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Saturday, September 27, 1997 - Stanford University Golf Course

Co-Hosted by Palo Alto High School

    11:10   AM  J.V. Girls      Divisions III, IV, V
    11:30   AM  J.V. Boys       Divisions III, IV, V
    11:50   AM  Varsity Girls   Division IV and V
    12:20   PM  Varsity Boys    Division IV and V
    12:45   PM  Varsity Girls   Division III
    1:15    PM  Varsity Boys    Division III
    1:40    PM  J.V. Girls      Divisions I and II
    2:00    PM  J.V. Boys       Divisions I and II
    2:20    PM  Varsity Girls   Division II
    2:45    PM  Varsity Boys    Division II
    3:05    PM  Varsity Girls   Division I
    3:30    PM  Varsity Boys    Division I
    4:00    PM  College Races Begin

Entries must be received by Friday, September 12, 1997.

Dear Coach,
On behalf of Paul Jones of Palo Alto High School, I am pleased to invite you to the 24th edition of the Stanford University/Palo Alto High School Cross Country Invitational to be held on Saturday, September 27, 1997. This meet will offer you and your team exciting competition on the Stanford Golf Course.

It is our goal to provide a fair and challenging opportunity to compete for as many athletes as possible. This meet has grown steadily in participation, and we have received a large number of requests for information about this year's meet. Consequently, we have reached our saturation point for the number of athletes that we can safely manage in each race. This increase in the popularity of the meet has led to the following policies.

Please be mindful of the entry deadline of FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1997. We will hold to a strict interpretation of this deadline. Several teams were not able to compete last year because we could not accommodate late entries in our field sizes. We will cap the field size in each race to a maximum of 280 athletes. Entries will be processed as they arrive, so mail early! We encourage the use of Priority Mail.

Separate junior varsity races have been created to balance the size of the fields in these competitions. In order to fit these races into our already limited time scheduled, junior varsity races will run a 3000 meter course. Furthermore, schools will not be allowed to enter multiple junior varsity teams. We believe this policy will best provide the safest and most manageable competition for everyone.

As you know, the state of California has 5 divisions for high schools. The Stanford Cross Country Invitational will comply with those divisions. Please read the information packet carefully to determine in which division to compete. Because of time constraints, Divisions IV and V will run together in the varsity races, although they will be scored separately for both individual and team awards.

We have restructured our awards for 1997! For each junior varsity race, we will present trophies to the top two teams and t-shirts to the first ten individuals. For each varsity race, we will present trophies to the top four teams, a special first place award to the individual winner, and t-shirts for 2nd-15th place. Additionally, members of the winning team (including the coach) in each varsity race will receive an award recognizing their victory.

We hope that you will find these policies to be positive and in the best interest of the athletes. The enclosed information packet will provide the details for this year's Invitational. Please read the packet completely and follow all instructions.

Please be reminded that the 1998 Stanford Track & Field Invitational will be held at Cobb Track and Angell Field on March 28 and 29. All high school competition will take place on Saturday, March 28. Our nine lane track & field facility with multiple runways and throwing circles yielded outstanding performances throughout the 1997 season. Mark your calendars now for this exciting weekend of track & field!

Vin Lananna
Director of Cross Country/Track & Field


Divisions are based on the total number of sophomores, juniors, and seniors at a school.

Division I     1563 or more
Division II     1250 - 1562
Division III     969 - 1249
Division IV      525 - 968
Division V         1 - 524

Check with your principal if you have questions. Teams may run in larger enrollment divisions, but may not compete in lower ones. Note that it is the responsibility of the high school coaching staff, not the meet management, to enter your team correctly.


Entry fees are $30.00 per team of 1-7 athletes entered. Enclose $30.00 for EACH varsity and J.V. team entered. Make checks payable to Stanford Cross Country Invitational.

Entry forms must be received in the Track & Field Office by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. All entry fees should be enclosed to avoid race-day confusion. Entries received after Friday, September 12 are likely NOT TO BE ACCEPTED. If a late entry is accepted, a $30.00 late fee will be applied and your team may be placed in a different division than you entered.

Up to 7 runners (AND NOT MORE THAN 7) may compete on a team with the top 5 scoring.

Use the proper form for each gender. Boys and girls must appear on the correct form.

Do NOT fax your entries since they are difficult to read. Faxed entries will NOT be accepted.

Send fees and entries by PRIORITY MAIL to:
Meet Director
Stanford Cross Country Invitational
Department of Athletics
Stanford, CA 94305-6150



THE ENTIRE COURSE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL 11:10 AM on SATURDAY due to regularly scheduled play on the golf course. No one will be permitted on the course prior to that. The first J.V. races can warm up on the dirt roads next to the course. Please explain this policy to all of your athletes, coaches and parents. The course will NOT BE OPEN FRIDAY AFTERNOON for a course jog. Disqualification will result from ANY VIOLATION of this policy.

The start and finish lines are located on the #2 fairway of the Stanford Golf Course. The starting line will allow 2 runners on the front line. Course maps, course descriptions, and directions to the course are included in this packet. Please warm-up in the #2 fairway area. Do not run on the exact course because there will be many races going on during the warm-up time. Important announcements will be made in the #2 Tee area. Please stay away from the stable and barn areas. Please instruct your athletes to NEVER RUN ON THE GREENS, ACROSS TEES, OR THROUGH SAND TRAPS. NO FRISBEES, FOOTBALLS, OR PETS will be allowed anywhere.


  • We will use Bob Rush Finish Systems for our computerized team scores.
  • You will create your teams on race day from any combination of runners listed on that entry form. List (print or type) those athletes which are likely to compete.
  • Each runner will receive a finish card in the chute. Coaches should take these cards and turn them into the scorer's table after you tally your scores. Do this immediately to avoid disqualification.
  • We have restructured our awards for 1997! For each J.V. race, we will present trophies to the top two teams and t-shirts to the first ten individuals. For each varsity race, we will present trophies to the top four teams, a special first place award to the individual winner, and t-shirts for 2nd through 15th place. Additionally, members of the winning team (including the coach) will receive a special award recognizing their victory. We will score Divisions IV and V separately in the varsity race ONLY for both individual and team awards.


A rooming block has been established at the following hotels. Please be aware that the weekend of the Stanford Invitational is also Stanford Alumni Weekend. Please call immediately to make your hotel reservations. Only 12-13 miles from Stanford, these hotels will provide quick and easy access to the Stanford Golf Course. To make your reservations, please contact them directly and identify your association with the Stanford Cross Country Invitational. All reservations should be made prior to the cut-off dates below. After that deadline all rooms reserved for this event will be released.

Ramada Silicon Valley
(408) 245-5330 - $79.00
Cut-off Date - September 12
12 miles from Stanford
Meet Headquarters

Santa Clara Marriott
(408) 988-1500 - $85.00
Cut-off Date - September 5
13 miles from Stanford
Recommended if you need rooms for Friday only.

The Westin Santa Clara
(408) 986-0700 - $85.00
Cut-off Date - September 5
13 miles from Stanford
Recommended if you need rooms for Friday and Saturday.


  • PACKETS: Packets will be available beginning at 10:00 AM on race day at the course. They will include course maps, competition numbers, and instructions.
  • TRAINERS: Stanford athletic trainers will be in place one hour before the start of the first race.
  • SHOWERS: There are no dressing or shower facilities at the golf course. We encourage all teams to make use of the facilities available at their hotel.
  • PARKING: Please refer to the enclosed map for directions to the course and parking lot. Since teams will be arriving and departing throughout the day, please be careful of people crossing the road and remind your athletes to be watchful of the traffic in that area.
  • QUESTIONS: For information concerning the course and the time schedule, please call Paul Jones of Palo Alto High School at (415) 322-2439. If you have specific questions concerning entries ONLY, please contact the Stanford Track & Field Office at (415) 723-2736.

Directions map

Please Remember The Following
  • The course will be closed until 11:10 AM on Saturday morning and will NOT be open on Friday. Teams will be DISQUALIFIED for violation of this policy.
  • Entries must be received in our office by Friday, September 12.
  • The 1998 Track & Field Invitational will be held at Cobb Track and Angell Field on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday March 29. All high school competition will be on Saturday.
  • The 1998 Stanford Cross Country Invitational will be on Saturday, October 3, 1998.


The beautiful Stanford Golf Course is home to the Cardinal men's and women's cross country teams. Both picturesque and challenging, the Stanford Golf Course has played host to an outstanding tradition of top flight cross country competition. Home of the NCAA District-8 Championships for six seasons and the Pac-10 Championships since 1972, the course has challenged some of the finest distance runners in the world. In 1996, Stanford hosted the USAT&F National Cross Country Championships. The meet saw the nation's best harriers compete for national titles and spots on the World Championship team.

The course is mostly grass with some areas of dirt and short stretches of asphalt. Athletes will find the portions of the course on the same side of the tunnel as the starting line (see maps below) to be relatively flat. However, the course beyond the tunnel contains several long hills.

Flags, chalk and a lead bike will mark the course. Please be sure to check your team packet on race day for last minute information on the course.

Your cooperation in preserving the beauty of the Stanford Golf Course is critical. Please instruct your athletes to stay away from the Stanford Barn and Stables and remember to NEVER RUN ON THE GREENS, ACROSS TEES, OR THROUGH SAND TRAPS. For the safety of everyone, NO FRISBEES, FOOTBALLS, PETS, OR BICYCLES will be permitted anywhere on the course. We appreciate your willingness to maintain the Stanford Golf Course.

3K Race Map


5K Race Map