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How will a gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club help me stay in contact with my favorite sport(s)?
Donors to the Buck/Cardinal Club can provide their sport preferences at the time of their donation. Each of the varsity programs will then communicate with the Buck/Cardinal donors interested in their sport via e-mail, events, newsletters, and/or other special communications.

How will my Buck/Cardinal Club gift financially benefit the sport(s) I support?
The money raised by the Buck/Cardinal Club will provide scholarship aid and program support to all 36 varsity sports programs. Program support includes, but is not limited to, providing funds for summer school tuition, recruiting, travel, pre-registration housing, and training table team meals.

Can I still give to my favorite sport(s)?
Gifts can be made to an individual sport, and like Buck/Cardinal Club donations, will be applied to the budget of that sport in the year of the donation. Gifts to individual sports will not qualify for Buck/Cardinal Club benefits or seating priority. Individual sports programs also have the opportunity to generate revenue from events including, but not limited to, golf tournaments, clinics, and auctions.

Does my annual Buck/Cardinal Club gift qualify for benefits?
Yes, donors will receive benefits in the year after the gift (a donation made between September 1 and August 31 will receive the appropriate benefits beginning in September of the new athletic fiscal year). Only gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club (or gifts of $25,000 or more to any other area of Stanford Athletics) will qualify for benefits.

Does a Buck/Cardinal Club football and men's basketball priority seating gift qualify the donor(s) for benefits?
Yes, football and men's basketball priority seating donors will qualify for benefits at the full amount of the gift. However, all football and men's basketball priority seating gifts are 80% tax deductible per IRS regulations. Gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club that qualify a donor to purchase priority seating in Stanford Stadium or Maples Pavilion should not be made through either a private foundation or donor advised fund.

Can my gift to the Buck/Cardinal Club count toward my undergraduate reunion class gift?
Yes, gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club count toward your undergraduate reunion class giving total. Reunion gifts can be made as either a one-time gift or a five-year pledge.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, all donations to the Buck/Cardinal Club are tax-deductible. Gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club that do not request football premium seating are 100% tax deductible. Per IRS regulations, Buck/Cardinal Club gifts for football and men's basketball priority seating are 80% tax deductible. Donors designating a gift for football and/or men's basketball priority seating should specify that designation on the donor form at the time of the gift. Please contact your tax advisor if you have any questions.

Will annual giving to Buck/Cardinal Club impact seat locations in Stanford Stadium, Maples Pavilion, and post-season bowls and championships?
Requests will be fulfilled based on the season ticket holders' engagement with Stanford Athletics and Stanford University as measured by the following criteria:

- Years of season ticket purchase for all season-ticketed sports
- Stanford alumnus
- Former Stanford student-athlete
- Volunteer service on an athletic department or university board
- Lifetime gifts to the athletic department
- Annual gifts to Buck/Cardinal Club
- Athletic bequest intention