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Donation Requests - Online Request Form
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This form must be completed in its entirety before submission for consideration. All donation requests are subject to review by Stanford Athletics for NCAA compliance purposes. A submitted request does not guarantee Stanford Athletics will be able to fulfill your request. Stanford Athletics reserves the right to substitute requested items with those available for donation if the original request is approved.

Please note: Stanford Athletics is committed to serving the greater San Francisco Bay area. Due to the high volume of requests received each year, Stanford Athletics is only able to consider those requests that come from non-profit organizations located within the 16 counties immediately surrounding the Stanford University main campus. All requesting organizations must have a valid street address in one of the identified counties in California. P.O. Box addresses are not accepted. Only one request will be fulfilled per non-profit organization per 12-month calendar year.

  • Requests must be received no more than three months (12 weeks) but at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of your event to be considered.
  • Please do not call or e-mail directly for status of donation requests. We do not verbally confirm or deny donation requests. All correspondence will be done via e-mail.

Should you have additional questions, contact for more information.

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