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Inside the Locker Room: By Ashley Morgan
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 11/02/2010

Nov. 2, 2010

STANFORD, Calif. -

Hi SWG fans!

With all of the traditions the SWG family has, I think it’s safe to say our entire teams’ vote for one our favorites is Cross Training Week. Cross Training Week happens only once a year, and is a weeklong tradition of activities that challenge us in different ways than our gymnastics does. These activities include other fun sports, other fun locations, and most importantly other fun competitions between our team. It is definitely inspiring and entertaining to see just how much fun we can have challenging ourselves with a new sport, and learning about our teammates’ hidden talents or in some cases, lack thereof.

Our first day began in the water with a game of water polo. After getting through the warmup, which is in no ways comparable to “Insanity,” our team hit the water as we were divided into the BadBooty Blues and Polar Ice. Needless to say, our teams were ready to go and did not back down easily. In the end it was the blue team that was able to call itself champs, as Sko dominated in offense, along with her passing companions LC and Peach.

After the game of water polo, I was fortunate enough to learn just how fearless most of my teammates are in the form of the 10-meter diving platform. I don’t know if many of you have stood up close to that platform, but let me tell you the 4-inch beam looks pretty appealing. My teammates, however, rose above these crazy conditions as they jumped, some more gracefully than others, off the platform. Rounding off the day with some conditioning, I know everyone was looking forward to the rest of the week to see what surprises the coaches had in store for us. And, boy, were we surprised when we were told we were going to Half Moon Bay to the beach!

Although the weather did not seem promising on our drive, once SWG stepped foot on the sand, the clouds cleared and we had the most beautiful weather to accompany all of our excitement. With warmup stations of Kristen’s yoga, some of Swiz’s conditioning, and Lindsey’s rock hard abs, we were anxious to see what they really had in store for us. Broken up into teams again, we had relay races on the beach, and I have to say they were very creative. My favorite being our ending task of launching water balloons from one end, to the rest of our team waiting to catch the balloon with a blanket on the other. Starting out a little lost, both teams pulled it around as we caught some solid launches with some friendly distractions of our opposing team members. We ended with some sand touch football and after learning what a blitz is (Allyse Ishino), our two teams tied!

We came back on Thursday ready to celebrate the Giants in the World Series by playing some water jug baseball, walleyball, and dodgeball. I have to say my team (Shelley, Dani, JP, Lucy, Daytona, Shona), although underdogs because we had less people destroyed the other team, won by 10 runs! Next it was some dodgeball as the upperclassmen showed the underclassmen how it was done. For those of you who don’t know what walleyball is, you should come watch SWG play some time because we truly are pros now. Walleyball is played like volleyball, but inside of a racquetball court and you can use the walls. It was fun to see SWG attempt to hit the balls that had bounced off the opposing teams wall and maintain balance. Ending our cross-training week with these fun activities we were all excited to enter practice the next day with some more friendly competitive fire and some new laughs to share.

This Friday, however, was no ordinary practice, as we took the opportunity to celebrate Halloween, and our team goes ALL OUT! With the freshmen coming in as SuperFrosh, the sophomores continuing their food costume tradition as Snap, Crackle, and Pop from Rice Krispies, it may have been the upperclassmen who stole the show. The juniors rolled into the gym in their handmade bobsled, as the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Not only did they dress the part, but also they completed their ensemble with the cheer from the Disney Channel Movie that we all love. If anyone knows Dani or Shelley, you will know their impressive skills when it comes to needle and thread. Our seniors came in as Mike, Sulley, and Boo from Monsters Inc., and they were definitely the cutest monsters I have ever seen. Our coaches didn’t let us have all the fun, as they came in dressed as some of the members of the Stanford football team.

Overall it was a great way to end such a fun week, and our practice showed our true excitement to be a part of such a great, unique, and warm-hearted team. Our team’s fire is going to continue to grow as we use all of our qualities together to achieve our goal. Watch out, we are going to be unstoppable!

Check back next week!





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