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Ask Mike Biselli
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 10/05/2000

Oct. 5, 2000

Mike Kennedy (Fargo, ND)
Mike - which do you like best - punting or placekicking?

Mike - I like placekicking better. I have always enjoyed placekicking since I began my kicking endeavors. I don't mind punting, but it seems as though I have a better knack for placekicking.

P.S. I watched Fargo for the first time the other night with my teammate Trey Freeman, what a weird movie. I hope it really isn't like that there (just kidding...).

Gary Meyer (Yreka, CA)
What do you consider to be the biggest kick of your career? What is the longest field goal you have made in practice? You always hear about people nailing some long ones in practice. Thanks and good luck against the Irish!

Mike - I have had two major kicks that I can look at and say they were really important. The first one was a 52-yard field goal I kicked against Washington State. At that time, I was still unproven that I could handle game type kicking. After I hit that field goal, the coaching staff gained a lot of confidence in me, which obviously helps my confidence. The second kick would have to be the game-winner against Notre Dame. I do not believe that my kick is what "won" the game because our offense and defense played great. I was just lucky enough to be the person to prove we won the battle with a game-winning kick. About the long field goal question... I have been taught to not worry or stress over the long ones because kickers do not really get to try those in the game anyway. My coaches care about how many I can make within 40 yards. Did you know that the average NFL field goal is right around 34 yards?

Jeff Foley (San Diego, CA)
How do you mentally prepare yourself each game and does practice ever get boring for you... you don't kick the entire time do you?

Mike - The best way for me to prepare mentally for each game is to not prepare at all. My Dad, Mike Biselli Sr., has taught me the less I can think about my kicking during the season the better off I am. That is what the off-season is for. I should be able to turn on the autopilot switch during the season and perform the art of kicking as being second nature to me.

Frank Gonzalez (San Bernardino, CA)
When someone breaks off a long run, do you get nervous about having to possibly make a tackle? I used to kick in Pop Warner and I loved it, but of course back then, I was the same size as everyone else.

Mike - I do not get nervous at all. I actually enjoy it. I get upset because now our team does not have the field advantage, but I do not get nervous. I would rather have my teammates tackle because that usually means we have the other team pinned deep in their territory, which obviously helps in field position. But, hey, thanks for the stereotypical "question" (just kidding...).

Kevin Ross (San Mateo, CA)
Have you heard about the former female kicker who was cut from the Duke team? If so, what are your thoughts on that? Do you feel that in general, women should be given a fair shot at making the team? Best wishes.

Mike - I have heard a little bit about it. To be honest with you I really have not paid too much attention to it. I have had enough to worry about with my own team and academics. But, yes, I believe that all people should get a fair shot. I do not know too much of what happened with this story so I can not say who is at fault.



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