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Inside the Locker Room: By Shona Morgan
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 01/11/2011

Jan. 11, 2011

STANFORD, Calif. - Hey SWG fans!

This week got off to an amazing start as we cheered our football team on in an inspiring win at the Orange Bowl! We brought the football team's momentum into the gym with us and used it to get pumped up for the Pac Ten Showcase at UCLA. This week was also the first week of classes and as we got back into the normal routine we could feel our confidence in each other grow with each practice. This was evident in our excitement for the game day on Friday, where the team showed floor and beam. Floor was rock solid but beam was a little rough so we did team beam which reminded ourselves how awesome we are.

On Saturday we packed up and took a bus to L.A. We managed to entertain ourselves for six hours with episodes of "Modern Family" and the movie "Despicable Me." We got to our hotel around 7.30pm and relaxed in preparation for our meet the next day. At 4.30 a.m. the fire alarm decided it would be fun to wake us all up and drag us out of bed, just to show us how happy it was that we were staying at its hotel and how it would protect us if there really was a fire. We were all grateful that the fire alarm worked and not at all disgruntled that we had to get up in the middle of the night, for we then could go back to sleep sound in the knowledge that we wouldn't catch on fire without some sort of warning first.

The next morning the girls who weren't competing worked out and then the whole team attended visuals. Some of us may have been a little tired for some reason but that didn't worry any of us because we knew we were ready to rock it at UCLA.

We got to the meet excited and ready to go. Warmups went well and as we settled into our routine we had fun and enjoyed the experience. We started competition on vault and first up was Dani who rocked a huge Yurchenko layout 1/1, setting the tone for the whole meet. The rest of the vaulting team followed suit. Shoutout to Amo who absolutely nailed her Yurchenko lay ½. Next, we had a bye where we entertained ourselves dancing and playing games in the locker room assigned to us.

On to bars, where we kept the momentum going from vault, Shelley gave us a solid start and Dani kept it going by fighting really hard. Allyse stuck her dismount and a shoutout for Nicole P. for competing a double lay dismount for the first time! Next we went straight to beam, which was face-meltingly awesome. Every single person we put up hit a solid, beautiful routine. Alyssa and Allyse both nailed their dismounts and Shelley pulled out a mind blowing routine of solid awesomeness which included her backhandspring layout layout series.

We had another bye after beam but we couldn't wait to get out on to the floor and bust some moves. Our floor routines were gorgeous, with only minor errors where Nicole P. stepped out of the floor with an explosive layout triple full and Shelley misjudging her roundoff which led to a small step at the end of a thoroughly amazing and entertaining routine.

We finished on a bye and got to watch the other teams compete their last event. Overall, the competition was a blast; we got to show off all our hard work, and had a great amount of fun doing it. Shoutout to Kristina who competed at her first college meet, and rocked the socks off of it! The whole team had an awesome time and it was great to show just how awesome Stanford is! The fact that we won is just icing on the cake.

After the meet we got straight back onto the bus for the ride back, so we could get ready for classes the next day. From a freshman perspective, the meet was super fun and I'm really excited for the next one!




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