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Stanford-Notre Dame

Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Post-Game Quotes

October 4, 1998

On Notre Dame:
"They kept us off-balance with the option and the running game. On defense, they limited us in getting the run going. We needed to find a balance on offensive and we were not able to do that. I was disappointed in our tackling and the ability to get that good square hit."

On what was the difference in the game:
"It comes down to execution and the physical aspect. You have to find a balance between the two areas, but we were down 21 points before you could blink. We have done that two weeks in a row which makes it difficult to come back. One thing you like to do is air it out, but you can;t do that when your defense isn't performing well."

On Stanford's poor tackling:
"We need to work on it. We are working in practice to create different angles and different drills to improve on it, but it definitely hurt us today."

On Notre Dame's fast start:
"I was not surprised that they jumped ahead so quickly. They performed well and we made some mistakes that made it easy for us to be down 21 points so fast."

On Notre Dame Quarterback Jarious Jackson:
"He could always pass and today much to everyone's surprise he was a little more accurate that we had seen. But he also brings the running game and now the option to the offense which makes Notre Dame even harder to defend. They were able to mix it up and never allowed us to turn them into a one-dimensional team. Anytime you can add another dimension to your offense, it changes all preparation for the game."

On the Notre Dame defense:
"I can only reflect on today's game, but they are one of the better defenses we faced this season."

How Stanford is reacting to the back-to-back losses:
"Any time you lose, it hurts. You work all week to have success in a 60 minute period. They are down and should be down, but they are resilient and will work hard this week and be ready for Oregon State."