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Student-Athlete Profile: Johnson Bademosi
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/06/2011

Oct. 6, 2011

STANFORD, Calif. -- - Cornerback Johnson Bademosi has started more games (19) in Stanford's secondary behind Delano Howell (26) in his Cardinal career, however, it's easy to overlook the senior from Silver Spring, Md. in a unit featuring Howell, Michael Thomas and going back to last season, Richard Sherman.

Bademosi quietly goes about his business in an efficient manner, showing marked improvement each and every year from when he stepped onto Stanford's campus in 2008.

Off the field, Bademosi has been an exemplary leader since his days at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C., a school that attracted the attention of President John Quincy Adams, who often visited to test the students in Latin and Greek.

In this Student-Athlete Profile, Johnson shares his thoughts on his Stanford experience, balancing the demands of football and academics and the Cardinal secondary.


Majoring in history:

"I thought about a lot of different things, engineering, some of the social sciences but I ended up choosing history because you get to read a lot of books and learn a lot of different things about a lot of different places. I'm interested in world history and studying empires and ultimately, after my football career, I think I might go into law or another field. I feel like the writing skills and the critical thinking skills from my major will prepare me to meet my professional goals."

Tell us about a Stanford experience that has made an impact on you:

"In my first class as a freshman I had a girl who was sewing dresses for the biggest fashion show on the West Coast, two Olympians, a published author and all these great people around me. I was amazed at what they were doing. When they knew I was a football player they were excited, but I was more impressed with what they were doing with their lives. That's when I realized the culture that exists at Stanford."

Balancing the demands of school and football:

"It's hard to do. You need to be efficient with your time management. If your heart is in football, it's in football. If it's in class, then it's in class. There's not much in between. I was taught that there are three buckets, school, football, and your social life. You need to learn how to balance the three. You can't put everything in one bucket, you need to be able to balance all three to be successful."


Taking the lessons from football and applying them off the field:

"On the football field, there's the eye in the sky, there's a camera every day. What you do on the field is going to be analyzed, it's going to be critiqued every day and that lesson translates into my daily life. Someone's always watching and it's important to do things for a reason and be accountable to yourself and others because at the end of the day it matters."

Being part of an established secondary with Delano Howell and Michael Thomas:

"It's great playing with those guys. We're to the point where we have a lot of non-verbal communication. We can look at each other and know what we're going to do based on the way the offense is set up. We have a lot of talented young guys who are coming up and can help us immediately, so we have our experience but those young guys push us every day to perform at a high level."

His senior year:

"The guys that I came in with feel like we're here together for a reason. We owe a lot to the guys who came before us and set the foundation for what we've been able to accomplish on the field who weren't able to get to a bowl game. We owe it to them and the kids that want to come to Stanford that want this opportunity. We had to pay our dues and now we're in a position to accomplish our goals."

His favorite part of football:

"I like to hit people and I like being out here with the guys. These are my brothers out here. As a group the defensive backs use our size to our advantage and we like to initiate contact. We attack the ball in the air and take pride in playing the ball like receivers, we feel like when the ball is in the air it's our ball too."



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