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Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 09/20/2003

Sept. 20, 2003

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"BYU was tough to throw against. They gave us a lot of pressure."

"We thought we saw a couple things during the game. There were a couple things we tried to take advantage of."

"I thought our guys played hard. We pulled a lot of people in, we played four-down guys with five outside people. Pressure was important and that's (BYU) the type of team we'll play a lot of guys."

"It certainly is important. It's festive inside [the locker room]. The guys are excited and we showed what we can do. We can play better, play harder, play longer. It's a nice step for us."

"First, I want to give Stanford a lot of credit. They came in here and played hard. They played within their bounds and they did a good job, taking advantage of opportunities that came their way. In doing so, that put them ahead late in the game."

"We had a good chance. We had a good drive late in the game, but didn't finish the drive."

"We have to get better on offense. I want to make no excuses of our youth. The fact of the matter is we just need to get better as a team on offense."

"Defensively, I thought we played well, but we can still get better. There are some big plays that they made. We over pursued. Somebody had responsibility on the backside when they had those two long runs. There are things that we can do to get better."

"I think our defense can play a long time. That is what they've trained for. They train to be on the field and play hard and play long. I'm proud of that. I don't want to give the excuse that they were on the field for too long. I don't want to make any excuses."

"I thought for his (John Beck's) first game, with all that was going on, he made some good decisions, especially late in the game."

"I'm proud of John. He got hit, had a bad bruise on his right arm. He's got to learn to step up in the pocket when the rusher come from the outside. When he sees the film, it will be a great learning experience. He'll settle down; it'll come."

"We are who we are. If we go out making excuses like we're young and this and that, we're not helping our team get any better. The thing is we are who we are. If we're young, then we have to learn fast, if they're an older guy, they've got to help. We had a young quarterback, and they did to. It was a close game. They won and we lost, that's the bottom line."



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