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Jesse arrived on “The Farm” as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer in the fall of 2009. Upon his arrival, Jesse began making a critical impact on the day to day athletic training operations and health care of the Cardinal Football program. By his second year, Jesse develop a solid clinical foundation that, in addition to his clinical assignment within football lead to the daily medical oversight of multiple sports including women’s water polo and softball. Due to his sustained leadership and continued development in these areas, Jesse was presented with the 2011 Stanford Sports Medicine 6th Man Award for confidence, competence, and leadership during his graduate clinical experience.

With his appointment in the inaugural class as Fellow Athletic Trainer in 2011, Jesse continued assuming a more dynamic role within the organization. Jesse continues to provide direct medical coverage to the Softball program while maintaining a vital logistical link within the daily medical operations of the Football program. With current research interest in concussion management and return to play, Jesse has been instrumental in the implementation and daily management as liaison to the X2 concussion study, while serving as Sports Medicine liaison to Strength and Conditioning. Jesse is an approved clinical instructor and held a teaching associate position within the CAATE undergraduate Athletic Training Program at San Jose State University.

In 2011, Jesse was appointed Assistant Athletic Trainer where he currently provides medical coverage to both the Mens Soccer and Softball Programs. Jesse continues to be closely involved with both Strengh and Conditioning as well as ongoing research while serving as project manager on the current X2 concussin study. 

    • Assistant Athletic Trainer, Stanford University (2012-Present)
    • Fellow Athletic Trainer, Stanford University (2011-2012)
    • Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Stanford University (2009-2011)
    • Athletic Trainer, Olympic Development Soccer Program (2008-2010)
    • Athletic Training Student, Washington State University (2005-2009)

In 2011, Jesse received his Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from San Jose State University where he successfully defended a systematic review of the clinical application and recommendations for use of shortwave diathermy.

Prior to arriving in Palo Alto, Jesse was very active within the undergraduate Athletic Training Program at Washington State University, where he presented on multiple student Athletic Training platforms, including the District 10 NWATA with communications such as “Microfracture: An Overview and Case Report” and “Aquatic Therapy in Sports Rehabilitation”. During his undergraduate experience in Pullman, Jesse also provided medical coverage to the Olympic Development Program Region 4 Camp in Moscow, Idaho.