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Inside the Locker Room: By Lucy Meyer
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 12/21/2010

Dec. 21, 2010

STANFORD, Calif. - Hey SWG Fans!

This past week we got out of the dorms and headed to the hotel for a week filled with all things SWG! The hotel was awesome and we all had so much fun! I have to say my room was the best! Peach, Ash, and I had so much fun and we decorated the room to make it look like Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree! Everyone had some sort of Christmas decoration in their rooms. There was tinsel, Christmas lights, and almost every room had a little tree, I'd say we did a pretty good job of bringing the holiday spirit into every room. The energy and fun that we had in the hotel transferred over into the gym where everyone had an awesome week!

We were in the gym Monday after an extremely fun morning! Monday morning we went to Lytton Gardens, an assisted living complex, where we got to play Bingo with some of the residents and decorate one of their many Christmas trees! Ash, Dani, and Weedge decorated one of the trees with a breast cancer theme. The lights and all of the ornaments were pink, my favorite color, and the residents knitted most of the ornaments. Also, a few of the girls and the coaches went to sing carols to some of the residents and with only a few made-up lyrics they had a great time! The residents were so grateful that we were there and I know all of us had a fantastic time with them.

On Friday, a few of us went to the children's hospital to spend time with the patients. We walked in and after being led to the wrong floor by Skoly, we finally found the room we were supposed to be in. In the playroom, we made friends and fish! After we made a few team fish out of paper plates with some of the patients, Dani, Spin, and Brownie played board games with some of the patients and of course, Spinner won. After spending time with the kids we all felt so thankful and fortunate for all of the opportunities that we have.

After a week filled with hard work and preparation, on Saturday we had our Meet the Team event. We were split into two teams, the Candy Canes and Team Tinsel. The costumes were fantastic! Team Tinsel, Ash, Spin, Shell, Ming, Kris, and Brownie, came out as boxes "rocking around the Christmas tree," complete with their own, live Christmas tree, Allie Skoly. The Candy Canes, Jen, Nic, Lauren, Dan, Weedge, Peach, and I, came out with red pants, shirts, and hats with white stripes and looked just like candy canes, while singing their own song, "Candy Cane Rock."

From the beginning, the competition was on. The gymnastics was fantastic and our team is looking so strong! We started off the day on bars. Daytona's first half was flawless; Peach, Kris, and Brownie had gorgeous lines; and Shell and Amo showed us all how awesome their bars are! All of the girls showed amazing skills and the standard was truly set for the other events. We went to beam where again, the bar was set high. We saw sky-high leaps, bonus, and series with amazing form.

After an amazing beam showing, we went on to floor where Peach, Ash, Shell, and Weedge showed off their amazing dancing! The performance was incredible all night! The 260-plus attendees really got to see a show! The crowd fell in love with both teams but in the end it was the Candy Canes who won! After the intrasquad, we held a clinic for nearly all of the kids who attended the event and that truly was a blast! Our SWG fans are awesome and if this event was any indication of how our season is going to be and the support we are going to receive this season, then I know for a fact that it will be a great one! As season is quickly approaching, we are getting more and more excited and as we all break for the holidays, I know that each one of us will be thinking about SWG and how awesome this upcoming season is going to be.

Get ready for a fantastic season! Have a great holiday! Go SWG!




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