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Cardinal Football Live: Stanford vs. Oregon State
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 11/10/2012

Nov. 10, 2012

STANFORD, Calif. - Follow Stanford's game against Oregon State from Stanford Stadium on's live blog.

Final score: Stanford 27, Oregon State 23

Stanford hopes to run out the clock. Two runs, followed by two OSU timeouts, result in a third-and-3 play. Kevin Hogan is stopped on a keeper short of a first down. OSU calls its final timeout and Stanford must punt with 3:56 left.

Daniel Zychlinski's punt is a good one and OSU takes over at its 16 with 3:46 to play.

Cody Vaz throws incomplete on first down, but hits his tight end downfield for a first down and the Beavers soon face a third-and-3 from their 43. But Stanford comes in with a good rush and good coverage and Vaz can't find anyone open before Alex Debniak reaches him for the sack, and a 12-yard loss.

OSU is going for it on fourth-and-15, with Vaz shaken up and Sean Mannion coming in as quarterback. The downfield pass, however, is slightly overthrown and tipped away. Stanford ball at the OSU 31 with 1:54 left and no timeouts left.

Stanford runs out the clock.

Fourth quarter (4:16 left): Stanford 27, Oregon State 23

Stanford kicks off out of bounds, giving OSU the ball at its 35, and Stanford followed with an offsides penalty, moving the ball to the 40. After an incompletion and a run, OSU faces a third-and-2 at its 43 with 4:45 left.

The third down pass is broken up by Terrence Brown in the flat. It's fourth down and OSU will punt.

Drew Terrell fair catches the ball at its 26. Again, let's see what young quarterback Kevin Hogan is capable of.

Fourth quarter (5:07 left): Stanford 27, Oregon State 23

After the interception, Stanford's Josh Mauro stuffs OSU running back Terron Ward on first down for a loss of five.

On the next play, Mauro makes another big play. Cody Vaz ran out of the pocket and lost control of the ball. Mauro recovered at the OSU 29 with 8:34 left.

A first-down reverse to Jamal-Rashad Patterson lost seven. But Stepfan Taylor made it up, picking up 12. Taylor again runs, dodging defenders for six yards and a first down at the 18.

On the bootleg, Kevin Hogan drops a short pass to Ryan Hewitt for eight. This was the same play that resulted in a first-quarter touchdown. Taylor weaves his way for a first down, to the 4.

Taylor reaches the 1, but Stanford is called for holding, backing the Cardinal to the 13. On second and goal, Hogan has time and finds tight end Zach Ertz down the seam for a touchdown - and the lead.

Stanford is going for two, but Hogan is stuffed on a quarterback draw.

Fourth quarter (9:21 left): Oregon State 23, Stanford 21

Stanford again faces a big series, taking over at its 20. So far so good after Kevin Hogan finds Drew Terrell on a short out for a first down. But soon, Stanford has a third-and-10 at its 35. Hogan underthrows Jamal-Rashad Patterson on a deep sideline pass and it's intercepted by cornerback Rashaad Reynolds.

Fourth quarter (12:10 left): Oregon State 23, Stanford 21

Oregon State takes over after the kickoff at its 25. After moving forward, Brandin Cooks made a fingertip catch along the sideline and turned upfield for a big gain. OSU has the ball at the Stanford 38. Two incompletions later, OSU faces a third-and-10. Vaz has nobody to throw to and begins to run, but Ben Gardner catches him from behind.

OSU punts into the end zone. Stanford takes over at its 20 with 12:10 left.

End of the third quarter: Oregon State 23, Stanford 21

Now comes a moment of truth for Stanford and its young quarterback Kevin Hogan. The Cardinal trails by nine and the game is growing short. Hogan, in his first start, hasn't been in this position before. This is his first big test.

Hogan connects with Zach Ertz on a three-yard rollout for the first down - the team's first of the second half. A pass to Ertz is broken up and Stanford faces a third-and-6 at its own 41. Hogan goes back to pass, gets a great block by Stepfan Taylor to hold off a blitzer, and bolts for 15 yards.

Hogan escapes pressure and unloads the ball to his hot receiver, Taylor, who beats a defender to the edge, cuts to his right, and stiffs arms a defender at the 10 on the way to a 40-yard touchdown play.

Third quarter (3:30 left): Oregon State 23, Stanford 14

Stanford takes over after the kickoff. The Cardinal hasn't scored since the first quarter.

But Stanford faces an immediate third-and-10, but Kevin Hogan is sacked by safety Anthony Watkins coming around the end on Hogan's blindside.

After a 33-yard punt, OSU takes over at the Stanford 49. And Cody Vaz fires to Brandin Cooks for 18 yards. OSU is effective on diagonal pass routes across the middle and short passes to the backs.

Stanford must hold. There is little margin for error. After a Henry Anderson tackle for loss, OSU has a third-and-6 at the Stanford 27, but Vaz's pass behind his receiver is dropped. Vaz had time, but didn't deliver. Trevor Romaine attempts a 44-yard field goal and hits it.

Third quarter (7:34 left): Oregon State 20, Stanford 14

Stanford regains possession after the kickoff, but the drive starts badly, with a holding penalty. Next, Kevin Hogan's pass is deflected at the line of scrimmage by Rudolf Fifita and intercepted by safety Ryan Murphy.

The Beavers have the ball at the Stanford 27. That was the third turnover for Stanford.

OSU falls into a third-and-8 hole at the 25, when Cody Vaz's pass is batted down by Ben Gardner. Trevor Romaine attempts a 42-yard field goal and it is good.

Third quarter (10:17 left): Oregon State 17, Stanford 10

Oregon State receives the second-half kickoff and immediately picks up 15 yards on a Storm Woods run. Soon, the Beavers have crossed the 50 and have taken advantage of a pair of Stanford offsides penalty. A deep pass to Markus Wheaton is broken up by Jordan Richards near the goal line. Another pass is broken up by Ed Reynolds and OSU faces a third-and-8 at the Cardinal 31.

QB Cody Vaz hits Brandin Cooks on a slant to the 16 and a first down. A post to Crooks was broken up by Richards in the end zone and OSU faces a third-and-16 at the 22. Vaz stays patient in the face of a rush and hits Wheaton on a crossing route. Wheaton gets around the defenders and scores untouched.

Halftime: Stanford 14, Oregon State 10

After the kickoff, Stanford takes over at its 22 with 2:16 left in the half. Stepfan Taylor bulls forward for 19 yards and surpasses 1,000 yards for the third consecutive year. He is only the second Stanford rusher to accomplish the feat, following Darrin Nelson.

In a two-minute offense, Kevin Hogan passes to Jamal-Rashad Patterson for nine and Stanford at the OSU 38. Drew Terrell is next, catching a pass wide open across the field and out of bounds on the right sideline for 17 yards with 1:02 left.

A delay of game, pushes Stanford back to the 26. Taylor carries for five before the ball is pulled out of his hands by OSU's Tyrequek Zimmerman. OSU recovers, but the play was under review and upheld.

OSU takes over at its own 21 with 51 seconds left. Two plays amount to only five yards, and Cody Vaz is drilled as he throws on third down. The rushed pass is incomplete and OSU punts.

Stanford takes over at its 46 with seven seconds left in the half. Hogan fires to Zach Ertz for 20 yards and the Cardinal calls a timeout with one second left.

Jordan Williamson attempts a 51-yard field goal, but its wide left and the half ends.

At the Stanford 3, OSU's pass was batted down by Chase Thomas, and Stanford earns moral victory of forcing a field-goal try. Kicker Trevor Romaine kicks a 20-yard field goal.

Second quarter (2:29 left): Stanford 14, Oregon State 7

Oregon State has picked up where it left off, with a drive that looks threatening. A slant to Markus Wheaton opened things up, and Storm Woods followed with an 17-yard run to the Cardinal 32.

An 11-yard pass by Cody Vaz brings the Beavers to the 21. Jarek Lancaster brings some pressure, but Vaz gets his pass off anyway for a 7-yard gain.

On a fourth-and-1 at the 11, Vaz kept the ball and picked up just enough for the first. Two plays get the Beavers inside the 5, but they face a third-and-2 at the 3.

Second quarter (8:51 left): Stanford 14, Oregon State 7

After the kickoff, Stanford takes over at its 25. Oregon State can fully change the momentum if it can get a stop on this series. Stanford needs to pick up a few first downs to regain control.

A loss by Hogan and a 10-yard run by Stepfan Taylor set up a third-and-3, but Hogan's pass to Zach Ertz is short and the Cardinal must punt. Punter Daniel Zychlinski caught the snap on the bounce and got off a good punt, just inside the OSU 20.

Second quarter (10:51 left): Stanford 14, Oregon State 7

Oregon State now is moving the ball. Storm Woods carries up the middle for 12 yards and then scampers for eight more. Cody Vaz, with time to throw, finds Woods over the middle for nine and the Beavers face a second-and-1 at the Cardinal 25. Fullback Tyler Anderson is stopped for no gain, but Woods picked it up and more, wiggling to the 14.

From the 7, Terron Ward took the handoff and wasn't touched until the goal line on his way to a score on a nice 10-play 81-yard OSU drive.

End of first quarter: Stanford 14, Oregon State 0

OSU takes over at its 19 after the kickoff. OSU gets its second first down of the game on a 15-yard pass to Markus Wheaton. The quarter runs out with the Beavers at its own 42.

First quarter (0:31 left): Stanford 14, Oregon State 0

A play fake and rollout by Kevin Hogan led to a dump off to fullback Ryan Hewitt, who picked up 24 yards to the 50. Hogan followed with a deep pass to Devon Cajuste on a post, but the ball was overthrown toward the open receiver. However, two plays, later Hogan coverted a third-and-long to Drew Terrell on a difficult pass to the outside.

A short pass to Hewitt gains eight to the 18 and Hogan keeps left to the 12 for the first down. On the next play, Hogan runs a naked bootleg to the right, with only Hewitt in front to accompany him. Hogan makes the pass and Hewitt completes the 12-yard scoring play.

First quarter (4:19 left): Stanford 7, Oregon State 0

After the Stanford kickoff, Oregon State takes over at its 25. A roughing the passer penalty on Stanford pushed OSU forward, but nose guard Terrence Stephens knocked the ball out of QB Cody Vaz's hand, but OSU recovered.

On third own, Ed Reynolds, who has returned three interceptions for touchdowns, saw No. 4, but dropped the potential interception in space. OSU punted into the end zone.

First quarter (5:41 left): Stanford 7, Oregon State 0

Beginning its drive at its own 7, a first-down pass to Levine Toilolo, who juked a defender to gain 12 yards, got Stanford out of a hole. Stepfan Taylor then bulled through the defense for 10 yards.

On third and 3, with Taylor in motion out of the backfield, Hogan rolled left and found Zach Ertz on the sideline for 18 yards. A nice catch with one foot inbounds, to OSU's 45.

Moments later, Hogan hit Kelsey Young, who waited for the ball on the outside and then cut inside for a big gain to the Beavers' 26. Hogan went back to pass on second down and found room to run for a first down. His short pass to Taylor, took the Cardinal down to the 1.

On second and 1 at the 1, Hogan fumbled the snap, but the Cardinal recovered for no gain, but Taylor scored off right guard on the next play for a touchdown.

The Stanford offense really looks good. Very crisp and versatile.

First quarter (12:21 left): Stanford 0, Oregon State 0

Stanford receives the kickoff, a touchback, and Kevin Hogan comes at quarterback. He picks up six on the option on the first play from scrimmage. Stepfan Taylor gains eight on the next play. However, on the next play, tight end took a short pass and fumbled as he crossed the middle. Oregon State recovers.

OSU takes over at Stanford's 46-yard line. On third and 8, Cody Vaz was hurried and his pass fell incomplete over the middle, forcing a punt. An OSU punt pins Stanford back at its own 7-yard line.


The matchup looks to be a good one. Stanford (7-2 overall, 5-1 Pac-12) is ranked No. 16 by AP and Oregon State (7-1, 5-1) is No. 13.

Both teams are starting quarterbacks that did not begin the season as the top guy. Stanford redshirt freshman Kevin Hogan has impressed off the bench, particularly in a 48-0 victory at Colorado last week, and receives his first collegiate start. Oregon State starts Cody Vaz, who took over when Sean Mannion got hurt, but has excelled even after Mannion's return.

Both teams determine their own destiny in the Pac-12 North Division. The winner will continue to hold that distinction.



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