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Mission Statement

From its founding in 1891, Stanford University's leaders have believed that physical activity is valuable for its own sake and that vigorous exercise is complementary to the educational purposes of the university. Within this context for human development, it is the mission of Stanford's Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation to offer a wide range of high quality programs which will encourage and facilitate all participants to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness, health and well being.

Principles That Guide Us

We Will Teach

  • By encouraging our student-athletes to capture all the joy, power and extraordinary personal growth that comes to those who compete and support athletic excellence.
  • By hiring and retaining the best coaches and staff members available and arming them with the tools to achieve at the highest level.
  • By fostering and nurturing a coaching, physical education and recreation staff that is committed to teaching with integrity and ambition and that performs in a manner which is consistent with the academic priorities of Stanford University.
  • By recognizing the need to work as a team while valuing each individual's unique characteristics and abilities.
  • By committing ourselves to the personal development and well being of our student-athletes and staff. Those who participate at all levels will learn the benefits of teamwork, discipline, goal setting, physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, character development, self confidence, sportsmanship, and an appreciation for lifelong learning.

We Will Lead

  • By being the model of success, of universal opportunity, and of unwavering commitment to the ideal of the scholar-athlete.
  • By operating with integrity as we follow the spirit and the letter of each rule. Integrity will be displayed in our policies, performances and programs.
  • By continuing our long history of conference and national prominence through a commitment to cutting edge involvement in athletic issues.

We Will Win

  • By maximizing our effort in every competition, on every team and in every setting where skill, determination and hard work combine to achieve singularly successful results.
  • By having an uncompromising commitment to Conference and National championships and by providing each student-athlete with the tools necessary to be successful at the highest levels of both academic and athletic performance.
  • By creating a commitment to a university-wide wellness culture that will allow Stanford students, faculty and staff to maximize their health and fitness opportunities throughout their lives.

We Will Serve

  • By respecting, honoring and responding to the needs of our student-athletes, coaches, colleagues, advocates and members of our larger community.
  • By encouraging innovation and creativity. We will harness technology to extend our reach and to interface with our various internal and external constituencies.
  • Through fiscal responsibility in all elements of departmental operations.
  • By advancing outreach as a fundamental component of the department, we will strive to enhance the overall mission of the University through competitive excellence, effective outreach and an on-going commitment to customer service.
  • By utilizing the department resources and physical facilities to serve the campus community, our alumni and our supporters throughout the world.
  • By valuing our heritage, and in doing so we commit ourselves to championship caliber athletic achievement and the on-going enhancement of the traditions of Stanford Athletics, including leadership, individual and team achievement and intense pride and loyalty.