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Previous Diary Entries

Apr. 9, 2004

This is my favorite part of the year! As the season is coming to an end, what a fun time it has been. Over last weekend, we traveled to Denver, Colorado for our Regional qualifier. We left on the afternoon of April 1st, and for a second, I thought our coaches we're playing an April Fool's joke on us. The bus taking us to the airport didn't show up. The bus somehow didn't know we were leaving. We must have created a scene, with 13 gymnasts and 3 coaches running down the halls of SFO to make our flight.

Needless to say we caught the plane, and made it into Denver for some delicious food at the Foley's. Very yummy… it is so great to have home cooked food on the road, not to mention watching home videos of Natalie when she was 3 years old! On Friday we went shopping, then to practice, and went to a dinner/movie theatre showing "50 First Dates." Movies and food- what a great combination! Plus the movie was really, really funny.

On Saturday, we all met together in Kristen's room for an awesome Easter egg hunt (put on by Caroline and Lindsay) and a couple games of Mafia. The actual meet was awesome- some highlights were Jessica's high-flying vault, Kendall's awesome beam routine to start us off, and Caroline's magnificent bar set… just to name a few. The team looked great, with minor details we're working on in the gym this week and next. We're getting our Hollywood outfits ready for Nationals next week down in Los Angeles, for our last meet of the year. I really hope you all can come. Take a well-needed vacation, bring all your friends, and road trip down to LA- we promise to put on a great show!

Mandy Delgado