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How to Contact a Coach/Fill out a Recruiting Questionnaire

If you are interested in becoming a Stanford student-athlete, you can fill out a sport-specific recruiting questionnaire and submit it to the appropriate coach on-line.

Stanford Recruiting Questionnaires

Another way to contact a Stanford coach is by sending mail to their attention at this address:

(coach's name)
Department of Athletics
Stanford University
Arrillaga Family Sports Center
Stanford, CA 94305-6150

All the head coaches of Stanford varsity sports are listed below. If you do not see your sport listed here, please check Stanford's Club Sports web page.

When you contact a coach, ALWAYS be sure to include your name, sport, age, and grade in school. It is also helpful to include a copy of your school transcript, and a resume of your athletic and academic accomplishments.

Sport Coach
Baseball Mark Marquess
Men's Basketball Trent Johnson
Women's Basketball Tara VanDerveer
Men's & Women's Cross Country Peter Tegen
Men's & Women's Diving Dr. Rick Schavone
Men's & Women's Fencing Lisa Milgram
Field Hockey Lesley Irvine
Football Jim Harbaugh
Men's Golf Conrad Ray
Women's Golf Caroline O'Connor
Men's Gymnastics Thom Glielmi
Women's Gymnastics Kristen Smyth
Women's Lacrosse Michele Uhlfelder
Men's Rowing Craig Amerkhanian
Women's Lightweight Rowing Al Acosta
Women's Rowing Yasmin Farooq
Sailing Jay Kehoe
Men's Soccer Bret Simon
Women's Soccer Paul Ratcliffe
Softball John Rittman
Men's Swimming Skip Kenney
Women's Swimming Lea Maurer
Synchronized Swimming Heather Olson
Men's Tennis John Whitlinger
Women's Tennis Lele Forood
Men's Track & Field Robert Weir
Women's Track & Field Edrick Floreal
Men's Volleyball John Kosty
Women's Volleyball John Dunning
Men's Water Polo John Vargas
Women's Water Polo John Tanner
Wrestling Kerry McCoy

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Last Updated: March 29, 2007