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Previous Diary Entries

November 29, 2003
Brittany Billmaier

Yummm...I'm still full from the big dinner! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! A more appropriate title for this entry would be "Outside the Locker Room," as Stacy, Erin, and I (all the freshmen) were able to go home for the holiday.

Visiting Woodinville, my home town, for the first time since school started was awesome. It was so much fun catch up with my family and friends. At the moment, I'm watching the Stanford vs. Notre Dame football game on TV with my brother (an ND grad), and I'm not enjoying it too much. It's half time, and the score is 34-0 Notre Dame. No worries...I'm sure if Notre Dame had a gymnastics team, we'd kick their butts! Haha! Being home for a few days has been the perfect refresher, but I miss Stanford already and can't wait to get back!

For the small portion of this week that I was in the gym, everyone looked amazing. The competition season is rapidly approaching, and each day, the excitement builds. This coming weeks is Dead Week, which means LOTS of studying for finals...yipee. Good luck everyone! GO CARD!