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Previous Diary Entries

Nov. 7, 2003
Mandy Delgado

Pack on the warm clothes, cause the weather is changing. At the beginning of this week were given our most favorite article of clothing on the apparel list- our winter jackets! Thanks to Miss Lindsay Wing, we are now riding to class and practice in style while keeping very warm, yay! Being in class and throughout the dorms, its seems like coughs and colds are all around us. Though luckily, flu shots will be given out tonight by our team doc, Dr. Barry. Hopefully, it'll keep us strong and healthy throughout the winter season.

I cannot go any further without explaining our team's celebration of Halloween. The seniors pulled off natural disasters, the juniors were Eminem (the rapper)- what a great costume I must add, the sophomores were three peas in a pod, and the freshman were Farm Animals. Not to mention the fact that Kristen, Chris and Larissa were some mighty fine pirates of the Caribbean. Wish you could have been there to see such awesome costumes from each class and from the coaches.

With midterms coming to an end, it'll be great to have a little bit of relaxation. I personally would like to follow the trend of Kendall and Lise and go out shopping in the very near future. Inside the gym, this week has been a light week, meaning not as much conditioning and a little more gymnastics. It's great to see new floor routines popping up with Kristen's amazing moves, and modified routines being pieced together on the other events. Things are coming along quite well, as our intrasquad is right around the corner. GO CARD!