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Catching Up With Liz Piselli
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/15/2005

March 15, 2005

How has the season been going so far for you and for the team?
The Season seems to be going well so far, I really think our team has a lot of heart and determination. I think that we will surprise some teams this year.

You scored a career-high five goals in the season opening win over Oregon. Do you expect to play an increased role in the team's goal production this season?
The five goals were definitely nice, but, that's not really my job on the field. I hope that I can continue to be a threat out there. Maybe this will make people guard me more and leave the stronger attackers more open. I would like to add to the scoring on our team but my job is the transition. I like being able use my wheels to get the ball to the girls who can really do something impressive with it.

How important was it for the team to begin the season with three straight wins?
This was so important. The teams we beat are ones that we needed to beat to show that we can handle our conference. It gave us a good feeling going into the first two home games. But, we have a lot to work on. We are a very young team.

Can you speak about the depth and skill in the Cardinal midfield?
We have a much faster midfield than we have had in past years. With Kelsey Twist being center we have such an advantage. She and Jessica Verrilli (another midfielder) can really run all day which is something you need to be able to do as a midfielder. Nina Pantano is a formidable attacker but also a great defender. Meg McClain has really stepped up, she is also a strong and fast player. All in all, I think that our midfield is pretty solid.

How excited were you and the team to play your first home games last weekend?
I was so excited to play our first home games. I love traveling but it's so much better to be playing in front of your friends and family on your home turf. I think that our school can be so intimidating for a team, especially when the weather is so beautiful most of the time.

Is there a particular opponent that you are looking forward to playing this season?
I really cannot wait to play Cornell and Duke. Last year while playing Duke we held on for so long and then just ran out of gas at the end. I love the way our team gets pumped to play Duke it's inspiring. I really want to play Cornell because my brother is going there to play football next year and I really just want to have some bragging rights. Also, I really am looking forward to playing Yale, I have some friends on that team that I can't wait to see.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Stanford lacrosse player?
It would be so hard to pinpoint one thing that I enjoy about being a Stanford lacrosse player. I absolutely love our team. The girls here are the sisters I never had. (in a good way of course) Never have I respected so many people so much. I just really trust them out there. When you see people give it their all you just want to be able to do that for them. It's like the movie "Any Given Sunday" when I look at my teammates I see women that are willing to fight and die for those inches, and that's why I would want to do the same for them. I like the opportunity here as well, I want to be a part of that first team that makes it to The Tournament. It's the pioneer spirit, as Michele Uhlfelder calls it, that makes us so different.

Are there any pre-game rituals that you have, and what gets you pumped up for a game?
Well I, with a few friends like to go to Safeway the night before games and get Gatorade. I like watching clips of the movie Gladiator, or the "inches speech" in Any Given Sunday. Movies help relax me the night before. Right before the game I like to listen to music. I get very quiet before games, and this helps me calm down because I get really worked up before a game.

What would you say to someone who hasn't come out to Maloney Field for a Cardinal lacrosse game yet?
I would tell that person that they need to come, if he/she knows what's best for him/her. It's a beautiful field, a fun sport to watch and the games are really exciting. If they are really lucky, they might even be able to get Michele Uhlfelder's autograph. Also, they have no excuse not to come, for students with an SUID, it's free!!

What is the team's main goal for the 2005 campaign?
This year I think that our main goal is to get to the Tournament. Once we get there we might as well go all the way. But, to do that we take it one game at a time and really just try to get better every day. I am really psyched about this season. We really just want to be tough out there and be able to give it all we've got.



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