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Synchronized Swimming Finishes Second At U.S. Collegiate Championships
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 03/31/2001

March 31, 2001

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - The Stanford University synchronized swimming team finished second at the 2001 U.S. Collegiate Championships, which concluded on Saturday afternoon at the Midtown Aquatic Center. The Cardinal, which recorded four second place finishes and two third place finishes in finals competition on Saturday, had 88 points to national champion Ohio State's 96.

Stanford also received several individual honors after the meet, as Shannon Montague was named Collegiate Athlete of the Year, Erin Dobratz was named All-Collegiate and Dobratz, Montague, Katie Norris, Lindsey Wigginton and Stephanie Joukoff were selected as All-Americans. In addition, the Cardinal's Ashley Ensign, Blaire Fraser, Amanda Graff-Baker, Joukoff, Montague and Norris have all been named Academic All-Americans.

In Saturday's competition, Stanford finished second in the team finals after finishing the semifinals in a tie with Ohio State. The Buckeyes won the team competition with a 98.733, while Stanford was next at 98.000. The Cardinal's team consisted of seven current or former U.S. National Teamers.

In the solo finals, Montague finished second at 95.000. The Cardinal also finished second and third in both the duet and trio. In the duet, Dobratz and Norris were second at 95.800 and Joukoff and Wiggington were third at 94.867. Dobratz, Norris and Wigginton were second in the trio at 95.667, while Ekaterina Anrochina, Joukoff and Montague were third at 94.133.

The top athletes from this weekend's competition advance to the U.S. National Championship and World Championship Team Trials on May 3-5 in College Station, Texas.

U.S. Collegiate Synchronized Swimming Championships

At Newport News, Virginia (Midtown Aquatic Center)

Final Team Standings (20 teams competing) 1. Ohio State 97, 2. Stanford 88, 3. Canisius 66, 4. Alabama-Birmingham 62, 5. Richmond 42, 6 (tie). Wheaton 41.5, 6 (tie). Keuka 41.5, 8. Washington 26, 9. Minnesota 22, 10. Walsh 15.5.

Solo Final

1. Carolina Moraes (Ohio State) 96.933, 2. Shannon Montague (Stanford) 95.000, 3. Jill Wright (Canisius), 91.133, 4. Bogdana Zareva (Alabama-Birmingham) 91.733, 5. Amanda Haeuser (Richmond) 88.000, 6. Elizabeth Percy (Wheaton) 87.200, 7. Inga Todd (Keuka) 86.000, 8. Sally Winchester (Washington) 85.667.

Duet Final

1. Carolina Moraes & Isabela Moraes (Ohio State) 97.667, 2. Erin Dobratz & Katie Norris (Stanford) 95.800, 3. Stephanie Joukoff & Lindsey Wigginton (Stanford) 94.867, 4. Alexandra Pinango & Gabriela Pinango (Canisius) 92.267, 5. Jessica Brown & Bogdana Zareva (Albama-Birmingham) 91.733, 6. Kelli Dickerson & Stacy Leiker (Alabama-Birmingham) 88.267, 7. Sally Winchester & Jennifer Arenz (Washington) 87.333, 8. Elizabeth Percy & Jamie Sallier (Wheaton) 85.600.

Trio Final

1. Carolina Moraes, Isbaela Moraes & Mary Hofer (Ohio State) 97.000, 2. Erin Dobratz, Katie Norris & Lindsey Wigginton (Stanford) 95.667, 3. Ekaterina Androchina, Stephanie Joukoff & Shannon Montague (Stanford) 94.133, 4. Katie Edwards, Beth Kreimer & Suzanna Hyatt (Ohio State) 93.333, 5. Alexandra Pinango, Gabriela Pinango & Jill Wright (Canisius) 91.533, 6. Kelli Dickerson, Stacy Lieker & Kara Morgan (Albama-Birmingham) 87.533, 7. Luna Aguilu, Rossitza, Loukanova & Moraine Ruddick (Alabama-Birmingham) 87.333, 8. Kristal Brounce, Kate Matusiak & Heather Forester (Canisius) 86.933.

Team Final

1. Ohio State A (Victoria Bowen, Katie Edwards, Mary Hofer, Suzanna Hyatt, Beth Kreimer, Anna Eng, Kristin Price, Isabela Moraes) 98.733, 2. Stanford (Ekaterina Androchina, Erin Dobratz, Amanda Graff-Baker, Stephanie Joukoff, Jennifer Kibler, Shannon Montague, Katie Norris, Lindsey Wiggington) 98.000, 3. Ohio State B 95.000, 4. Canisius 92.533, 5. Alabama-Birmingham 91.667, 6. Richmond 87.533, 7. Wheaton 86.533, 8. Keuka 86.267.

Special Award Recipients

Collegiate Athlete of the Year - Shannon Montague (Stanford)

Collegiate Coach of the Year - Linda Witter (Ohio State)

2002 Collegiate Contributor Award - Mary Kay Adams (Wheaton) All-American (top 14 individuals overall, must be U.S. citizen) - Stanford: Erin Dobratz, Katie Norris, Shannon Montague, Lindsey Wigginton, Stephanie Joukoff. Ohio State: Mary Hofer, Katie Edwards, Victoria Bowen, Beth Kreimer, Suzanna Hyatt, Anna Eng, Kristin Price, Kim Lester. Canisius: Jill Wright.

All-Collegiate (Top 3 individuals per Division I, II & NAIA, Club) - NCAA Division I: Carolina Moraes (Ohio State), Isabela Moraes (Ohio State), Erin Dobratz (Stanford). Academic All-Americans (GPA of 3.25 or better, 96 total): Stanford Academic All-Americans - Ashley Ensign, Blaire Fraser, Amanda Graff-Baker, Stephanie Joukoff, Shannon Montague, Katie Norris.



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