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Welcome to the Stanford Athletics Speakers Bureau.  In support of the mission of Stanford Athletics and the high level of interest in our programs, Stanford Athletics offers a speakers bureau to accommodate community requests for educational presentations and guest speakers.   Our staff is dedicated to sharing their vision, knowledge and passion with the community and building lasting relationships with local organizations.  Speakers are available to discuss specific intercollegiate athletic programs, behind-the-scenes aspects of collegiate athletics (excluding recruiting information), leadership, teamwork, and other topics upon request.

Due to the time demands on administrators and coaches, only a limited number of speaking opportunities will be available each year and we cannot guarantee each requested appearance will be fulfilled.  Priority will be given to athletics and University related duties. Organizations will be limited to one speaker per calendar year. 

For your organization to be considered, all requests must be received at least six (6) weeks in advance of the speaking date, though we cannot guarantee that a request will be fulfilled.  Requests received after that time will not be considered due to scheduling.  Requests must include specific details about the nature of the event for review by our Compliance Services department.


Per NCAA rules, Stanford Athletics may NOT accept requests from or which will benefit the following groups:

  • High Schools – Prep Schools
  • Junior Colleges
  • Youth athletics organizations that include individuals considered by the NCAA to be “prospects,” or their teachers or coaches.
  • Organizations that provide funding to non-scholastic athletic teams comprised of students between 9th and 12th grade.

Coach Availability

Due to the volume of demands for specific coaches, we can not guarantee specific coaches to speak at events.  If available, a representative from a specific sports program (coach, administrator, etc.) may be available to speak.  Coaches are not available for appearances during the following time periods:

  • Recruiting “dead periods” (per NCAA regulations)
  • Game days
  • During post-season competition
  • During regularly scheduled practice time

Student-Athlete Availability

Student-athletes manage a rigorous schedule as they balance coursework, athletic competition and training.  Due to the demands they are under, there are limited opportunities for student-athletes to speak in the community.  If available to speak, we can not guarantee specific student-athlete(s).  We will coordinate athlete(s) from a specific sport based on their availability.  Student-athletes are not available for appearances during the following time periods:

  • Recruiting “dead periods”
  • Academic “dead week” or final examination week
  • During class time
  • During scheduled academic events
  • Game Days
  • During post-season competition
  • During regularly scheduled practice time

For more information on Speaker's Bureau events contact