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Tyrone Willingham Quotes - Text And Audio
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 09/19/2000

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    Would you address the quarterback situation, please?
    I kind of thought you would want me to do that. As has already been mentioned, we know that Randy (Fasani) did sustain an injury. We had the MRI and those tests have shown that there was a meniscus tear. With both the hands-on and the MRI, it's still not conclusive as what the full extent of his damage is. On the 29th of this month (September), we have scheduled a scope that will give us the full picture of the extent of his injury. What that means at this date, is that Randy is out for the Arizona ballgame and that the scope will tell us what will be the picture for the remainder of the year.

    Meniscus is ACL?
    No, that should be the little piece of cartilage-like material that is the cushion between the two joints at the knee.

    Can you tell us if there's damage to the ACL?
    Hands-on suggested it might be, but we don't know for sure and that's why we've scheduled a scope.

    And the MRI didn't suggest that there is (damage to the ACL)?
    The MRI was not conclusive, as I understand it to be.

    The hands-on examination indicated that there might be a tear of the ACL in addition to the meniscus?

    Coach Diedrick (offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick) said this morning that he did not expect him (Randy Fasani) to be available for the rest of the season.
    We'll find that out. That's what the scope will do. The scope will tell us the full extent of the injury and then we'll know what to tell you at that point.

    So, he (Fasani) has not been ruled out for the rest of the year?
    Nor has he been ruled in for the rest of the year. I don't know more what to tell you guys than that. The scope will give us the information that you need to know.

    Chris Lewis did a nice job filling in us a backup (quarterback). How do you feel as him being the starter now and leading this team forward?
    I think everyone was pleased with the job that Chris Lewis did and excited about some of the things that he brings to our offense for, hopefully, the next ballgame against Arizona and any future ballgames that he might have that responsibility of being our number one quarterback. It was pleasing to see a young man step in under difficult circumstances and perform well, and help a team to victory. His drive in the closing moments of the ballgame was very nice execution under pressure conditions to get the win.

    How are Randy's (Fasani) spirits?
    I think they're very good during a very difficult time for him. As we know, Randy had waited and been very patient about his opportunity to be a quarterback. The potential of having it slip away with an injury never sets well. But, I think his response is extremely positive to the situation. Knowing Randy as I do, he will take this situation and make it a positive.

    If he does not play this year, then he's not eligible for a medical redshirt?
    I do not believe so.

    To get a medical (redshirt), your previous redshirt has to have been medical too?
    That, I'm not sure of. Those are all things that we will have to explore.

    What is the reasoning that you think that he is not (eligible for another redshirt year)?
    Just that we redshirted him as a freshman, and usually I'm not sure if they award six years. If you're clearly under the umbrella of your five years, I think it would probably be a no.

    Will Chris (Lewis) get the starters reps in practice at this point?

    How about Teyo (Johnson) or Ryan (Eklund)?
    Teyo will step into the number two position.

    Initially he (Teyo Johnson) was going to play basketball also. There was some talk of him maybe going over in October once they started. Would him being the number two (quarterback) preclude that from happening if Randy (Fasani) is out for an extended period of time.
    I would think that it would. I would think that his first priority would be to football.

    That's been understood all along right?
    I would hope so, but as always, when you have a talented athlete, everyone always seeks his services. But in this case, I think our situation would really inhibit him from much participation (in basketball) at this time.

    Can you talk a little bit about him (Teyo Johnson)? From my understanding, he only played one year of high school (football) at quarterback.
    I think he's played (at quarterback) off and on, but he's played a variety of positions, from tight end to defensive end. He's been a very talented guy that is utilized in high school systems very well. One of the things like we felt he could bring to some team was skill at the quarterback position.

    What are the things that he (Teyo Johnson) really needs to improve on to be ready to go in (to the game) and do the job that Chris (Lewis) did in case Chris goes down?
    It's very difficult to make the transition from high school in your first year (of college) to what we believe is a sophisticated offensive system. The first thing is just to become comfortable within the system and start to understand how the system functions, and then be able to execute all the different reads that he will need to execute.

    Do you get any of that as the scout team quarterback? Do you get any level of that?
    You get some of it but in the service role you're usually working from a designated responsibility. That kind of (experience) does not enhance the full execution of an offensive system that would need to be if he were to be at some point placed in as a starter.

    Designated responsibility? Would that mean like a scout team?
    It would be like cards, like executing cards. You have an arrow that says 'Go here' and it doesn't require any type of reading. You just follow the arrow. That's was that means. It doesn't give him any responsibility.

    Would the goal be any different with him (Teyo Johnson) than it was with Chris (Lewis)? I would assume that the role would be different, that you would not necessarily want to play him if you don't have to. Whereas, with Chris you talked about getting him time?
    All of those things we'll have a little bit more knowledge probably on the 29th (of September). What comes out of that (Randy Fasani's scope) also effects other decisions that you have to make. We'll probably give thought in all directions to make sure that we have a plan in place ready to go.

    What about (September 30th) against Arizona? Would there be any inclination to try to get him (Teyo Johnson) a series sometime during the game.
    That all depends again on the upcoming surgery (to Randy Fasani).

    How about Chris' (Lewis) performance as opposed to what you (would) like from him over the next two weeks? What are the things he needs to work on?
    It almost sounds very similar to Teyo's (current situation) to some regard. The first thing is really start to get comfortable with the position. It's a different comfort level from being a starter as opposed to being a backup and coming in for a few snaps. Leadership becomes an important issue now. You're taking over the reins of a full offensive unit. All of those things, he has to acclimate himself, get comfortable with, along with increased knowledge and functionality in the system.

    Is there any way to manipulate the leadership situation or is that just going to happen naturally?
    I think it always happens naturally. That is just something that you can't as a coach, is very difficult to orchestrate leadership. Young men on the football team have to feel very comfortable with his (Chris Lewis) leadership and he has to feel very comfortable with it. Usually, that comes through time and experience.

    What about a bye week coming after a big win like this one (over Texas), as opposed to last year coming off a loss against Washington?
    As you guys know, I am always a believer that a bye happens at a great time. The number one rule is how do you use it? How do you make it good for your football team? The first thing that we always felt when we talked about any bye, regardless of when it happens, is get your team healthy. That is the number one thing, get healthy. Find ways for those players that are injured to get them back in the lineup. It may mean a little rest for them. It may mean different things that you do with them to provide that those three days or that week is beneficial for them. The thing you look at possibly is your opponents and gaining an advantage or trying to work on them. It may be any number of combinations of one or three opponents that you may look at depending on how you feel like you are at. Those are things that we try - to bring along your young players - that you try to use for a bye week.

    Will this week be different in practice than it would have been when you were healthy? Are you going to do some things to get crisp?
    There are a few adjustments that we've made. Yet, (the adjustments) are not necessarily more designated for crisp but will work very well with him (Chris Lewis) assuming that role (quarterback).

    Did anybody come out of Saturday's game (injured) other than Randy (Fasani)?
    I think for the most part, Randy was our major (injury), and you've got the normal bumps and bruises. I don't think there's anyone else. If you review it for me, I can better tell you.

    (Byron) Glaspie and (Matt) Wright, is it your general sense that the bye is enough (to have them playing again)?
    We don't know. We hope. It's going to be day-to-day on both of those.

    Those are two guys that you want to get healthy when you were speaking of getting guys healthy on bye week?
    You're looking at Travis Pfeifer that needs to get healthy. You're looking at Russell Stewart that needs to get healthy. You've got on and on. We can name almost every player that's played that you'd like for them to somehow find a way to get healthy - get rid of some of the bumps and bruises, and some of the sore ankles and toes, and different things that just accompany your season. It's a week to restore your football team if you can find a way to do it.



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