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NACDA Releases The Latest Sears Director's Cup Standings

June 1, 2000

CLEVELAND - As the spring championship season opens, five-time Division I champion Stanford University has increased its lead in the race for the Division I Sears Directors' Cup, presented by the nation's athletics directors.

At the conclusion of the winter standings, Stanford held a 194.5-point lead over Michigan. However, on the strength of a national championship in men's tennis and runner-up finishes in women's golf and women's tennis, the Cardinal has increased its lead to 273.5 points over UCLA. Stanford has now crossed the 1,000-point mark with 1,250 points. The Sears Directors' Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. It is administered by NACDA and sponsored by Sears, Roebuck and Co.

UCLA is in second with 976.5 points. Rounding out the top five are Michigan, third with 865.5 points, Penn State, fourth with 807.5 points, and Nebraska, fifth with 803 points.

This is the first set of spring standings and includes the sports of women's golf, women's and men's lacrosse, women's rowing, women's and men's tennis and men's volleyball. In addition to Stanford, winning national championships were Arizona in women's golf, Maryland in women's lacrosse, Syracuse in men's lacrosse, Brown in women's rowing, Georgia in women's tennis and UCLA in men's volleyball.

Points are awarded based on each institution's finish in up to 20 sports -- 10 for men and 10 for women. Each national champion receives 100 points. There are four Sears Directors' Cup Awards, one to honor the institution with the best all-around athletics program in each of the NCAA's Divisions I, II and III and the NAIA. It is the first-ever cross-sectional all-sports national recognition award for both men and women. The winner of the award receives a trophy designed by Waterford Crystal, which appears at major men and women's events throughout the year.

Spring sports standings to date follow. Please note that standings published midseason are unofficial standings. There will be an update on Tuesday, June 13. Final, official standings will be published upon the conclusion of the College World Series.

Rank Institution Spring
? ? Total
1 Stanford (Cal.) 1250
2 California-Los Angeles 976.5
3 Michigan 865.5
4 Penn State 807.5
5 Nebraska 803
6 North Carolina 760
7 Florida 754.5
8 Ohio State 642
9 Texas 629
10 Wisconsin 625
11 Arizona 619.5
12 Georgia 610.5
13 Arizona State 594.5
14 Louisiana State 592
15 Brigham Young (Utah) 590
16 Virginia 588.5
17 Tennessee 576
18 Minnesota 535
19 Notre Dame (Ind.) 534
20 Michigan State 531
21 Arkansas 486
22 Duke (N.C.) 482
23 Auburn (Ala.) 465.5
24 Princeton (N.J.) 440.5
25 Texas A&M 433
26 Illinois 427
27 California 419
28 Indiana 407
29 Iowa 401
30 Connecticut 387
31 Southern California 385
32 Iowa State 378
33 Southern Methodist (Tex.) 376
34 Oklahoma 373
35 Oregon 370
36 Washington 368
37 Maryland 366.5
38 Brown (R.I.) 356.5
39 Purdue (Ind.) 349
40 North Carolina State 340

For more information on the Sears Directors' Cup, visit the NACDA Official Site.