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Maples Pavilion Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q1: What is the renovation project? Roscoe Maples Pavilion is undergoing a major "face lift". The goal is to improve the seating area and amenities for fans and to improve the "back of house" areas for student-athletes, visiting teams and media.

    Q2: What are the improvements and changes? The new venue boasts a 4-sided, state of the art, center-hung scoreboard with video plus display, a plaza concourse which encompasses 29,000 square feet around the exterior of the seating area, elevators, upgraded concession stands, upgraded restroom facilities with speaker systems, new seats in place of the bleachers at floor level, an expanded weight room, athletic training facilities along with upgraded locker rooms and student-athlete lounges for home and visiting teams.

    Q3: Will there be more seats added during the renovation? When the project was first launched, the idea of adding 1,000 seats to the Pavilion was pursued. With the existing building providing an intimate atmosphere for sporting events, the only location for the additional seats would have been the top three rows of the upper section. The addition of the three rows would have meant raising the roof which was projected at a cost of $7,000 per seat, or a minimum of $7 million, not including infrastructure costs. To avoid demolishing the existing building and missing the entire next season for basketball, the choice was made to stay within a university approved budget and upgrade the current facilities without adding more seats.

    Q4: Who is paying for the renovation? The renovation is being financed by donations from alumni and friends of the university who wanted to see the project become a reality. University funding was not used for this renovation.

    Q5: When is the scheduled completion date? The project is scheduled to be finished in December of 2004.

    Q6: What types of improvements are there for the home teams? There will be new locker rooms, student-athlete lounges, weight room and athletic training room.

    Q7: What type of improvement will there be for the fans? The bleachers on the floor will be replaced with padded stadium seats. Play back action will now be available with the 4-sided, center-hung scoreboard with video plus display. A newly constructed 360 degree concourse plaza will provide a wonderful gathering space for fans to socialize, enjoy a bite to eat, and stay out of the cold. The addition of speakers in the enlarged restroom facilities will benefit the true sports fan who does not want to miss a second of the action!

    Q8: Will Roscoe Maples Pavilion maintain its home court advantage? Absolutely! With the upgraded facilities and the improved seating area at floor level, the home team and fans will experience the best atmosphere to play a Pac-10 athletic contest.

    Q9: Are there any special kick-off events? Yes. We are planning a "Maples Fan Fest" to host our season ticket holders, sponsors, media and friends of the programs.

    Q10: Can I see the facility when the team and coaches move in? During Maples Fan Fest we plan on having host teams present, a reception, and open house tours of the facilities. This will be one of the few times fans will have a chance to see the "back of house" areas that are normally off limits to the public. Check back to this website to get more details regarding Maples Fan Fest 2004.

    Q11: Why take on projects like this during challenging economic times for Stanford University? It is imperative that Stanford provide quality facilities for our student-athletes and fans as we compete to be the best in the nation every year. The efforts of all the teams and the support of alumni and friends allow a project like this to take place without interfering with base fundraising that is necessary for athletic scholarships and overall department enhancement.

    Q12: Are you going to name anything after big donors? Not at this time but perhaps in the near future we will have a name acknowledgement

    Q13: I heard there is going to be a "donor wall"? Is that true? How do I participate? We are planning to recognize sport specific donors who wish to be acknowledged inside the players' areas which are non-public but very important to our student-athlete sport programs. For these opportunities, please call our Darcie Bransford at (650) 723-3702.

    Q14: What are the criteria for re-seating assignments? A combination of factors, including number of years as a season ticket holder, lifetime giving and service, and support of Athletics and the university.

    Q15: Who determined the criteria for seat moves? A committee that had the interests of alumni, athletic supporters, donors, faculty, staff, students and season tickets holders was convened.

    Q16: Can I give a gift NOW to improve my status based on the criteria? A snapshot of giving was taken in May of 2004 which allowed us to begin season ticket holder evaluations based on the combination of the above criteria. Your gifts are always welcome and may come into play down the road if the criteria need to be re-evaluated.

    Q17: If I meet the criteria will I get the exact seat I have had in the past? It depends on the seating level. Those seated in the upper level were not affected as much by the renovation, although we did try to eliminate random single seats, so you may have moved a seat or two to the left or right. Those seated within the lower level (formerly floor and loge) experienced the greatest shift due to loss of seating on the floor. The loss of seating was due to padded stadium seats replacing the bleachers.

    Q18: If I meet the criteria will I upgraded to better seat location? No, not this season. The goal for this first year was "minimal movement". There was not enough time to conduct an overall reseat of the entire arena. We opted to focus on season ticket holders who would be affected by the loss of seats at floor and loge levels and apply the criteria to make decisions requiring necessary seat relocation. At some point in the future we need to do a full reseating of Maples from scratch, but realize we need to give our fans adequate warning and the opportunity to know in advance what criteria will be utilized in making seat upgrades.

    Q19: Will there be new seats available for those on the waiting list? It always depends on our renewals for the upcoming season. We appreciate those on our waiting list and acknowledge their patient support.

    Q20: There is a lot of talk about gifts and priority. All I am interested in is renewing my current tickets or purchasing additional season tickets at Maples. Can I do so? Yes. For additional tickets we have a waiting list, but we will take the request for additional tickets directly from your returned renewal form. As an added benefit for our season ticket holders, we are currently the only school in the Pac-10 that does not require a donation or PSL (private seat license) to purchase season tickets. We hope to keep that flexibility in the future but are mindful of our financial obligations as a private institution to the quality of our athletic program.

    Q21: When will I receive my ticket renewal packages with seat assignments? Men's and Women's Basketball season ticket holders should receive ticket renewal packages the first week in August. Women's Volleyball ticket renewal packages were mailed in June of 2004. Tickets are now available online at

    Q22: Will the 6th Man student section be affected? The students will remain on the floor in the same area for men's and women's basketball games. In fact, we will be able to accommodate more students at floor level during men's basketball games since the chairs will be removed and the entire section has been expanded for students to stand. Folding chairs will be added in that section for women's basketball and volleyball games.

    Q23: Will the Stanford Band be located in the same area? Yes.

    Q24: What is the 2004-2005 schedule for Men's and Women's Basketball and Women's Volleyball? You can view all Stanford team schedules by going to our home page at

    Q25: When is the first game scheduled to be played in Maples? Women's Basketball vs. Washington State on Sunday, January 2, 2005.

    Q26: How much are tickets for the 2004-2005 Men's Basketball season? General Public: Lower level sideline - $530; Lower level end - $490; Upper level sideline - $350; Upper level end - $335. Current Stanford faculty and staff receive a 10% discount.

    Q27: How much are tickets for the 2004-2005 Women's Basketball season? General Public: Lower level sideline and end - $229; Upper level sideline and end - $184; Family Plan - $200; Dynamic Duo - $60; Weekend Plan Reserved - $80; Weekend Plan General Admission - $32. Current Stanford faculty and staff receive a 10% discount.

    Q28: How much are tickets for the 2004 Women's Volleyball season? General Public, Stanford faculty and staff - $90 for any section in Burnham Pavilion.

    Q29: Where will the men's and women's basketball play their home games during the renovation, prior to Maples being ready? The Leavey Center at Santa Clara University, located approximately 16 miles south of the Stanford campus. More information about parking, directions and seating at the Leavey Center will be included in your season ticket mailing or at this website under the link updates and highlights.

    Q30: Which men's and women's basketball games will be played at the Leavey Center? All games prior to January 1, 2005.

    Q31: Where will the women's volleyball play their home games during the renovation, prior to Maples being ready? Burnham Pavilion located in the Ford Center.

    Q32: Which women's volleyball games will be played at Burnham Pavilion? The entire 2004 season.

    Q33: How can I find out more information on a regular basis? Please check our website on a regular basis for updates and highlights of the renovation projects and upcoming events. Click on the Maples Renovation icon at

    Q34: Who do I contact for more information? Contact Maples Project Manager Kellie Elliott at (650) 723-4591.

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