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Previous Diary Entries

Mar. 19, 2004

This past week, I think we all spent more time staring at a computer screen, frantically finishing papers, and excessively reviewing for exams than we would have liked. But hopefully all of the hard work paid off, and if not - well, that's alright because it's not only Spring Break, but even more exciting, it's Pac-10's! Pac-10's is definitely my favorite meet of the year - the fan support, the rivalry, and the atmosphere always make for a great competition and I'm sure that this year will be no different.

Having spent the last two weeks focused on conditioning and aerobics, we are all feeling a little bit sore physically. But despite the conditioning and extra studying, there was still some great gymnastics. Perhaps the most exciting event in the past week has been Mandy's return to the gym - her dedication and enthusiasm is simply amazing.

Out of the gym, the weather has been absolutely stunning. Every Spring quarter I'm reminded why I really came to Stanford! I'm definitely looking forward to next week's break from school and to all the excitement of the post season.

Go Card!