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Fiesta Bowl final score: Oklahoma State 41, Stanford 38 (OT)
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 01/02/2012

Jan. 2, 2012


Final score: Oklahoma State 41, Stanford 38

Oklahoma State wins the toss for overtime and elects to get the ball last. Stanford takes over at the OSU 25-yard line.

Taylor carries for five and then Stanford is called for illegal procedure. Taylor then is tackled for a loss and Stanford faces a third and 13 at the 28.

Luck hits Ty Montgomery for 3 and Stanford is forced to try a field goal from the right hashmark. This will be a 43-yarder. And Williamson misses again, wide left.

Oklahoma State takes over. An end around to Justin Blackmon gains nothing. On second down, Brandon Weeden hits Colton Chelf down the middle for an apparent touchdown. The play is under is review.

The ruling is that Chelf is down a half-yard short.

Weeden downs the ball at the 5, for a four-yard loss to set up a 23-yard field-goal try. Quinn Sharp. The kick is good. Oklahoma State wins.

Andrew Luck's final stats: 27 of 31 for 347 yards and two touchdowns, and one interception.

End of fourth quarter: Stanford 38, Oklahoma State 38

Stepfan Taylor carries for five. Stanford huddles with the clock ticking. Taylor carries again, for three yards, setting up a Jordan Williamson field goal try with three seconds left for the victory. This will be a 35-yard field try.

OSU tries to ice Williamson with another timeout. Andrew Fowler is the snapper, and Daniel Zychlinski is the holder.

Williamson misses wide left.

Fourth quarter (0:52 left): Stanford 31, Oklahoma State 31

Stanford takes over at its 20 yard line with 2:35 left, and all three timeouts left.

Andrew Luck hits Zach Ertz for three and then Stepfan Taylor for nine and a first down to the OSU 32.

Luck hits Ty Montgomery for nine. With a blitz in his face, Luck hits Taylor for four and another first down, to the 45.

Taylor carries for five, with 1:10 left. Luck goes to Jeremy Stewart out of the backfield, and he slips a tackler down the right sideline for 25 yards to the 25.

Stanford calls a timeout with 52 seconds left.

Luck has completed 26 of 30 passes for 344 yards.

OSU now calls a timeout.

Fourth quarter (2:35 left): Stanford 38, Oklahoma State 38

Oklahoma State takes over at its 33 with 4:26 to go.

Brandon Weeden hits Justin Blackmon for seven and is nailed as he throws on the next play. On third down and 3, Weeden hit Joseph Randle out of the backfield, but Harold Bernard made the stop short of the first down.

On fourth and 3, Weeden hits Justin Blackmon on the slant. He breaks two tackles and gains 21. On the next play, Weeden hits Randle for 19 to the 20.

Weeden then hits Michael Harrison for 16 and scores on the next play when Randle scores on a run from four yards out.

Fourth quarter (4:34 left): Stanford 38, Oklahoma State 31

Stanford takes over at its 31 following the OSU kickoff. On third down, Andrew Luck rushed for a first down for a six-yard gain.

Stepfan Taylor gains 10 for another first down. On second down, Taylor gains 12 around left end, giving him 145 yards in the game.

At the OSU 29, Tyler Gaffney loses one out of the Wildcat, and Taylor is dropped for the loss. Stanford faces a third and 14 at the OSU 33. Luck finds Griff Whalen for a first down, for 20 yards.

With the ball at the 13, Taylor loses three, followed by a short Luck pass to Whalen. Stanford faces a third and seven at the OSU 10.

This is a key play. Stanford would seem to need a touchdown, with the way OSU has moved down the field.

Luck goes for the naked bootleg, with Whalen dragging from the backfield across the line of scrimmage. The play picks up nine, to the 1.

Taylor bulls his way into the end zone for the go-ahead score.

Fourth quarter (11:53 left): Stanford 31, Oklahoma State 31

Jordan Williamson kicks the ball off out of bounds, giving Oklahoma State the ball at its own 40. OSU immediately faces a third down and eight. But Brandon Weeden connects with Josh Cooper on an out patter for the first down.

Weeden hits Cooper again. The receiver ducks away from a defender and picks up 12 to the 19. On second down, Weeden finds Justin Blackmon on a post for the touchdown. It is Blackmon's third touchdown of the game, this time from 17 yards.

Fourth quarter (14:16 left): Stanford 31, Oklahoma State 24

Stepfan Taylor carries on third and long, picking up 11 of the 13 yards to set up a 30-yard field goal by Jordan Williamson. It's good.

End of third quarter: Stanford 28, Oklahoma State 24

Stanford takes possession at its 17 after the kickoff. On second down, Andrew Luck throws to Griff Whalen for 13 after a strong backside rush.

Some stats: Stepfan Taylor, 20 carries for 117 yards.

Stanford goes with Tyler Gaffney in the Wildcat, but the play loses three, setting up a third and six at its 37. With good protection, Luck connects with Coby Fleener for 13 and a first down. Fleener, however, is slow to get up and walks slowly off the field.

Luck then bolts left on the naked bootleg and hits tight end Levine Toilolo for 18 to the OSU 32. Runs by Jeremy Stewart and Taylor pick up another first down.

With the ball on the 20, Luck throws an incompletion, breaking a streak of 11 consecutive completions. However, on the next play, Luck is sacked from the blindside by Jamie Blatnick.

On third and 16, Luck hits Ty Montgomery for a first down, but a holding penalty replays third down, with Stanford needing 13 at the 23 as the quarter ends.

Third quarter (5:21 left): Stanford 28, Oklahoma State 24

On first down, Geoff Meinken fumbles, and Markelle Martin recovers at the 3 for Oklahoma State.

Joseph Randle gains two on first down, and one on second down to the 1. On third down, OSU tried the play action, but Brandon Weeden's low pass to Kyle Staley was incomplete. OSU will go for it on fourth down at the 2.

Jarek Lancaster and Terrence Brown call for the Stanford fans to get loud for the fourth-down play.

OSU will now try a field goal of 19 yards. Quinn Sharp's kick is good, and gets a moral victory.

Third quarter (6:41 left): Stanford 28, Oklahoma State 21

Oklahoma State's Justin Gilbert made a nice 50-yard return on the kickoff, crossing midfield on the return.

OSU gains three on a screen to Joseph Randle and faces a third and 6, but Brandon Weeden's pass is dropped.

OSU's punt is downed at the Stanford 3.

Third quarter (8:22 left): Stanford 28, Oklahoma State 21

Ty Montgomery takes a short pass and gets a block from Ryan Hewitt to gain 15 yards up the left sideline.

Stepfan Taylor carries for 10 yards, and then six. He has 98 yards so far in the game.

With third and 5 at the OSU 28, Andrew Luck connects with Zach Ertz over the middle to the 21 - a seven-yard gain. Taylor exceeds 100 yards with a five-yard gain to the 15. He has 103 yards on 17 carries.

This is Taylor's 13th career 100-yard game, and sixth this season.

On third and four from the 16, Luck calmly hits Ertz on a slant. The tight end dives across the line for the go-ahead score.

The drove took eight plays and covered 59 yards.

Third quarter (12:25 left): Stanford 21, Oklahoma State 21

Stanford kicks off to begin the second half. OSU takes over at the 30.

With a third and 2, Joseph Randle carries for a first down to its own 42. Brandon Weeden has hardly been pressured so far in the game. He has a quick release and takes a short drop.

OSU has a third-and-5, Stanford now gets pressure, with Jarek Lancaster bringing pressure up the middle, and local boy Trent Murphy making the sack.

On the punt Drew Terrell, another Phoenix-area product, returns it 26 yards to Stanford's own 41.

Halftime: Stanford 21, Oklahoma State 21

Stanford runs out the clock to end the half.

Second quarter (0:27 left): Stanford 21, Oklahoma State 21

After the kickoff, OSU takes over at its 23 with 2:18 left, and Brandon Weeden finds Colton Chelf over the middle for 28 yards, and hits Chelf again on a rollout for another first down, this time for 11.

OSU continues to spread five receivers across the field and is not even pretending to run. On third down at the Stanford 32, Weeden's pass is incomplete. OSU is going for it on fourth down, with four yards to go and Weeden hits Justin Blackmon, who breaks a tackle on the way to a 23-yard gain.

OSU has a first and goal at the 9. Stanford is called for a substitution infraction, placing the ball at the 5 with 45 seconds left.

Joseph Randle carries to the 2. On second down, Weeden's pass for Blackmon is incomplete off the receivers hands in the back of the end zone. Weeden keeps it on the next play and squeezes into the end zone to tie the game.

Halftime stats:
Rushing: Stanford 21-145, Oklahoma State 5-9.
Passing: Andrew Luck 11-14-1-163 (1 TD), Brandon Weeden 13-21-1-239 (2 TDs).
Individual rushing: Stepfan Taylor 13-82, Jeremy Stewart 2-58.
Individual receiving: Ty Montgomery 3-80, Justin Blackmon 4-139 (2 TDs).

Second quarter (2:25 left): Stanford 21, Oklahoma State 14

After the kickoff into the end zone, Stanford takes over at its 20.

On the first play, Andrew Luck threw to Ty Montgomery across the middle. The freshman found room for 25 yards.

Stanford is using the no-huddle offense.

Two plays later, Luck read a blitz and changed the protection scheme. He then double pumped and hit Griff Whalen down the right sideline for 31 yards, to the OSU 20.

Our of a power formation at the 14, Stepfan Staylor gains five to set up a first and goal at the nine. A pass to Ryan Hewitt gains five, and Taylor slips at the line of scrimmage for no gain, setting up a third and goal from the 4.

Taylor scores on the next play, getting a seal from a Ryan Hewitt block on the left side to score standing up.

Second quarter (6:19 left): Stanford 14, Oklahoma State 14p>

On the second play of the series, Brandon Weeden hits Justin Blackmon again. The play went for 67 yards, with Blackmon outrunning the defense to tie the game.

Blackmon caught the ball in man coverage on a short route, but powered his way through a Terrence Brown tackle to break for the end zone.

Second quarter (6:57 left): Stanford 14, Oklahoma State 7

On the kickoff, Ty Montgomery began to return it from deep in the end zone, only for Jeremy Stewart to block his path and knock him down. Montgomery's feet left the end zone, but the ball never crossed the plane, allowing for a touchback.

Stanford, however, was forced to punt, and the Cowboys take over at its 33.

Second quarter (8:50 left): Stanford 14, Oklahoma State 7

After the kickoff, Oklahoma State begins at its 16-yard line. Justin Blackmon has no catches entering the series and the Cowboys have only one-yard rushing.

Brandon Weeden fires down the middle to Colton Chelf for 29 yards, to the Stanford 49.

Two plays later, Blackmon released off the line of scrimmage without anyone picking him up and Weeden connects with him for an easy 43-yard touchdown play.

Second quarter (10:21 left): Stanford 14, Oklahoma State 0

OSU punts and Stanford takes over at its 13. Stanford outgained the Cowboys 129-27 in the first quarter.

Stepfan Taylor gains three on first down. He has 64 yards rushing so far, and then catches a short pass out of the backfield for eight yards and a first down.

On second down, Jeremy Stewart carries off right tackle for 34 yards. All he seems to do is make long runs in BCS games, after having a big night in the Orange Bowl last year with a 60-yard run.

With a spread formation, running back Tyler Gaffney lines up wide right, catches a short pass and dances for 15 yards, to the 19. An illegal procedure penalty, backs Stanford up to the 24.

On the next play, Stewart takes a draw and cuts past four defenders on the way to a shifting touchdown run, scoring on his feet.

<.b>End of first quarter: Stanford 7, Oklahoma State 0

On second and 14 from its own 15, Stepfan Taylor fought for 12 yards up the middle, giving Stanford a manageable third-down try at the 27, but Luck's pass toward Coby Fleener is intercepted by Justin Gilbert, who jumped the route and got both feet in bounds to complete the play.

OSU begins at the Stanford 42. But the Cowboys immediately are faced with a third and nine. A short pass to Joseph Randle gains little as Jarek Lancaster closes quickly and makes the tackle. OSU faces fourth and 8 at the Stanford 40 as the quarter ends.

First quarter (3:00 left): Stanford 7, Oklahoma State 0

Oklahoma State takes over on its 30. On second down Brandon Weeden completes to Josh Cooper for the team's initial first down, on a 14-yard completion. On the next play, A.J. Tarpley nearly intercepted a pass to Cooper.

On third down and four, out of the hurry-up spead offense, Weeden's pass bounces off the hands of Anderson. Thus far, Justin Blackmon has no catches.

Oklahoma State's punt goes into the end zone.

First quarter (4:16 left): Stanford 7, Oklahoma State 0

Other than the early Stepfan Taylor run, the Stanford running game has been limited in its effectiveness and the Cardinal has been mired in long-yardage situations.

On such a situation, Andrew Luck hits Zach Ertz for a first down and Stepfan Taylor picks up five on first down.

From its own 47, Luck backed up, got great protection and found Ty Montgomery wide open down the middle for a 53 yard touchdown pass. Montgomery was wide open on the play.

First quarter (6:55 left): Stanford 0, Oklahoma State 0

From its 14, the Cowboys take over. Two carries gain one yard. On third down, Brandon Weeden hits Isiah Anderson across the middle, but he is hit by Jarek Lancaster after only a four yard gain.

Stanford takes over at its 31 after the Cowboy punt.

OSU has had two possessions, but has yet to gain a first down.

First quarter (8:33 left): Stanford 0, Oklahoma State 0

On third and 7 from the OSU 35, Luck is sacked by Richetti Jones, forcing Stanford to punt after an eight-yard loss.

First quarter (10:51 left): Stanford 0, Oklahoma State 0

Oklahoma State won the toss, but deferred. Stanford will receive the opening kickoff.

Ty Montgomery takes the kick in the end zone for a touchback. Stanford begins at its 20.

Stepfan Taylor gains four on the first play, and Luck scrambles for five on second down. On third and one, OSU gets called for offsides. Taylor then broke for a big 38-yard run, with help from a block that sealed off the left end by fullback Ryan Hewitt.

On third and 7 from the 25, Luck hits Griff Whalen across the middle, but short of a first down. Jordan Williamson attempts a 41-yard field-goal attempt from right hashmark, but it traveled wide left.

On Oklahoma State's first play, OSU Brandon Weeden rolled right and threw a medium range pass that was intercepted by Terrence Brown, his first career interception. Stanford takes over at the OSU 38.


At about 4 p.m. local time, the Stanford football team stepped into University of Phoenix Stadium, thereby realizing the first "key" to success for Monday's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl showdown against Oklahoma State.

When asked during a bowl week press conference what he thought was the key to offensive success, tight end Coby Fleener deadplanned: "that Andrew Luck gets to the game on time."

He did.

No. 4 Stanford (11-1) attempts to win its second Bowl Championship Series contest, against the No. 3 Cowboys (11-1). The Cardinal rolled to a 40-12 victory over Virginia Tech in last year's Orange Bowl.

The Cardinal is healthier than it has been in months, with tight end Zach Ertz, strong safety Delano Howell, and kicker Jordan Williamson fully recovered from injuries.

The opening kickoff has been pushed back to at least 5:50 p.m. PT because of the length of the Rose Bowl between Oregon and Wisconsin, which also is being shown on ESPN.



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