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Cardinal Football Live: Stanford vs. Arizona
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/06/2012

Oct. 6, 2012

STANFORD, Calif. - Follow Stanford's game against Arizona here. The most recent posts are on top.

Final score: Stanford 54, Arizona 48 (OT)

Stanford won the toss, and elects to get the ball last. Each team gets the ball at the 25. Arizona goes first.

Matt Scott hits Austin Hill on first down for seven yards and Ka'Deem Carey picks up five more.

With a first down at the 13, throws wide to Richard Morrison, but Jordan Richards holds the play to no gain. On second down, Usua Amanan blitzed and tipped the ball, which fell incomplete. On third down, the ball is deflected by Henry Anderson and Chase Thomas comes down with the ball for the interception.

Stanford takes over, needing only a field goal to win. Stepfan Taylor runs up the middle to the 21. On the next play, Taylor finds a huge hole on the right side and scores on a 21-yard run. He got a great block from Khalil Wilkes to spring him.

Stanford wins.

End of the fourth quarter: Stanford 48, Arizona 48

Arizona returned the kickoff to its 18 with 41 seconds left. A run gained nothing. Another one picked up eight, but the Wildcats let the clock run out. We go to overtime.

Fourth quarter (0:45 left): Stanford 48, Arizona 48

Stepfan Taylor is stopped for a one-yard loss, but Josh Nunes finds Zach Ertz on a short crossing route for 11 yards.

Nunes' deep pass for Jamal-Rashad Patterson is incomplete, but Stanford is called for holding, moving the ball back to the 21. Ricky Seale gets nine of it back, and Patterson gets the rest, with 17 yards on a pass play.

With the ball at the 50, Nunes avoids a sack by throwing wide to Stepfan Taylor, but the ball is incomplete, saving a loss. Stanford faces third-and-7 with 3:12 left.

With press coverage, the receivers weren't open and Nunes took off. He cut inside two would-be tacklers for a 16-yard gain and a first down. Taylor gained eight to the 26, and he followed for five more for a first down with 2:14 left.

A pass to Levine Toilolo glanced off his fingertips at the goal-line. Taylor gained only two on the right side, creating third-and-8 from the 20 with 1:30 left.

A pass to Toilolo was overthrown. Now, Stanford faces a fourth-and-8 with 1:21 left.

Nunes passes to Ertz for a first down to the 3 - 17 yards. With 59 seconds left, the ball is at the 3, Nunes keeps it on the option. Touchdown.

Jordan Williamson kicks the extra point to tie the game.

Fourth quarter (5:43 left): Arizona 48, Stanford 41

Stanford kicked deep on the kickoff, which went out of bounds, giving Arizona possession at its 35.

Stanford's Shayne Skov stuffs Ka'Deem Carey on first down. Ben Gardner batted down a pass on second down. On third down, Matt Scott overthrows his receiver, and Arizona must punt.

Stanford takes over at its 21 with 5:43 left.

Fourth quarter (6:34 left): Arizona 48, Stanford 41

On fourth-and-2 at the 20 with 7:04 left, Josh Nunes hit tight end Levine Toilolo on a post to the 1-yard line. On the next play, Nunes kept the ball on the option and scored.

Fourth quarter (7:04 left): Arizona 48, Stanford 34

Arizona QB Matt Scott has set school records for passes and completions. He is 43 of 63 for 483 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions.

Ty Montgomery broke the kickoff return and reached the Arizona 32, but offsetting penalties puts the ball at the Stanford 40.

A Josh Nunes scramble and an incompletion creates a third-and-8. Nunes hits Drew Terrell for first-down yardage, but Terrell is hit and the ball is jarred loose. The ruling is an incomplete pass. If it was a fumble, Terrell recovered it himself. The play is under review, and overturned. Stanford first down at the Arizona 42 with 8:23 left.

Nunes hits Terrell again, to the 28 for 14 yards, and finds Ty Montgomery on a short crossing route to the 20 on the next play.

Nunes stayed patient while getting hit and the pass missed Zach Ertz in the end zone. On third-and-2, Nunes threw into the end zone for Toilolo, but the pass was broken up. On fourth down, Stanford called timeout.

Nunes is 17 of 27 for 296 yards.

Fourth quarter (9:13 left): Arizona 48, Stanford 34

Ty Montgomery comes close to breaking the kickoff return before being stopped at the 30. A short pass and an incompletion create an immediate third-and-9 for Stanford at its 31. Josh Nunes finds Montgomery across the middle for first-down yardage, but the receiver was stripped of the ball while fighting for yardage and Arizona recovers.

Arizona takes over at the Stanford 45. On second down, Ben Gardner leaps to bat down a pass. Arizona faces a third-and-6. Can Stanford stop the Wildcats on third down?

Not this time. A screen pass to Ka'Deem Carey picks up 24 yards. With the ball at the 8, Carey is droppe for a loss by Jordan Richards. On third-and-2 from the 10, Scott throws a fade to Terrence Miller in the back corner for the touchdown.

Fourth quarter (12:29 left): Arizona 41, Stanford 34

A big hit by Shayne Skov ended one short pass, and an incomplete pass creates a third-and-16 for Arizona at its own 43. But Matt Scott fired a pass to Ka'Deem Carey down the middle, threading the needle for 24 yards and a first down to the Stanford 32.

Another completion, followed by a run, moved the ball to the eight. A pass to Dan Buckner in the end zone is out of bounds. On third down, Carey carries the ball into the end zone. Scott hits Austin Hill for the two-point conversion.

End of third quarter: Stanford 34, Arizona 33

Arizona takes over at its 30. After a nine-yard pass play, the quarter ends.

Third quarter (0:28 left): Stanford 34, Arizona 33

Stanford takes over at its 30. Remound Wright catties for a first down and on the next play, Kelsey Young carries the ball on an end around for a 55-yard touchdown.

Young started by lining up on the right side, took the handoff and burst up a seam on the left side for the score.

Stanford is attempting a two-point conversion, but the lob to Levine Toilolo is knocked down.

Third quarter (1:11): Arizona 33, Stanford 28

Josh Nunes has completed 12 of 18 for 254 yards. Stepfan Taylor has 24 carries for 101 yards.

Arizona's Matt Scott throws a short pass that Ka'Deem Carey turns into a 23-yard gain by making three defenders miss, taking the Wildcats to their own 48.

Scott's pass to Austin Hill gains 29. Scott, with a 3-step drop, gets the ball out too fast for the Cardinal defense to react. Two plays later, Scott hits Hill in stride for a 17-yard touchdown strike up the right sideline.

Arizona goes for two, but Scott's pass goes through the hands of his receiver in the end zone.

Third quarter (2:28 left): Stanford 28, Arizona 27

Matt Scott completes on first down, to Austin Hill, and Ka'Deem Carey picks up another with an 11-yard gain. Soon after, though, Arizona faces a fourth-and-1, but is called for a false start. Stanford holds and Arizona punts away. Stanford takes over at its own 10.

Stepfan Taylor picks up nine on his first two runs of the series, and picks up the first down, giving Stanford its fifth third-down conversion on nine tries today.

For the first time in the game, Josh Nunes throws downfield for Ty Montgomery, who draws a pass interference penalty up the left sideline. Stanford has a first down at its own 39.

On the next play, Nunes throws deep down the middle to Jamal-Rashad Patterson for 54 yards to the 7.

Taylor gains one out of the Wildcat formation, and then heads off left guard for the touchdown on the next play. With Jordan Williamson's extra-point puts the Cardinal back into the lead.

Nunes, after a down game against Washington, is showing fans what he is capable of, with several accurate downfield passes.

Third quarter (6:43 left): Arizona 27, Stanford 21

Arizona quarterback Matt Scott has completed 31 of 47 passes for 309 yards. Josh Nunes of Stanford is 10 of 14 for 181 and two touchdowns.

Stanford's Ty Montgomery has not had much room on his kickoff returns today and Stanford begins its drive at its own 16 following the Wildcat score. A short run and incomplete pass sets up a third-and-9 at the 17. It would seem a conversion is a must for Stanford, given the way Arizona has been moving the ball.

Nunes finds Zach Ertz, but short of the first down and the Cardinal must punt. It will be up the defense to get a stop and prevent the Wildcats from breaking the game open. Arizona takes over at its own 22.

Third quarter (8:17 left): Arizona 27, Stanford 21

Let's see if the back-and-forth action will continue. Arizona takes over at its 25. A pass interference penalty on Stanford moves the ball up to the Arizona 40 and the Wildcats go to the ground for a combined 12 yards from Ka'Deem Carey, and another 24 on a pass to Austin Hill to the Cardinal 24.

Arizona faces a third-and-2 at the Stanford 16 and Matt Scott keeps it for 1. On fourth down, Carey picks up the first with a burst up the middle.

On the next play, Scott rolls left, squares his shoulders and hits Hill cutting across the end zone, for the 12-yard score.

Third quarter (10:51 left): Stanford 21, Arizona 20

Levine Toilolo gets Stanford out of trouble by grabbing a pass around the back of defender's Jake Fischer's helmet, to the Cardinal 37.

Nunes completes another pass, this time buying time with his feet before finding Zach Ertz for 10 yards. A third consecutive pass finds Toilolo downfield in space. He reaches the Arizona 5 on a 42-yard gain.

Nunes, not normally a running threat, dives into the end zone himself off left tackle for a three-yard touchdown run.

Third quarter (13:06 left): Arizona 20, Stanford 14

Arizona takes the second-half kickoff. Something to watch for: The Arizona record for pass attempts in a game is 61. Matt Scott enters the half with 42. He is 27 of 42 for 232 yards.

The Wildcats have found a way to slow the Cardinal pressure and Scott is getting time to find his receivers. He hits receiver Terrence Miller up the seam to the 1-yard line. Ka'Deem Carey scored standing up on the next play for a touchdown.

Halftime: Stanford 14, Arizona 13

Stanford takes over at its 41 with nine seconds left and gives to Stepfan Taylor for a short gain, ending the half.

Second quarter (0:15 left): Stanford 14, Arizona 13

Arizona, especially with all three timeouts left, would seem to have plenty of time with 2:48 left in the half. The Stanford defense will be on the spot.

Taking possession at its 20, an incomplete pass and a loss of two after a tackle by nickelback Usua Amanam, creates a third-and-12. But the Cardinal can't hold. Arizona receiver Johnny Jackson gains 26 on a pass from Matt Scott. Ben Gardner sacks Scott on first down, with a helmet into the chest for a five-yard loss to the Cardinal 43.

Scott is 23 of 35 so far.

Arizona continues to move the ball and calls a timeout with the ball at the Stanford 21 and 41 seconds left in the half.

Scott has plenty of time to throw and more than one receiver open as he hits Austin Hill for a first down. Scott attempts to connect with Dan Buckner in the end zone, but Barry Browning breaks it up. An incompletion sets up a third-and-goal from the 10 with 25 seconds left, but is called for illegal procedure. Scott is hit by Chase Thomas as he throws, and his pass is caught. But a hit by Barry Browning in the end zone knocks Buckner out of bounds for an incompletion.

John Bonano kicks a 33-yard field goal with 15 seconds left.

Second quarter (2:48 left): Stanford 14, Arizona 10

Stanford takes over at its 25. On third-and-1, Stepfan Taylor got enough for the first, but the Cardinal offense has not been clicking since its opening drive. Now, it's a third-and-5 from its 40, Josh Nunes stares down a blitz and floats a pass to tight end Levine Toilolo for 46 yards. Toilolo cut inside on a defender to break the play open.

With the ball on the 14, Taylor gains two before Nunes floated another pass to Toilolo, this time to the back of the end zone for a 12-yard touchdown play. The pass led Toilolo into the corner and he caught it in stride.

Second quarter (6:20 left): Arizona 10, Stanford 7

Taimi Tutogi is hit on a catch, popping the ball out. The ball rolled across the back of Harold Bernard and landed back in Tutogi's hands as he was on the ground for a first down at the Wildcats' 36. A replay confirmed the catch.

Quarterback Matt Scott has a strong arm and quick release. Though he has been under pressure at times, he now seems to be one split-second ahead of the defense and his receivers are on the same page. This could be a problem for the Cardinal defense.

Stanford could also be getting tired around the no-huddle, hurry-up offense. Arizona has a first down at the Stanford 40 and the pass is batted down by Henry Anderson. A deep pass down the right sideline to Dan buckner is ruled out of bounds. Wayne Lyons made a tackle in space on third down, but the Wildcats are going for it on fourth and 10 from the 40. Scott hits Buckner for a first down.

Two short plays create a third-and-5 at the 24 and Scott hits Buckner on a slant for 10 yards and a first down. Buckner comes off the field limping. On third-and-12, found Terrence Miller at the 1, but Ed Reynolds jarred the ball loose for an incompletion. Scott is 19 of 30 passing for 153 yards. Reynolds remained down on the field.

Arizona has a fouth-and-12 at the Stanford 16 and will attempt a 34-yard field goal by John Bonano. It is good and the Wildcats take the lead.

Second quarter (10:49 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 7

Stanford begins its drive at its 25-yard line. To this point, the Cardinal has only 39 yards passing. On first down, however, its Stepfan Taylor up the middle for 17 yards. He picks up seven more on the next play.

Quarterback Josh Nunes avoided a sack on the next play, but was unable to get much on it. Again, Nunes is hit as he throws - hit from the blindside - and the pass falls incomplete. The Cardinal must punt. Arizona takes over at its 20.

Second quarter (12:06 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 7

Arizona's Johnny Jackson held on as he was smacked by Chase Thomas on a short reception and the Wildcats picked up a first down on a swing pass and some missed tackles.

Arizona picked up a first down on a short run to its 41 and quarterback Matt Scott continues to sling the ball in a quick rhythm of plays. On third down, Scott hits Jackson down the middle to the Stanford 43 on one of his first downfield passes of the game.

Scott hit Dan Buckner down to right sideline in stride for 31 yards, leading his receiver perfectly. A review upheld the call that Buckner had a foot inbounds. On the next play, Ka'Deem Perry was not touched on a run up the middle for a 13-yard touchdown run.

End of first quarter: Stanford 7, Arizona 0

A false start penalty and a loss of four on a Stepfan Taylor run, drops Stanford into a third-and-14 from its 34. Josh Nunes had no one open and had to dump the ball off to Taylor, who lost seven on the play. Stanford punts and Arizona takes over at its 19.

First quarter (2:15 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 0

On the first play of the Arizona series, Matt Scott is sacked by Jarek Lancaster for a loss of nine. Another sack on the next play, by David Parry and Ronnie Harris. Making his first collegiate appearance on that play was Stanford true freshman defensive end Aziz Shittu, one of the Cardinal's top recruits. On third and 23, Arizona picked up a short gain on a run and punted. Stanford takes over at its 38.

First quarter (3:59 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 0

On the second play of the series, Josh Nunes found Drew Terrell on a crossing route for 28 yards. Terrell got one foot in as he was going out of bounds on the left sideline. Pinpoint pass and nice catch.

With the ball at the 50, on third and 4, Nunes is sacked and Stanford punts into the end zone.

First quarter (6:57 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 0

On Arizona's first play, from the 25, Stanford cornerback Terrence Brown made the tackle, but was helped off the field after the 6-yard pass play. Arizona is using the spread, hurry-up offense favored by first-year coach Rich Rodriguez.

Quarterback Matt Scott stayed patient against a blitz and hit Daniel Jenkins for first-down yardage to get the Wildcats into Stanford territory. On third-and-9, Barry Browning tackles receiver Dan Buckner for two yards on a quick slant, forcing a punt. Stanford takes over at its 13-yard line.

First quarter (9:28 left): Stanford 7, Arizona 0

Stanford takes the opening kickoff. Stanford lines up without any tight ends on the opening play from scrimmage and pitches to Stepfan Taylor, who gains eight yards around the right side. Stanford appears to be making a statement: We're going to pound the ball. Try to stop us.

After an initial first down, Stanford faces a third and 11 at its own 45. With a hard rush, Josh Nunes steps up in the pocket and picks up 12 up the middle for a first down.

On third and 2, Taylor powers off right tackle for 14 yards. Taylor is carrying on almost every play now and seems to really excel when he is given time to pick his hole.

At the 11-yard line, Nunes went back to pass and found tight end Zach Ertz on a wheel route. The pass found Ertz in the back right corner of the end zone for the score.


Stanford faces a must-win situation going into today's game against Arizona at Stanford Stadium at noon.

The Cardinal (3-1 overall, 1-1 Pac-12), coming off a 17-13 loss at Washington can't afford to fall further off the pace in the Pac-12 North Division.

Arizona (3-2, 0-2) faces similar pressure in the Pac-12 South. The Wildcats opened conference plays with losses to Oregon (49-0) and Oregon State (38-35).

Arizona leads the series, 14-13, but Stanford has won their past two meetings, including a 38-10 result in Tucson last year.



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