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Keeping Up with Kyle 2.0
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 09/02/2014

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Dear Stanford Family, Friends and Fans,

Welcome back to the second annual Keeping Up with Kyle blog! I’m so excited to be able to write about our team’s experiences for yet another season!

I thought I’d kick off this “Welcome back blog” by telling you a story about our very own Inky Ajanaku. As a team, we have heard legends of Inky blowing up her kitchen back home in Tulsa when she was attempting to cook. Well friends, the legend lives on, and this time, it revives at Stanford.

I believe it was last Tuesday morning and we all gathered in the Arillaga dining hall for breakfast. Usually, I go for the quick yogurt with granola and some scrambled eggs. Inky, however, chooses to be a little more fancy with her meals. This particular morning, she wanted to make a breakfast sandwich complete with a plain bagel, eggs, bacon, and cheese. Inky casually put her bagel into the toaster then wandered over to the hardboiled eggs and grabbed a few and put them in a bowl. She then proceeded to put this bowl in the microwave. After a few seconds of standing in front of the microwave, she hears my voice off in the distance, “Ink! Your bagel is on fire!”

It was true, the toaster was indeed spewing out smoke indicating that her bagel completely burned. She hurried over to the toaster and removed her bagel that was once white and fluffy, but was now thoroughly charred. As she removed the bagel and replaced it with another one, she remembered, “Oh shoot! My eggs!” She had left the hardboiled eggs in the microwave for about two minutes now. So she hustled back to the microwave only to find all but one of her eggs exploded. She took the eggs and sat down at our table. As Inky was telling us about her breakfast misfortune, I began to say “Inky! You can’t put hard-boiled eggs in the micro…”

My thoughts were interrupted by yet another explosion of her final hardboiled egg. She picked up the remaining egg and poked it with the fork and egg guts went flying everywhere. It literally sounded like a champagne bottle was being opened and egg yolks and whites went spewing into her eyes, hair and of course, my hair.

Don’t worry! Inky is fine, she made a bagel with peanut butter after that, although she was picking out egg whites from her eyes later that day at practice.

Anyway, we just returned home from our Iowa State and Nebraska trip! It was a great start for the Cardinal as we swept both teams on their home courts! Playing in front of that Nebraska crowd was the most surreal experience I had ever had in all my years of playing volleyball. It would be so much fun to play in front of a packed arena that continuously cheers throughout the entire match for every match! I can understand why other teams have such a hard time playing there because it is incredibly loud and overwhelming, but is so exciting!

Sunday, after our match, we were going to attend the men’s soccer game at University of Nebraska at Omaha, but unfortunately there was a thunder and lightening storm that postponed the game for three and a half hours so we weren’t able to attend. The Midwest storms make the showers in California look cute. I had never seen lightening so bright and frequent, or thunder so loud! It was pretty crazy!

Yesterday morning we had a very long day of traveling. We woke up bright and early to fly from Omaha to Chicago and then from Chicago to San Francisco. But we weren’t done after we returned home. Nope. We set our bags down in the locker room and hit the weight room. Taylor (our sports performance coach) took us through some deep stretching, which was much needed, then we lifted and conditioned! I’m not sure there are many other teams in the country that return from trips and then put in a quick lift in the weight room!

We play Penn State and Illinois this weekend! On Friday, it will be a huge match! #1 vs #2! Please come and support us! We are incredibly excited and have been preparing for this match for a long time.

Follow Stanford Women’s Volleyball on twitter (@StanfordWVB), Facebook and Instagram (@stanfordwvb)! This is going to be an incredible season so come and show your support as often as you can!

God Bless!
Kyle Gilbert



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