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George Pogosov
Position: Co-Head Coach

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George Pogosov is the co-head coach for the men's and women's fencing teams as well as the head coach for the Cardinal Fencing Club. His credentials include being the Junior World Champion in 1980, six-time World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist in 1988 and Olympic gold medalist in 1992.  He has more than 20 years of experience as a fencer and 16 years of experience as a coach.  Pogosov is the most accomplished athlete who works with fencers on the West Coast.

Pogosov has a master's in physical education with a focus in fencing.  He graduated from National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, and has a diploma from the Tyschler Fencing Academy.

Pogosov served as the coach of the Ukrainian national team. In the U.S. he is working with fencers of all levels. He teaches classes for kids, classes in high school as well as colleges.  Pogosov teaches all weapons.

A number of Pogosov’s students are finalists and champions of various national tournaments.