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109 Big Meet Live Commentary
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/01/2003

May 3, 2003

Stanford vs. California
Big Meet 2003 - Cobb Track and Angell Field

Welcome to Big Meet Live Commentary

Men's 4x400m Little anchors Stanford to victory in 3:11.00. Unofficially Stanford 86, Cal 66 at this point. Nick Sebes extends Stanford lead, passes to Little at 2:23.4. Crochet extends Stanford lead. Passes to Sebes at 1:35.7 to 1:37.3. Stanford leads through 1st leg. Goehring and Boykin opening for Stanford and Cal respectively.

Women's 4x400m Official Team Score so far (Missing Some Field) - Stanford 101, Cal 52. Moschella anchors Stanford to win in 3:38.69. New Meet Record. Offor takes lead at handoff to Moschella for Stanford. Cal with 5m lead after 2 legs. 1:50.4. Even after first leg in 56.4. Cal has slight lead after handoff.

Senior Recognition Ceremony

Men's 5,000m Official Men's Score Now - Stanford 79, Cal 61. Davis swings wide off the turn and takes win in 14:12.32, Dobson second in 14:12.78, Tenforde third in 14:13.81, then Hill, Smitson, Loughlin, Emme, and Hawkins. At the bell it is Tenforde still leading group of 4. 4400m in 12:36.4 for Tenforde led group. With two to go Loughlin drops off the lead pack. Davis moves into second, Hill into third. 4K in 11:27. Tenforde, Loughlin, Davis, Hill, Dobson through 3600m in 10:18.4. Smiling Adam Tenforde leads group through 3k in 8:36. Tenforde, Loughlin, Davis, Hill, Dobson at 2800m in 8:01.3. Then 25m to Hawkins who leads Smitson and Emme by 5m. Tenforde takes over lead for group at 2400m in 6:52.1 as Luchini drops out. At 2k it is group of Luchini, Loughlin, Tenforde, Hill, Davis, and Dobson in 5:43.7 . They are 15 m clear of Hawkins, Emme and Smitson (also of Stanford). Luchini, Loughlin, Tenforde, Hill, Davis in 4:35 at 1600m. Luchini, Loughlin, Tenforde, Hill, Davis, through 1200m in 3:26.2. 2:52.1 at 1k for the Stanford group. Luchini, Loughlin, Tenforde, Dobson, Davis, Hill, Emme, all of Stanford at 800m in 2:17.4. Luchini, Emme, Loughlin lead at 400m in 68.1. Men's 5k underway, Stanford pack jumps into lead. Official Men's Score at this Point- Stanford 70, Cal 61,

Women's 5000m Official Women's Score - Stanford 91, Cal 48. Fleshman wins in 17:03.52, Borak second in 17:25.82, Parker third in 17:48.32. Borak second, Parker still third 150m back of Borak. Fleshman takes 100m + lead, hits the bell at 15:45. 4k for Fleshamn in 13:44 as she takes a commanding lead over Borak on the last lap. Parker back 100m from Borak in third. Parker drops off. Borak and Fleshman lead. 9:39 at 3k. 40m back to Borak. Parker still leader for Cal. 8:14.6 with 6.5 to go. 6:50.5 for the lead pack at 2k. 8 laps to go Cal pack takes over lead as Sullivan drops out. 4:02.9 at 1200m for Sullivan. Pack 5 meters back. 3:21 at 1k for Sullivan. Cohoon in second with rest of pack caught up. Sullivan leads by 5m on Cohoon. 800 in 2:36. 10 m to Cal pack plus Fleshman. Sullivan and Cohoon through 400m in 76.4. Cal pack + Fleshman 20 m back of Cohoon. Sullivan and Cohoon of Stanford early leaders. Fleshman hanging with Cal pack.

Official Men Score - Stanford 66, Cal 56. Dula of Cal winner in 21.27, Little of Stanford 2nd in 21.32, Sebes 3rd in 21.81.

Women's 200m Official score - Stanford 82, Cal 39. Johnson of Stanford 1st 24.50, Bayne second in 24.54, Carter third in 24.59.

Men's 400m Hurdles Unofficial score is Stanford 62, Cal 51. Giron winner in 52.53, Bogdanof of Cal 2nd in 52.74, Crochet 53.50 is third.

Women's 400m Hurdles Unofficial score in Stanford 65, Cal 38. Slaton winner in 59.02, Omwanghe second in 60.31. Becker third in 60.89.

Men's 800m Unofficial score- Stanford 61, Cal 43. Romaniuk winner in 1:50.20, Fox 2nd in 1:50.81, Gibson sprints for 3rd in 1:52.40. 400m in 53.1. Romaniuk, Ojumu and Fox. 200m in 24 point for Justin Romaniuk.

Women's 800m Unofficial score - Stanford 59, Cal 26. Jarvis of Cal winner in 2:07.95, Elmore of Stanford 2nd in 2:08.66, Fleshman of Stanford 3rd in 2:09.45. Fleshman takes over third on backstretch. Elmore, Jarvis and Hotchkiss through 400m in 62. Jarvis of Cal early leader.

Men's 100m Unofficial Score - Stanford 52, Cal 43. Dula of Cal winner in 10.42, Atawo of Cal 2nd in 10.49, Little of Staford 3rd in 10.56. Wind +2.9m.

Women's 100m Team Score - Stanford 55, Cal 21. Bayne of Stanford winner in 11.74, Carter of California 2nd in 11.74, Hawes of Cal 3rd in 11.80. Nashonme Johnson of Stanford is disqualified for false start.

Men's 400m Unofficial score at this point - Stanford 51, Cal 35. Sebes of Stanford 1st in 46.99, Goehring of Stanford 2nd in 48.39 and Boykin of Cal 3rd in 48.86.

Women's 400m Unofficial team score at this point - Stanford 50, Cal 17. Moschella wins in 54.36, Offor 2nd in 54.68, with McMillan 3rd in 56.78. Stanford Sweep.

Men's 110m Hurdles Score after the Hurdles is - Stanford 43, Cal 34. Williams of Stanford wins in 14.10, Bogdanof 2nd in 14.15, Wusu 3rd in 14.83.

Women's 100m Hurdles Score after Hurdles is now - Stanford 38, Cal 11. Johnson of Stanford winner in 13.48, Second is Omwanghe in 13.60. 3rd is Holliverse in 13.95. Before before hurdles is- Stanford 33, Cal 7.

Men's 1500m Men's Score is now tied at 25. Robison winner in 3:44.73, Luchini second 3:45.39, Loughlin third in 3:48.06 , then Hejny, Gomez and Vidal all of Stanford. Luchini takes lead at 1200m in 3:01. At the Bell, Loughlin, Luchini, Robison, Gomez. Loughlin, Robison, Guangul, Luchini, Gomez throuh 800m in 2:01. Loughlin takes lead after 400m. Robison, Loughlin of Stanford and Guangul of Cal at 400m in 59. Robison, Loughlin and Luchini lead early.

Women's 1500m Team Score - Stanford 27, Cal 4. Elmore, Fleshman, and Bei finish together in 1500m. 4:20.83 for Fleshman, 4:20.85 for Bei, 4:20.89 for Elmore. Bei, Elmore, and Fleshman hit 800m in 2:20. 69.1 for leader Elmore at 400m. Bei, Fleshman 2nd and 3rd.

Men's 4x100m Score after 4x100m - Cal 25, Stanford 16. Cal wins 4x1 in 40.08.

Women's 4x100m Women's Team Score after the 4x1- Stanford 18, Cal 4. Nashonme Johnson of Stanford breaks open an even race to win in 45.22 to 45.57.

Women's Pole Vault Shepard of Stanford over 12'11.5", Ward of Cal 12'5.5", then Donoghue third in 11'11.75".

Men's Long Jump Stanford sweeps Little - 25'02.75", Welch - 22'11.75", Wusu 22'07.75".

Women's Long Jump Lamb wins in 19'8.75". Bush second in 19'2.5", Carter of Cal 3rd in 19'2.75".

Men's High Jump Wilburn of Cal is winner in 6'10.75". Meigs of Stanford 2nd in 6'6.75". Glasgow of Cal 3rd at same height. Meigs of Stanford and Glasgow of Cal over 6'7"

Men's Shot Put Final standings of shot put remain Williams, Nikfar and then Inan. Nikfar only improvement of late rounds throwing 17.59. After three throws, standings are Williams of Cal 1st with a throw of 18.47m, Nikfar of Cal 2nd with a throw of 17.55, and Inan of Stanford and Miranda of Cal tied for third at 16.20m.

Men's Steeplechase Team Score after steeple - Stanford 11, Cal 7. Dobson wins in 8:59.36. Conrad of Cal 2nd in 9:10.75. Knapp of Stanford 3rd in 9:13.77. Kevin Davis of Cal is 4th in 9:16.83. Conrad and Knapp battle on the backstretch. At the bell, Dobson has a big lead at 7:48. Knapp leads Conrad in 8:06. Ian Dobson up by 30-35m through 2k 5:58. Chase pack through 2k in 6:06. Knapp still leader of chase group. 1600m for Dobson in 4:45. 4:48 for Knapp, Conrad and Davis. Dobson now 10m up on pack of three at 1200m. Dobson 3:33. Knapp, Conrad, and Davis through 1200m in 3:36. Dobson 2:58 at 1k. Dobson 5m up on Knapp, Davis and Conrad. Dobson's time at 800m is 2:20. Ian Dobson of Stanford takes over the lead 500m into the race. Knapp and Dobson of Stanford side-by-side through 400m in 69. Kevin Davis of Cal 3rd. Sean Knapp of Stanford is the early leader.

Men's Javelin Final javelin standing remain the same. Standings of Javelin are same with no new bests after 4 rounds. After 3 rounds, it is Berro of Cal leading in 64.62, Goff of Stanford is 2nd in 60.62, and Kelly of Stanford is 3rd in 54.26. Berro of Cal leading after 1 round.

Women's Steeplechase Women's Team Score after 2 events - Stanford 13, Cal 4. Jeane Goff wins the women's steeple in 10:23.03, Parker 2nd in 10:59.34. Jeane Goff takes the bell up by roughly 120m. Goff still the leader at 2400m in 8:14. Up by over 100m now on Parker of Cal. Goff passes 2k in 6:46, Parker goes through 2k in 7:06. Goff has roughly 80m on Parker. Goff through 1600m in 5:21. Up by about 75m on Parker who comes through 1600m in 5:35. 3:56 at 1200m for Goff who now has roughly 50m on Parker of Cal. 1k for Goff in 3:16. Goff opens up a lead over Parker of Cal of about 30m as Goff passes 800m in 2:33. Goff leader by 5m at 400m in 73. Jeane Goff of Stanford is the early leader.

Men's Hammer -Men's Team Score after the Hammer - Stanford 5, Cal 4. -Welihozkiy wins the Hammer with a throw of 66.56m, Rhuben Williams of Cal is second with a throw of 59.24m and Tony Miranda of Cal is third in 47.69m. -After 5 rounds in the Hammer, Nick Welihozkiy of Stanford is in the lead with a throw of 66.56m. Williams of Cal is in 2nd with a throw of 59.24m. Miranda of Cal rounds out the top three with a throw of 47.69. -Welihozkiy's third throw is an improvement to 218'4". -Nick Welihozkiy leading the Hammer with a mark of 215'5".

Women's Javelin -Women's Team Score after the Javelin - Stanford 8, Cal 1. -Final Results for the Javelin. Merriman winner at 45.88m (a new meet record- old record was 44.38m by Allison Beatty of Stanford in 1999). Lee second at 41.32m, with Lamb third at 38.67m. -After five rounds, Merriman of Stanford is still in first with an improvement to 45.88m, Jennifer Lee of Stanford is still second at 41.32m. Lamb of Cal stays in third but improves her throw to 38.67m. -After three rounds of the women's javelin, Jennifer Lee of Stanford is in frist with a throw of 41.32m. Erin Merriman of Stanford is in 2nd with a throw of 39.31m and Elzunia Lamb of Cal is in 3rd with a throw of 37.20m.

Field Events
3:50pm Women Javelin
4:20pm Men Hammer
4:50pm Men Long Jump
4:55pm Women Pole Vault
5:00pm Women Long Jump
5:05pm Men Javelin
5:10pm Men High Jump
5:20pm Men Shot Put
5:35pm Women Hammer
6:20pm Men Discus
6:25pm Women Shot Put
6:40pm Men Triple Jump
6:55pm Women Triple Jump
7:05pm Men Pole Vault
7:20pm Women High Jump
7:35pm Women Discus

Track Events
5:00pm Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
5:20pm Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
5:40pm Women 4 x 100 Meter Relay
5:45pm Men 4 x 100 Meter Relay
5:50pm Women 1500 Meters
5:57pm Men 1500 Meters
6:10pm Women 100 Meter Hurdles
6:17pm Men 110 Meter Hurdles
6:25pm Women 400 Meters
6:30pm Men 400 Meters
6:35pm Women 100 Meters
6:40pm Men 100 Meters
6:45pm Women 800 Meters
6:50pm Men 800 Meters
7:00pm Women 400 Meter Hurdles
7:07pm Men 400 Meter Hurdles
7:15pm Women 200 Meters
7:20pm Men 200 Meters
7:25pm Women 5000 Meters
7:45pm Men 5000 Meters
8:05pm Graduating Seniors Recognition Ceremony
8:20pm Women 4 x 400 Meter Relay
8:30pm Men 4 x 400 Meter Relays



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