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What's New for 2013

  • Toyon Grove parking will be moving back to its original location next to the restrooms along Galvez Street.
  • Varsity/Touchdown ticket holders will have three options for parking, all indicated in orange on the parking map. Galvez Lot will remain as an option while also adding two groves in the surrounding area to accommodate overflow.
  • All Season Ticket lots will now be renamed “General Parking” lots. This includes Lot #3, Lot #4/IM South, Lot #7/Arboretum Grove, Lot #8/Arboretum Grove, Lot #9/Lasuen Grove, Lot #10/Eucalyptus Grove and Lot #11/Maples Lot (based on availability). Season ticket holders may pre-purchase a parking pass that is valid in any of these lots for $15/game ($105 for the season). Those who wish to pay on game day may do so in these lots for $20/game (cash only). 

2013 Football Parking Plan

Football Season Ticket parking passes may be purchased during the ticket buying process. Season Ticket parking passes range from $105-$500.

Current season ticket holders will have parking added as a renewable item on the renewal application. In other words, parking pass(es) purchased last season will be a purchase option during the 2013 ticket renewal process. For example, a person who purchased two (2) parking passes for Masters Grove in 2012 will have the option to renew two (2) parking passes for Masters Grove in 2013.

Fans that purchased parking passes in Lot #2/El Camino Grove or Masters Grove in 2012 will have first right of refusal to renew parking in these lots. Therefore, there are currently no parking passes available to accommodate new fans.

In the event that parking passes become available in Lot #2/El Camino Grove or Masters Grove, persons interested in upgrading to these lots may request a parking change in the “Comments Box” of the online renewal form or by attaching a note to a hardcopy renewal. Because parking is based on availability, requesting a change does not guarantee an upgrade.

NOTE: Parking upgrades will be based on parking availability and an individual’s level of engagement with Stanford Athletics and Stanford University as measured by the following criteria:

  • Years of season ticket purchase for all season-ticketed sports
  • Stanford alumnus
  • Former Stanford student-athlete
  • Volunteer service on an athletic or university board
  • Lifetime gifts to the athletic department
  • Lifetime gifts to the university
  • Annual gifts to the Buck/Cardinal Club


2013 Season Parking Pricing

Pass Type Lots Accessible Price
Buck/Cardinal Club Priority Seat parking pass
  • Director's Level - Lot #6/Track House
  • Varsity Level - V/T Priority Parking
  • Touchdown Level - V/T Priority Parking
  • Access to all General parking lots

Included with season tickets

Lot #1/Sunken Diamond parking pass
  • Lot #1/Sunken Diamond
Toyon Grove parking pass
  • Toyon Grove
Lot #2/El Camino Grove parking pass
  • Lot #2/El Camino Grove (RV/overnight parking)
Masters Grove parking pass
  • Masters Grove
General Parking pass
(includes Family Plan)
  • Lot #3
  • Lot #4/IM South
  • Lot #7/Arboretum Grove
  • Lot #8/Arboretum Grove
  • Lot #9/Lasuen Grove
  • Lot #10/Eucalyptus Grove (RV Parking)
  • Lot #11/Maples Lot*
  • Lot #13


*Lot available on a game-by-game basis depending on other scheduled athletic events.


Note: General parking ($20 on game days) will be located in the following lots:

  • Lot #3
  • Lot #4/IM South
  • Lot #7/Arboretum Grove
  • Lot #8/Arboretum Grove
  • Lot #9/Lasuen Grove
  • Lot #10/Eucalyptus Grove (RV Parking)
  • Lot #11/Maples Lot*
  • Lot #13

Please feel free to direct questions, comments, or feedback regarding parking to Facilities & Operations at
(650) 736-PARK (7275) or email