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Robb Maxwell Knocks Off Defending Pac-10 Champion to Earn a Spot in the Semifinals
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 02/26/2006

Feb. 26, 2006

Stanford, Calif. - The first session of wrestling at the 2006 Pac-10 Wrestling Championships at Maples Pavilion on the Stanford University campus, saw most of the top seeds hold into the semifinals, with just one major upset.

Behind a vociferous Cal Poly crowd, Robb Maxwell scored the biggest win of the day with a 19-7 win over top-seeded and 10th-ranked Joey Bracamonte of Oregon in the 165-pound quarterfinals. Bracamonte, the defending Pac-10 Champion, came into the match 19-1, while Maxwell, a sophomore and first-year starter for the Mustangs, owned a 15-12 record.

Maxwell's win helped the Mustangs to a first-place standing after the pigtails and quarterfinals, with a 2.5-point lead over second-place Arizona State.

At 125 pounds, seeds one through four held, with Arizona State's Jeremy Mendoza and Stanford's Tanner Gardner facing off in one semifinal and Oregon State's Eric Stevenson and Cal Poly's Chad Mendez facing off in the second.

At 133 pounds, top-seeded Justin Pearch of Oregon will take on fifth-seeded Tommy Vargas of Bakersfield, after he defeated Oregon State's Bobby Pfennigs. Boise State's Scott Jorgenson and Cal Poly's Darrell Vasquez will challenge in the second semifinal.

At 141 pounds, the seeds held, with top-seeded Kyle Larson (Oregon State) set to take on fourth-seeded Dave Roberts (Cal Poly) and third-seeded Matt Schumm (Cal State Bakersfield) set to face second-seeded Derek Moore (UC Davis).

At 149 pounds, the re-seeded field will see top-seeded Anthony Baza (Cal State Bakersfield) facing fifth-seeded Morgan Atkinson (Cal State Fullerton) and Jeff Owens (Cal Poly) taking on second-seeded Tyler Sherfey (Boise State).

The top-four seeds also held at 157 pounds, with Boise State's Ben Cherrington slated to take on Stanford's Scott Loescher in the first semifinal, and Oregon State's Tony Hook will face defending Pac-10 Champion Brian Stith in the second semifinal.

At 165 pounds, Stanford's Ray Blake, seeded second, is the highest remaining seed and will face third-seeded Pat Pitsch of Arizona State, while un-seeded Maxwell will take on fifth-seeded Brian Busby of Cal State Bakersfield (after Busby pinned UC Davis's Frank Richmond with 21 seconds left in the match).

The top-four will wrestle in the semifinals at 174 pounds, with No. 1 Jeremy Larson (Oregon State) and No. 4 Nick Hernandez (Cal Poly) challenging in the first one and No. 2 Ken Cook (UC Davis) and No. 3 Christian Arellano (Cal State Bakersfield) facing off in the second.

At 184 pounds, the top-three seeds held, while fifth-seeded Jesse Taylor (Cal State Fullerton) knocked off fourth-seeded Tyler Bernacchi of UC Davis to earn a spot in the semifinals. Taylor will face top-seeded Shane Webster of Oregon, while Ryan Halsey (Cal Poly) and C.B. Dollaway (Arizona State) will face off in the second semi.

The 197 and heavyweight seeds held, with top-seeded Ryan Bader of Arizona State slated to face Boise State's Casey Phelps and Dan Pitsch (Oregon State) set to face Matt Monteiro (Cal Poly) in the second 197-pound semifinal match. At heavyweight, ASU's Cain Velasquez will face Andy Patrick of Boise State and Eric Parker (Cal State Bakersfield) will challenge Oregon State's Ty Watterson.

There were four scratches before the tournament began, as Portland State did not enter a wrestler at 133 or 141 pounds, and fourth-seeded Skyler Woods of Oregon (141) and top-seeded Josh Zupancic of Stanford (149) were not in the draws.

Session two will begin at 6 p.m. this evening with consolation pigtails, followed by championship semifinals and consolation quarterfinals.

2006 PAC-10 Championships

Bout-By-Bout Results

Wt 125

Championship First Round

1 #1 Jeremy Mendoza (Arizona State University) WBF Bricen Yakabe (Portland State University) F 2:56

2 Zach Bigboy (California State-Bakersfield) DEC Marcos Orozco (University of California-Davis) D 8-2

Championship Quarter-Finals

17 #1 Jeremy Mendoza (Arizona State University) WBF Curtis Schurkamp (California State-Fullerton) F 2:40

18 #4 Tanner Gardner (Stanford University) DEC #5 Beau Malia (University of Oregon) M 13-0

19 #3 Eric Stevenson (Oregon State University) DEC #6 Cory Fish (Boise State University) D 6-3

20 #2 Chad Mendez (Cal Poly) DEC Zach Bigboy (California State-Bakersfield) M 14-4

Wt 133

Championship First Round

3 #4 Bobby Pfennigs (Oregon State University) WBF Eric Minnick (Stanford University) F 1:42

Championship Quarter-Finals

21 #1 Justin Pearch (University of Oregon) DEC TJ Dillashaw (California State-Fullerton) D 11-5

22 #5 Tommy Vargas (California State-Bakersfield) DEC #4 Bobby Pfennigs (Oregon State University) D 2-0

23 #3 Scott Jorgenson (Boise State University) DEC #6 Omar Gaitan (University of California-Davis) D 11-6

24 #2 Darrell Vasquez (Cal Poly) DEC John Espinoza (Arizona State University) M 9-0

Wt 141

Championship Quarter-Finals

25 #1 Kyle Larson (Oregon State University) WBF Juston Johnson (Stanford University) F 4:36

26 #4 Dave Roberts (Cal Poly) DEC #5 Teddy Astorga (California State-Fullerton) M 12-1

27 #3 Matt Schumm (California State-Bakersfield) DEC #6 Jason Robbins (Arizona State University) D 4-0

28 #2 Derek Moore (University of California-Davis) WBF Jordan Brock (Boise State University) F 4:53

Wt 149

Championship First Round

4 #6 Orlando Perez (Oregon State University) WBF Adam Duryee (Portland State University) F 0:44

Championship Quarter-Finals

29 #1 Anthony Baza (California State-Bakersfield) DEC Stewart Bogart (University of Oregon) M 9-0

30 #5 Morgan Atkinson (California State-Fullerton) DEC #4 Patrick Payne (Arizona State University) D 3-2

31 #3 Jeff Owens (Cal Poly) DEC #6 Orlando Perez (Oregon State University) D 6-3

32 #2 Tyler Sherfey (Boise State University) DEC Jesse Padilla (University of California-Davis) D 7-4

Wt 157

Championship First Round

5 Daniel Atondo (California State-Bakersfield) WBF Cyle Hartzell (University of Oregon) F 4:28

6 #3 Tony Hook (Oregon State University) DEC John Clark (University of California-Davis) D 9-3

Championship Quarter-Finals

33 #1 Ben Cherrington (Boise State University) WBTF Daniel Atondo (California State-Bakersfield) T1 15-0; 7:0

34 #4 Scott Loescher (Stanford University) DEC #5 Shawn Reilly (California State-Fullerton) D 12-7

35 #3 Tony Hook (Oregon State University) DEC #6 Ryan Williams (Cal Poly) D 7-5

36 #2 Brian Stith (Arizona State University) WBF Kainoa Casco (Portland State University) F 5:43

Wt 165

Championship First Round

7 #1 Joey Bracamonte (University of Oregon) DEC Johnny Nunez (Boise State University) M 15-3

8 #2 Ray Blake (Stanford University) DEC Anthony Weber (Oregon State University) M 9-0

Championship Quarter-Finals

37 Robb Maxwell (Cal Poly) DEC #1 Joey Bracamonte (University of Oregon) M 19-7

38 #5 Brian Busby (California State-Bakersfield) WBF #4 Frank Richmond (University of California-Davis) F 6:39

39 #3 Patrick Pitsch (Arizona State University) DEC #6 Risto Marttinen (California State-Fullerton) M 11-3

40 #2 Ray Blake (Stanford University) DEC Chris Feist (Portland State University) D 6-0

Wt 174

Championship First Round

9 #1 Jeremy Larson (Oregon State University) DEC Chris Remsen (Arizona State University) M 14-6

10 #3 Christian Arellano (California State-Bakersfield) WBF Karras Kalivas (Portland State University) F 1:49

Championship Quarter-Finals

41 #1 Jeremy Larson (Oregon State University) DEC Chet McBee (University of Oregon) M 12-3

42 #4 Nick Hernandez (Cal Poly) DEC #5 Ian Murphy (California State-Fullerton) D 12-7

43 #3 Christian Arellano (California State-Bakersfield) DEC #6 Luke Feist (Stanford University) D 6-4

44 #2 Ken Cook (University of California-Davis) WBF Ben Gilliland (Boise State University) F 3:29

Wt 184

Championship First Round

11 #4 Tyler Bernacchi (University of California-Davis) DEC Brandon Ceremello (California State-Bakersfield) D 6-3

12 #2 C.B. Dollaway (Arizona State University) WBF Sean Murphy (Portland State University) F 2:17

Championship Quarter-Finals

45 #1 Shane Webster (University of Oregon) WBTF Kyle Bressler (Oregon State University) T1 26-10; 7:0

46 #5 Jesse Taylor (California State-Fullerton) DEC #4 Tyler Bernacchi (University of California-Davis) D 8-1

47 #3 Ryan Halsey (Cal Poly) DEC #6 K.C. Walsh (Boise State University) D 8-3

48 #2 C.B. Dollaway (Arizona State University) WBTF Ryan Hagen (Stanford University) T1 20-5; 7:0

Wt 197

Championship First Round

13 #4 Casey Phelps (Boise State University) DEC Shaun Dee (University of Oregon) D 11-6

14 #2 Matt Monteiro (Cal Poly) WBF Jake Schneider (Portland State University) F 0:49

Championship Quarter-Finals

49 #1 Ryan Bader (Arizona State University) WBF Larry Ozowara (Stanford University) F 1:12

50 #4 Casey Phelps (Boise State University) DEC #5 Elliot Kelley (University of California-Davis) D 7-5

51 #3 Dan Pitsch (Oregon State University) WBTF #6 Chris Chambers (California State-Fullerton) T1.5 17-1; 5:35

52 #2 Matt Monteiro (Cal Poly) WBF Colton Nichols (California State-Bakersfield) F 2:28

Wt 285

Championship First Round

15 #1 Cain Velasquez (Arizona State University) WBF Jared Boyer (Stanford University) F 5:47

16 #2 Ty Watterson (Oregon State University) DEC Broc Maffia (University of California-Davis) D 5-1 Championship Quarter-Finals

53 #1 Cain Velasquez (Arizona State University) WBF Matt Methling (California State-Fullerton) F 4:16

54 #4 Andy Patrick (Boise State University) DEC #5 Arturo Basulto (Cal Poly) D 5-2

55 #3 Eric Parker (California State-Bakersfield) WBTF #6 Chris Dearman (University of Oregon) T1 16-1; 7:0

56 #2 Ty Watterson (Oregon State University) WBF Steve Fittinger (Portland State University) F 2:07



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