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Ask Coy Wire
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/21/2000

Oct. 12, 2000

Ken Johnston (Los Gatos, CA)
Congratulations for playing another outstanding game at Notre Dame. Since you have now experienced playing both offense and defense at the college level, do you think you could play both positions for an entire game?

Playing every down on defense definitely takes its toll on the body. I'm not sure if every snap of an entire game is feasible, but I'll tell you this ... I would be the first one in line to give it a shot ... what a challenge!

Brad (Lemoyne, PA)
Coy, congrats on a terrific start to the season on defense for you. With the running game struggling this year, would you move back to RB if the team needed you more there next year? Are you willing to play defense next year and hope to be recognized by the NFL as a defensive player or running back? Best wishes for your entire future.

I'm not sure that the team would need me back at running back - Kerry Carter and Brian Allen are both very good backs. I think they are both playing good football right now. But, if for some reason I was needed there, I'd definitely help out. I'm going to continue to focus on defense for right now, and hopefully the NFL does notice me. I don't care if they've noticed me as a running back, or if they notice me now as a defensive player. I just want them to notice me as a "player".

Steven Russo (Monterey, CA)
How much do you bench press?

I bench press 425 lbs. I'm still trying to reach my goal of a quarter of a ton.

Michael Oakes (Vancouver, WA)
During the past couple of weeks the idea of replay in college sports has come up. Being a fan, calls go with you and against you. What is your opinion on the subject?

I've always felt that officials making good/bad calls is part of the game. Putting the calls in the hands of instant replay seems to take away from the game a little bit. I do think, however, that the way the NFL is doing it this year is pretty interesting.

Trevor Benning (Chula Vista, CA)
You have a very strange first name. What did your parents say was behind the naming? Just curious. As for football, is there a sense of urgency now that every game is a must win?

I'm thankful that my parents were creative in naming me ... not sure why they named Coy. In high school, they told me that it stood for "count on yardage". I'm not sure if they were kidding or not. There is definitely a sense of urgency now. We have our backs against the wall. We're going to have to be willing to fight with relentless passion in each of our upcoming games.



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