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Ask Casey Moore
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 09/22/2000

Sept. 22, 2000

Chip Chlapowski (St. Petersburg, FL)
Canary, it has to be a great experience playing for Coach Willingham. He always seems so low key and takes responsibility if things do not turn out right. Is he always so cool? I enjoy watching your skills improve especially in the blocking area which will definitely benefit the offense. It is obvious that other teams are keying on you so it will be harder to surprise the competition. Are their any plans to add a little variety to your offensive plays?

Casey: Well Uncle Chip, I am glad you have enjoyed watching the team and myself play this year. As far as our offensive plays go, we definitely have a lot of variety in our playbook. Our offensive coordinator, Bill Diedrick, is great to play for and he designs plays to involve all players on the offense. Some of the plays we might practice in preparation for a game are not always used because the situation does not arise. Keep watching though and I am sure we will surprise you.

Byron Rogers (Indianapolis, IN)
What aspect of your game do you enjoy the most: running, receiving or blocking? Which do you think you're best at? Good luck this Saturday!

Casey: I definitely enjoy all aspects of my position. There is nothing better than making a big run, catching a tough pass or driving a guy into the ground. I would have to say that I enjoy running the most. I enjoy the challenge of making reads and mentally just being prepared for the entire defense to come after you. At this point in my career, I feel my biggest strength is my pass catching ability. It is something that is not always found at the fullback position and can be another weapon for our offense.

James Steel (Olympia, WA)
How does the Texas victory rank compared to other big wins in your career?

Casey: The win against Texas was by far the greatest game I have ever been a part of. In high school, our team was not a dominating team and did not have many big wins. Last year's game against Cal could be a close second to the Texas game because it sent us to the Rose Bowl and I personally had a solid game. But, I would have to say the Texas game was bigger because they were ranked so high and no one except for ourselves expected a victory.

Mike Daniels (Stanford, CA)
With the success of Greg Comella and Jon Ritchie in the NFL, do you feel a tradition is building which is becoming noticed by NFL scouts who will help pave your way to a pro career?

Casey: Greg and Jon are definitely great fullbacks, and I can only hope to provide this team with the solid play that they provided during their years here. It is definitely supportive to be at a program where there has been prior success at the position I play. I also feel that the presence of such talented backs as Kerry Carter and Brian Allen is essential to the success of our backfield, similar to when Jon and Greg had Mike Mitchell and Anthony Bookman. I feel there is a tradition building not only at my position but for the entire backfield.

Tammy Whiting (Menlo Park, CA)
Stanford has the luxury of three great ball carriers - does that become frustrating at times or does the offensive system allow for everyone to get equal time?

Casey: I am certainly very pleased with the way I have been used in this system. I definitely recognize the talents of both Brian and Kerry, and I also realize that my first job as a fullback is to block for them and provide protection for the quarterbacks. I look across the country to other programs where the fullback never sees the football, and I am content with the touches I do get.



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