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Cardinal Qualifier Live Commentary
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 05/09/2003

May 9, 2003

Live Commentary will be posted to this page throughout the meet. Please refresh this page.

Men's 1500m Heat 2 Collin sprints off the turn for victory in 3:46.93, Hesch 2nd in 3:47.46, Graff third in 3:47.49, and Hauser 4th in 3:47.51. Hesch, Vidal and Hauser at the bell. 3:03.54 at 1200m. Hesch takes over lead. 800m in 2:02.5 for leaders. 400 for Gibbons (rabbit) in 60.5.

Men's 1500m Heat 1 Wison winner in 3:42.75, Riley 2nd in 3:43.06, Mahoney 3rd in 3:43.48, Long 4th in 3:43.63, Goucher 6th in 3:44.95. Wilson and Mahoney off the turn. 3:01.4 at 1200m. Wilson, Garner of UW and Riley at bell. Rabbit steps off, Wilson takes lead. 2:00.8 for rabbit at 800m, 2:01.2 for Wilson, Riley and Goucher. Wilson, Goucher and Riley follow rabbit with two to go. 59.4 for rabbit lead pack at 400m.

Women's 1500m Riedy winner in 4:16.58, Chandler second in 4:18.54, Hauser 3rd in 4:18.94 and Couper 4th in 4:20.62. Riedy and Hauser at the bell in 3:10. Simmons steps off. Simmons, Riedy, and Hauser at 800m in 2:17. Simmons and Hauser early leaders. 68.6 for Simmons at 400m.

Men's 5000m Davis outleans Dawson 14:00.04 to 14:00.16. Levassuir 3rd in 14:07.40, Rodriguez 4th in 14:09.73. Dawson and Davis together off the turn. Dawson's last lap 62.5. 12:58.2 for Dawson at bell. 5m up on Davis. Dawson and Davis put 15m on pack. Dawson through 4400m in 12:26. 65.2 last lap. Forrest retakes lead alongside Rodriguez. 4k in 11:21. 70.3 for last lap. Rodriguez joins Levassuir in lead. Dawson then passes Levassuir. 3600m in 10:11.6. 69.7 for last lap. Levassuir, Dawson, Rodriguez through 3200m in 9:02.9. Levassuir of Adams State makes move to take lead at 3k. Forrest, Dawson, MacFalls, Georgelous lead pack through 7 laps in 7:54.7. Forrest, Dawson, MacFalls, and Georgelous at 2400m in 6:45.5. Still Hill, Forrest and Dawson at 2k in 5:37. Hill drops off. 1600m in 4:29.9. Hill, Forrest, Dawson. 68.0 lap. 3:22 at 1200 for Hill. 1k in 2:49. Hill still leader at 800m in 2:14.7. Followed by Forrest, Dawson, and Georgelous. 400m for Andrew Hill of Stanford in 65.8.

Men's 400m Goehring winner in 48.44, Banjoko 2nd in 29.66, Ojumu 3rd in 49.98, Conkey 4th in 51.45.

Women's 400m Williams is 1st in 54.92, 2nd is Heath in 55.98, and third is Wysong, 56.57.

Women's 5000m Davis holds off Graff-Emerlin for 2nd 16:20.24 to 16:20.68, van Rooyen 4th in 16:30.27. Goucer 5th in 16:47.61. Vicky Gill winner in 15:42.40. Chase pack passes bell in 15:09. 14:28.1 for Gill at the bell. Graff-Emerlin takes over chase pack lead, Davis third overall, van Rooyen 4th. 2 laps to go now for Gill. Another 75.8 as she extends her lead. 11:56 for Vicky Gill with 3 to go. 75.8 for last lap. Chase pack through in 12:29. Goucher drops out briefly then rejoins race. With 4 to go Gill is now up by roughly 150m on chase pack. Marie Davis takes lead of chase pack. Goucher now in third. 3k for Gill in 9:24. Last lap in 76.2. Chase pack comes by in 9:48. 2400m in 7:30.3. Gill up by 50m on Krieger who leads pack of three by 5m. 2k for Gill in 6:14.9. Krieger by in 6:24. Gill extending lead. 1600m for Craig and Gill in 5:00. Craig steps off track. Krieger now second 20m back of Gill. 1200m in 3:44.6. Craig and Gill. Craig is a rabbit. 800 m still Craig and Gill. 2:28.6. Craig leader through 400m in 75.3. Alicia Craig of Stanford early leader. Gill of Florida State 2nd.

Men's Steeplechase Hughes winner in 8:43.61, Blackhurst 2nd in 8:44.25, Cullum 3rd in 8:44.36, Jeremiah is 4th in 8:45.37. Hughes at the bell in 7:35. Blackhurst moves into second. Jeremiah with Blackhurst. At 2k, Jeremiah in 5:49, Hughes has closed to within 10m. Cullum joins Blackhurst 10m back of Hughes. Jeremiah still leader at 1600m. Up by 20m on Hughes. Blackhurst 5 m back of Hughes who leads Cullum by another 5m. 1600m for Jeremiah in 4:37. Jeremiah 20m up on Blackhurst and Hughes at 1200m in 3:26.6. 1k for Jeremiah in 2:53.8. Jeremiah clips 800m in 2:17. Cullum falls, getsup in 4th. Jeremiah early leader 10 meters clear of the pack. Cullum second. 400m in 68.3.

Women's Steeplechase Trujillo wins in 10:05.53. Feuth passes Walter on last lap to take 2nd in 10:35.31, Walter 3rd in 10:38.27. Holbert is 4th in 11:18.78. 8:50 at the bell for Janet Trujillo. Walter 9:09 at bell, Feuth 9:11. 2400m in 8:11 for Trujillo. Increases lead over Walter and Feuth to about 60m. After 2k, Trujillo still up by 50m. 2k in 6:49. Trujillo passes 1600m in 5:26. Lead over Feuth and Walter now 50m. Trujillo through 1200m in 4:03. Has 30m lead over Feuth and Walter. Walter falls, Feuth takes over second. 1k in 3:23. Trujillo opens up 15m lead. Walter is second. 800m in 2:42. 400m in 1:23.0. Trujillo leads, Feuth of SMU is second.

Men's 800m Heat 2 of 2 Symmonds of Willamette makes big move in stretch to win in 1:51.29, Ftzgibbon 2nd in 1:52.41, Hatcher third in 1:52.71. Fair 4th in 1:52.98. 600m in 1:22.8. Ojumu and Hatcher are leaders at 400m in 53.81. 200m in 25.4.

Men's 800m Heat 1 of 2 Henkels winner in 1:49.33, Hock of SMU 2nd in 1:49.96, Davis third in 1:50.09. Henkels leader at 600m in 1:20.7. Fox still leader at 400m in 52.9. 200 in 25.2. Evan Fox of Stanford is the rabbit.

Women's 800m Gerber's time makes her the collegiate leader at this point. Gerber of Florida State is winner in 2:03.08, Simmons 2nd in 2:06.00, Wysong 3rd in 2:06.30. 600m in 1:30.6. Katie Hotchkiss is leader at 400m in 59.3. 200m in 27.8.

Men's 110m Hurdles Winner is Chris Stokes of Muzik in 14.02, Boyles is second in 15.16, and Hustedt is third in 15.24. Wind is +2.1.



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