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Inside the Locker Room: By Jenny Peter
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/19/2010

Oct. 19, 2010

STANFORD, Calif. - Hey SWG fans,

After earning Sunday practice off by winning a bar challenge, SWG was well rested and ready to go on Monday. We had a great week piecing together more routines on bars, beam, and floor. Tabby always tells us not to just settle for good or even "grood" (a mix between good and great), but to go for GREAT. Allyse took that advice to heart and did just that on bars by casting up to some beautiful handstands. Ming also had some sweet tumbling off the air floor with huge amplitude, and Shelley nailed a few great hand lay lay series on beam.

On Thursday, we did a team activity where we got 24 moves to decipher a code on a grid laid out with tape on the ground. We physically walked from one box to another and got the approving nod from the coaches if we chose the right pattern, or the head shake if we were wrong. It was a challenging exercise and as an added hurdle we couldn't talk so we had to rely on communicating in other ways.

This week each practice seemed to build off of the last, with the last day being Game Day on Friday where the team killed it on all four events. We tumbled on the air floor and did dance routines with basic tumbling. Then on beam and bars we performed stellar half routines. We ended game day with some real vaults that landed well. Special shoutout to Shona's enormous and aggressive bar swinging and the beam line-up's new `spicy' choreography!

This weekend, the team had a good time attending the women's volleyball game (which we won!) and a few went to the Rascal Flatts concert. On Saturday we ended the week with an accountability meeting and talked about what commitments we could make outside the gym for the benefit of the team. We were also with our teammates Kristina and Peach in spirit this weekend as we cheered them on at worlds! We're so excited to be reunited with them when they come home in a few days.

The week made me feel so appreciative of SWG. We focused on having a positive attitude this week, and I think this team has it innately within us. Everyone eagerly takes on our challenges and goes above and beyond what's asked of them when it comes to serving their teammates. It's also so inspirational to watch this team tear it up on the conditioning with a positive attitude. The floor circuit and circuit of death (which was renamed 'circuit of life' to put a more positive spin on it) are so much more doable when you look around and there are smiles and determination on my teammate's faces.

We're setting the bar high with the standards we have for each other, and preseason is the time to do it because what we do now is the tone we'll carry with us in season. We're investing it all now so that it'll feel that much better when we are confident that we laid it all out there in the end. We're focusing on squeezing out every detail - from toes pointed in our team run to synchronizing the movements in our agility workouts to build team unity. From preseason conditioning, extra cardio, weight training in the mornings, to commitment outside the gym. We're reaching for that extra degree because we know that extra toe point or stick is what it boils down to when we compete on the last day of the year. SWG's hot.

Next week, get excited to hear about what other cool things we're up to as we approach alumni and homecoming weekend!

Jenny Peter



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