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The Cardinal Skills is a program from Stanford Women's Basketball designed to teach personal and social skills like goal setting, teamwork, healthy habits and more through video and personal interaction between Stanford student-athletes and schoolchildren in grades K-8. To create a more lasting relationship, we hope to make personal school visits throughout the South Bay and Peninsula, and provide all participating classes with free tickets to attend three Women's Basketball games this season.

Our goal is to provide an effective medium for teachers to introduce these concepts in an efficient, convenient and fun way to their classrooms by incorporating the personal appeal of student-athletes with the entertainment of basketball.

Below, you will find a series of short entertaining videos for your students featuring student-athletes serving as articulate, effective and unique voices.  These videos (60-90 seconds) feature a concept, personal connection, basketball connection, and conclusion illustrated through the words and actions of Stanford Women's Basketball student-athletes.

Suggested follow-up activities for each concept are also included below to further explore the concepts demonstrated in the videos.

Our student-athletes are excited to meet your class and help you teach these Cardinal Skills.  Watch this video to learn more about the program.


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Benefits of Participation:
  • School visit* from Stanford Women's Basketball student-athletes and/or coaches to discuss The Cardinal Skills or other concepts
  • Use of the videos contained on this website to teach skills such as goal setting, teamwork and other essential social skills
    • Top participating schools will receive special personalized video messages from the team
  • Free tickets for all participating teachers and students to attend three Stanford Women's Basketball games (12/15 vs. Pacific, 1/20 vs. USC and 2/10 vs. Arizona State)
    • Each participating class may nominate a student to represent their class on the court at halftime of each game!
    • Participating classes will also receive discount admission vouchers ($5 tickets) for parents/friends of students
Lesson Videos

The Cardinal Skills is set up as two main units with other supporting elements. All videos are brief, with both anecdotes and examples through the medium of basketball. Each unit is designed to culminate in a visit to Maples Pavilion, where these concepts are put into action at a Stanford Women's Basketball game. However, these materials are available to be used in any manner that best fits your classroom schedule.

Click on the links below to watch each video. If requested, videos can be compiled and sent on a DVD.

Unit #1 - Goal Setting
Stanford Athletics: Achieving your Goals
How to set a goal
Friends and your goal
Overcoming Obstacles

Unit #2 - Teamwork
The Golden Rule
Everybody's Important 

Additional Videos
Stanford Athletics: Healthy Habits

Follow-up Activities

After your class has watched one of The Cardinal Skills videos - here are some suggested follow-up activities to engage your class in actively learning these concepts.

  • Writing prompt/Essay question
    • Tell me about an example where you compromised in the past week?
    • What goals do you have for this week?
    • What is your unique talent?
    • How have you overcome obstacles?
  • Act out an example
  • Draw a picture example
  • Play a game
  • Keep a goal-setting journal
  • Make a poster/display of how your favorite team shows these concepts
  • Do a team-building activity showcasing students' unique talents
School Visits

Are you interested in having a couple student-athletes from the Stanford Women's Basketball team visit your school to share lessons about these skills and basketball in person? Please indicate this when you register your class and you will be contacted.  If you have already registered, please contact Kevin Aha with Stanford Athletics at to set up a visit.

*Visits are limited to schools within 15 miles of Stanford.

Recognition at Stanford Women's Basketball Games

All participating classes will be invited to attend three Women's Basketball games for free (students and teachers) at which these skills will be actively demonstrated. Each class is invited to select one student to represent their class on the court at halftime.  

Ticket vouchers will be included in the Cardinal Skills booklets given to each student.  The booklets will also contain vouchers for parents/friends to purchase discounted $5 tickets for the selected games as well.  

The Cardinal Skills recognition games will be:

Saturday, December 15 vs. Pacific @ 7:00 PM
Sunday, January 20 vs. USC @ 4:00 PM
Sunday, February 10 vs. Arizona State @ 2:00 PM

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Kevin Aha with Stanford Athletics at or 650-725-0779.