coach 725-2425

Claire Sua-Amundson Claire Amundson, Associate Head Coach 725-1410
Leticia Olivarez  Leticia Olivarez, Assistant Coach 725-2631

Mark Talbott Mark Talbott, Head Coach 725-8699
Richard Elliott Richard Elliott, Assistant Coach 725-8699

Swimming & Diving
Ted Knapp Ted Knapp, The Goldman Family Director of Men's Swimming
Scott Armstrong Scott Armstrong, Men's Assistant Coach 725-0726
Greg Meehan Greg Meehan, Women's Head Coach 723-9155
Tracy Duchac Tracy Duchac, Women's Assistant Coach 736-0923
Patrick Jeffrey Patrick Jeffrey, Director of Men's and Women's Diving    
Barbara Lovelace Barbara Lovelace, Administrative Associate 725-8476

Synchronized Swimming
Sara Lowe Sara Lowe, Head Coach 724-2395
Megan Azebu Megan Azebu, Assistant Coach 725-0128

Dick Gould Dick Gould, The John L. Hinds Director of Tennis
Paul Goldstein Paul Goldstein, Men's Head Coach    
Brandon Coupe Brandon Coupe, Men's Assistant Coach 721-0241
Lele Forood Lele Forood, The Peter and Helen Bing Director of Women's Tennis
Frankie Brennan Frankie Brennan, Women's Assistant Coach 725-7978

Track & Field and Cross Country
Chris Miltenberg Chris Miltenberg, The Franklin P. Johnson Director of Track & Field
Michelle Eisenreich Michelle Eisenreich, Associate Head Coach / Throwing Coach 725-0761
Michael Eskind Michael Eskind, Assistant Track and Field Coach 725-2117
  Elizabeth Maloy, Assistant Track and Field Coach
John Oliver John Oliver, Assistant Track and Field Coach 723-1805
Mary Jo Pruitt Mary Jo Pruitt, Assistant Track and Field Coach 725-0760
Jody Stewart Jody Stewart, Assistant Track & Field Coach 736-1125
Joe Wagstaffe Joe Wagstaffe, Director of Operations 723-2736

John Kosty John Kosty, Men's Head Coach 804-8257
Ken Shibuya Ken Shibuya, Men's Associate Head Coach 776-4178
Daniel Rasay  Daniel Rasay, Men's Assistant Coach
John Dunning John Dunning, Women's Head Coach 723-0561
Denise Corlett Denise Corlett, Women's Associate Head Coach 723-1997
Jason Mansfield Jason Mansfield, Women's Assistant Coach 408-410-0329
Amy Brown Amy Brown, Director of Women's Volleyball Operations 724-7654

Water Polo
John Vargas John Vargas, Men's Head Coach 723-1874
Jon Barnea Jon Barnea, Men's Assistant Coach 723-7189
John Tanner John Tanner, Women's Head Coach 725-9015
Susan Ortwein Susan Ortwein, Women's Associate Head Coach 725-9016

Jason Borrelli Jason Borrelli, Head Coach 721-3882
Ray Blake Ray Blake, Assistant Coach 723-1657
Alex Tirapelle Alex Tirapelle, Assistant Coach 723-9486


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