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Previous Diary Entries

Jan. 30, 2004

Well this week went by pretty fast. With our third home meet this weekend, January is almost over and our season will be one third of the way done.

Workouts have been really upbeat in anticipation for the Universtiy of Washington Huskies, and everyone is psyched to go out there and perform our routines. Even though we lost a few of our girls to injury, the rest have really stepped it up.

Lindsay has been working on her new dismount off bars, a double front with a half twist and it looks like she might compete it this weekend. It's so exciting when someone can put a new addition into their routine!

Kendall is doing amazing, coming back from some injuries, and has been working hard. It's like she never took time off. Stacy, who also had some back ailments, has been working more on floor training tumbling. Overall, we're just looking forward to this weekend where we'll hammer the Huskies!

Jessica Louie