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Previous Diary Entries

Oct. 27, 2004

A Day With Tabby

6:15 am-Hit the snooze button

6:20-Hit the snooze button

6:30-Hit the snooze button

6:40-Panic, jump out of bed and throw on some sweats

7-8-Morning weight training. Our team is so silly and fun-loving in the morning! I admit it’s hard to wake up, but the girls make the hour of weight training fly by. I always enjoy sharing and listening to stories about what happened the previous night.

8:15-Steph, Lauren, and I eat breakfast at Wilbur Hall (A group of dorms make up a hall and each hall has its own dining). Wilbur has the best food and it is nice to chat and relax before classes start. 9:00-12:50 pm Classes

1:30-5:30-Practice. I feel extremely blessed and lucky to be a part of such an amazing team. The girls started routines this week and they are looking awesome. I love the support and energy you feel when you walk into the gym.

Someone is always cheering, the whole atmosphere and bond within our team is refreshing. There is a mutual respect and appreciation between all the girls and coaches. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how wonderful it is. I heart my team!

6:00-Training table. Every weekday our team eats dinner together. After dinner a couple of the girls had to leave for other obligations, but Steph, Louie, Glyn, and I stayed to watch the baseball game. Steph was the only one who knew much about baseball and she’s an Astro’s fan so we cheered them on.

7:00-Mosaic. There is a Christian fellowship on campus and a few of us on the team go there to worship.

9-12: Our dorm played Capture the Flag with another dorm. There were lots of games and activities going on the rest of the night. College is a blast!