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Year-by-Year Women's Collegiate Champions

Year    Champion    Runner-Up   Site              Stanford Finish
1975    Trinity     STANFORD    Kalamazoo, MI       2nd
1976    Trinity     STANFORD    Salt Lake City, UT  2nd
1977    USC         STANFORD    Baton Rouge, LA     2nd
1978    STANFORD    USC         Salisbury, MD       1st
1979    USC         STANFORD    Iowa City, IA       2nd
1980    USC         Florida     Baton Rouge, LA     9th
1981    UCLA        Trinity     Tempe, AZ           3rd
1982    STANFORD*   UCLA        Salt Lake City, UT  1st
1983    USC         Trinity     Albuquerque, NM     5th
1984    STANFORD    USC         Los Angeles, CA     1st
1985    USC         Miami       Oklahoma City, OK   5th
1986    STANFORD    USC         Austin, TX          1st
1987    STANFORD    Georgia     Los Angeles, CA     1st
1988    STANFORD    Florida     Los Angeles, CA     1st
1989    STANFORD    UCLA        Gainesville, FL     1st
1990    STANFORD    Florida     Gainesville, FL     1st
1991    STANFORD    UCLA        Stanford, CA        1st
1992    Florida     Texas       Stanford, CA        3rd
1993    Texas       STANFORD    Gainesville, FL     2nd
1994    Georgia     STANFORD    Athens, GA          2nd
1995    Texas       Florida     Malibu, CA          3rd
1996    Florida     STANFORD    Tallahassee, FL     2nd
1997    STANFORD    Florida     Stanford, CA        1st
* First year of NCAA Tournament